Wonder-full Things to Wonder About

June 2nd, 2009

Hello, you creative geniuses, you! Bunch of stuff to share with you today. Totally random assortment.

First off, some images I've done for an intuitive painting class. I've been focusing on the shape of a eucalyptus branch, which I turned into stencil and stamp using an old yoga mat. I've been doing things a bit more abstract for this class, but I also noticed that the eucalyptus branch looks a lot like a spine, so the last piece plays with that. For that piece, I cut a euculyptus shape out of rice paper, wrote in ink on it and then pasted it in and painted around it in acrylic.

intuitiveart bw
intuitiveart purpleyellow
intuitiveart purpleyellowfi

I was thinking about how to incorporate sound into the post today and had an idea. I keep a little bowl in my studio. It is the one surviving piece of pottery I created in a wheel throwing class in college (I was horrible at it, but it was a lot of fun!) Anyways, in this bowl, I keep some shiny, blue glass marbles and on top of the marbles, I have scraps of paper with different words on them.


I like to reach into the bowl on days when I'm needing a little focus, close my eyes, and pull out a word. For the scraps of paper, I used collage scraps and bits of prints that didn't come out properly. You could make your own set quite easily. What words would you choose? Some of the words in my bowl are: trust, create, open, connect, stillness, possibility, and leap!

I thought it'd be fun to pick a word for you today and record it. Feel free to muse on the word, use it to inspire art, or just tuck it in your back pocket. The recording is 1 minute long.

Click here to listen.

Mmm, I love the word I picked for us today. And I wish you all a wonder-full day.

But before I go, I've also got some links to share with you:

- My pal, Jamie Ridler is starting her next book group this Friday, June 5th and the book is Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal. This is not your typical book and I think it's going to be a total blast. You can still sign up right here.

- The latest Pikaland Good to Know zine is out and I've got some words in it. The theme is about personal style in your art. Very interesting stuff!

- The lovely and talented, Rowena Murillo has challenged herself to do 100 pieces of art in 100 days! You can find out more about her challenge and join her here.

If you're interested in a challenge like that, but the timing isn't right, you can tag November in your calendar to join me in this year's Art Every Day Month challenge!

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I looove your voice ;)
I love coincidences, I decided today to start (finally) my Moleskine, that I want to be focused on “me” (who am I and so on), so “Wonder” is the perfect day for today.

How synchronistic, I love the series that this branch is creating. Might need to visit in my Moleskine, which is watching me type this..

Lisa, you might want to go look at Item #28 on my most recent blog post.

For some reason… that black and white image really does me in :) it looks like a lavendar field… fresh and organic.


So fresh,those paintings are so cool.Love the last one.=) Thanks for sharing those gorgeous! Hope to see more from you.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Leah- what a great way to use the prompt of sound hearing your voice. Lovely little slice of heaven…take a deep breath with me…and I did. I am ready to delve into the “wonder” of it all. I am embarking on a journey that is like no other this week. I will be taking my two hands, my open mind and packing my sack full of all the creativity I can stuff in. I will be ready to learn new things and meet new people and let those doors of opportunity open around me. I have the vision to see what is on the other side and marvel at my courage to say yes and walk right through. I will approach this experience with the wide eyed wonder of a child and enjoy every moment. Thank you for the inspiration today! Enjoy the day!

As usual I stopped by your blog and you reminded me of what I should be doing…
I sat down to tinker with Facebook, something that I had and canceled and I am not really into it…I was dreading it(but people keep telling me I need it for promoting myself)…then you reminded me to create…so that’s what I did! Went in the studio and created for an hour. I feel much better. :o )

Thanks for the shout out on the 100 in 100 creative challenge. We’re just gearing up, but I say anyone can join in at any time. The more the merrier.

I love the eucalyptus figure, especially.

And I’ve already started working on Wrecking my Journal. Cheating to start early, but I don’t care about following the rules. Throw the rules out! Isn’t that the point of Wreck this Journal? Well, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with the journal, I’m just kind of messing in it now. Hopefully it will start to make sense when the group starts.

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