Wrecking My Journal, The Catnip Version

June 13th, 2009

Here's the next installment of me talking about Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal for Jamie Ridler's fabulous book group. I don't know that I'll do a video every week, but I felt like this idea, featuring my big orange boy kitty, Tabbers,  definitely had to be captured in video. Hehe.

At the end of the journal, there's a place to list other ways you could wreck your journal. I'd written things like: throw your journal from a moving car and play fetch with a dog. And then I saw Jessie's super cute video of her playing fetch with her dogs with her journal! Since I don't have a dog at home to play fetch with, I decided to use another idea from the list: put catnip on the journal and let one of my cats attack it. The other kitties were sleeping elsewhere, but Tabbers is the cat who loves the nip the most, so I asked him if he'd be willing to help me out. He agreed. I only wish I'd caught the massive face push he gave me in thanks right after I stopped the video. Ah well. Enjoy!


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Too cute! Tabbers is a sweetie. I loved hearing you talk to him and giggle :) . And loved your other ideas of how to wreck the journal.

Tabber is beautiful, Leah ! Big Orange fella !

It looked like he was going to go for it for a second there ! Fun to watch !

Love your advise, giving the book to my grandson tonight to wreck. Pretty nervous, do not like to destroy books.

That is so cool that you involved your cat! Our cats don’t seem to be into the catnip, so I might have to come up w/ some other way to involve them.

Very brave of you to put sushi in your book, too. (I’m noticing all sorts of ideas I have about the relative “cleanness” of different foods. I’ll have to work up to the food pages.)

that was great, leah, I was wanting him to really go after it and tear things up a little!! but he did good, what a wonderfully LARGE tabby!
Just what I needed today…thanks ;)

Really cute!

Great list of other ideas! You came up with some creative ones. How fun that you found a way to include your cat. Happy wrecking!

what a lovely idea! would be great to see his reaction caught on the camera, ha…

he is a fantastic cat!


hi leah. this was such a great post. i love the kitty cat tabber portion of the video. i also like how you wrote on the pages of the book and included words like destroy. i am gonna do that with some other words. maybe annihilate the journal. something strong. i also like the sushi in the book. yuumy!

LOL! So cute. I just loved when he started going at it with his paws. What a great idea.

And you look beautiful, Leah! It’s always nice to see you :)

Love your video! I got my cat to chew up the corners of the Chew me page. I blogged about it for this weeks challenge — which by the way, Thank you.

I bought WTJ on the 7th as well as a copy of Artful Blogging… and yesterday as I was cruising through Artful blogging, I read about your blog, so I looked it up online, then you mentioned Wreck This Journal, so I went over to the challenge blog and joined in the fun. It’s one big, giant circle!

Nice to meet you.

OMG! Too funny! Tabbers went to town! I love how he got so frisky at the end! I laughed out loud! :)

That was awesome, Leah! I was thinking yesterday I’d have the puppy go to town on the book, so I’m really glad you did this. Also, you are just as cute as a button!

That’s way too cute!!

I’m picking up my Wreck This Journal tonight from Borders. You chicas are having too much fun that I have to join in!

Peace & Love.

I think I will have to let my boyfriend’s cat attack my journal. Awesome idea. :)

I love it. It was great when he scratched up the page. I may have to try this with my kitty.

If I am usually so foolish as to leave any papers or books lying around you can usually guarantee to find a muddy cat paw print on it by morning…. Now I want them to ‘perform’ they are being true cats and doing their own thing!

Love your ideas – especially putting it in the blender, but you are right – you may end up with a broken blender.

omg that is so funny! I have a big orange kitty too.. you have a wonderful voice , laugh and giggle, I LIKE YOU!!

I am WRECKING and have a new blog and added you as one i read.. hugs judi

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