WTJ and Muse Cube Fun!

June 26th, 2009

muse cubes

For the month of sound, I just had to mention Gretchen Wegner's fabulous Muse Cubes! Gretchen is currently working on a new set and has asked for our help.

The cubes are like two dice that you can roll any time during the day to shake things up and help move you through any stuckness you're feeling by using movment and sound. I just shook my set and got "stretch" and "sigh." Try it out. Don't you feel better?

Gretchen is looking for some feedback on the words she'll be using on the new set of cubes and has set up a short survey to get some feedback, so she can choose the best possible words. Please give your feedback on Muse Cubes here. It's quick, easy and anonymous! Thanks in advance!

I've also been playing with my copy of Wreck this Journal for Jamie Ridler's book group. I decided this was the week to take the journal in the shower and I did that yesterday with amusing results. After the shower, I decided my journal deserved it's own little towel.

wtj towel

Poor thing got washed well and I'm not sure how it's feeling about its first ever shower. I mean, it got really wet.

wtj wet

And it got scrubbed too. Even behind the ears, but especially on the "Scrub this page" page.

wtj scrub

Only problem is, one day later and my journal is still all wet. I think it's the humidity we're having and all the rain. But wait, as I type this, the sun has poked out! I want to cry I've missed the sun so much!

O.k. Just put the journal out for a little sunbathing. Hope that helps things. I'd like to take the journal along with me on my trip to NYC this weekend, but if it's going to be a big wet mess, it may miss the party. I thought about taking a hair dryer or heat gun to it or popping it in the dryer...Hmm, what do you think will work best?

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I have so been meaning to get your blog. I’ve seen it all over the place since I first started blogging in Dec and finally serendipitously clicking — it’s about damn time I thought!
I’m all funned out this week so don’t bother looking at mine -LOL I may sound depressing.

Now that I’m here I will finally look around! Good to meet you! Great cube -soggy journals can wet the appetite!

Oh I have help for you. Mine didn’t dry after microwaving and going in the oven and out in the sun … so I finally put it in the dryer. Put it in with a few towels so your dryer doesn’t get “wrecked” with the journal. Works like a charm and pages get nice and ‘crunchy’ – don’t worry it’s a good thing ;)

Love seeing all these cozy journals wrapped lovingly in towels.

Poor journal. I hope it doesn’t catch a cold – if you go away without it, make sure you leave plenty of tissues and cough syrup! Great fun!

adorable photo with the towel! love it! and i will def check out the muse cubes. sounds cool!

I still haven’t gotten myself to take the ol journal into the shower yet!!!

I love the photo of the journal drying off…could we get any cuter?

Think not!

Peace & Love.

Hey Leah! Thanks so much for featuring the MuseCubes…with a picture no less. I’m so glad you’re finding them fun. And it’s becoming VERY clear what the new words will be. I look forward to announcing that soon…

I’ve been holding off getting my journal wet, but I think it’s time–your pics have put me over the endge!! In fact, I just called my roommate (the lovely Katherine Kunz) and arranged to get wet in our backyard tonight…with the journal, of course.

Wiggling and Howling on behalf of you!

Hee hee! The journal has it’s own towel! I love it.

I have been worrying about the shower a bit…I think I have to mail it to myself first, then shower with it.

This looked like so much fun! and I Love the Muse cubes, too!

I needed a lot of time to dry my journal too.
I like the pic with it in the towel….

Oooh, I still haven’t done the shower wrecking yet! It’s still too much for me … :) And you’re so brave!

The journal looks so demure in her towel :) I hope you slathered on sun screen before you let her bake in the sun :)

You are braver than I was, Leah, in wetting your journal – mine didn’t turn out quite so wet that it took days to dry. Only 24 hours for mine. Guess I wasn’t as enthusiastic as you. And I thought I had seen all the pages but until I read this post, I had missed the Scrub This Page! Guess I have another chance to get it wet! LOL.

I absolutely LOVE the towel!! How hilarious – and sweet and cute, too! I am not as thoughtful. Lisa – thanks for the tip about putting in the dryer.

Ah, your journal looks so cozy in it’s little towel. I used a blow dryer and an iron to dry mine out.

I had the whole wet journal thing… Some people tumble dried them, some used hair dryers and irons… Mine smelt a little of damp until I did the smell page and now it smells of Lavender! Happy wrecking!

I merely flicked through some of the pages with mine in the shower! How brave you were! I think I may have redo that page:-) It does make the journal look really fantastically wrecked, doesnt it?! Ps. Those cubes look like great fun!

I think you should put it in the dryer (maybe on low so the pages wouldn’t catch fire)?

cant stand all this creativity and mothering of the WRECKS>>it’s own towel.. I love it!! They do resist drying dont they!

Muse Cubes – I’m already enjoying the possibilities. I’ll go over and give my opinion if it’s not too late.

You’re too sweet to cuddle the journal in a towel :)

I’ve been looking at that book off and on for some time now. I may just have to suck it up and get it for myself.

SUch a big fluffy towel for your book! It looks so smug if that’s possible for a book, wrapped snug as a bug in a rug and perched on the chair, all clean and fresh. Hope my book takes to it that well!!

This getting it wet thing has been bothering me from the beginning. I just finally started in a small way with water….

WRECK ON!!!!!!!!!

ps I love love love the Muse Cubes.

This is some of the best shower damage I’ve seen! Love that you washed behind the ears. Happy wrecking!

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