CED Challenge Check-In: July 13 – 19

July 13th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

This weekly post is a place for CED participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for July theme is self. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the self theme here.

Happy Creating!

Update: The Mr. Linky widget disappeared for a bit (new server switch), but it should be all set now!

Each of us, even the least complicated of us, is a vastly complex, endlessly fascinating creature, and the secret to creating art is to gain access to that creature and all that it knows. It is my suspicion that what appears to be talent is really just a doorway to a larger consciousness. As artists, we want to keep the door wide open all the time. -Cay Lang in "Taking the Leap"

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Playing around with Grunge Paper. I think I’m really liking this material!

I’ve been busy creating new jewelry and posted a few of my new pieces.

I’m playing with UTEE and think I am addicted!


wow, the year’s half gone! ced has been great at helping me focus on doing SOMETHING creative every day, even when it seems there’s no time. do hope to have time for self this month (the reat of it anyway!). thanks for everything leah- the encouragement, ideas & your generous spirit-

I have been collaging a lot more. I wrote about that in my blog entry in my link. I am loving the perfect imperfection in my study of self this month.

So much glorious ground to cover.


Dang!! I’ve been creative everyday this whole summer and never thought to add my little blog to your list till now.


Peace & Love.

This topic is fun! I did 4 self portraits and am now ready
to explore another facet of self. Thanks so much for your
inspiration and encouragement.

I am working a lot with photos and layers. I find that my soul soars when I capture a moment with my camera. Adding the layers just makes it “deeper.” I am finding peace within and discovering things about myself in the process.

I’ve just posted the first in a series of vlogs about making handmade books — for art, for fun, for sharing content. Anyway, just started today with how to get a 16 page mini book out of one piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. Hope you find it helpful — and inspiring! :)

Thanks for being here, even in the dry seasons.

Hi Leah and Everybody! I’ve missed the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing something creative every day. I just didn’t get it posted. :) Still doing a doodle a day and wc painting some, but this week I’m sharing a new painting tool that I found by experimenting. The post before this one is showing Birdie’s new glasses. She’s a new doodle character that emerged out of my randomness. Hope you enjoy!

Looking forward to seeing your posts! Have a wonderful week! :)

I just wanted to add that I think each of my quirky doodle characters has a little bit of mySELF in them. LOL

I’d like to join in the fun!

My latest blog post is on challenges…I’ve really stretched myself this year by embarking on lots of new things.

Read more here:


It’s interesting how the theme of “Self” is making its way into my mandalas… as in this “Heart of Hearts” mandala:

Looking forward to checking out everyone’s posts!

Hey Leah, I’m still here, waving madly!

I’m about to check out your flickr page so I can show you my thumbnail drawings.

I just love your blog!

Ok, I’ve uploaded the page to Flickr. Should I put the link here? Sorry Leah, I’m having a blond moment!

I’m in…. I have a been reconstructing myself or as Madonna said, re-inventing myself. Sassy pants on, yes. 12″ coned pointy bra on, NO…

New blog face is looking great.

More collage work of old pieces of Lille mixing and mingling with the current reigning Lille…. So far we’re getting along famously. Me and me. :-)

Thank you, Leah, for bringing so many wonderful people together to explore ourselves creatively.

Such wonderful and creative notations … ★

I am allowing myself to see that being creative every day takes on many forms. I have been creative in my country gardens, with my collage planner and creating a new blog to journal my creative expressions and discoveries.

The most creative thing I have “slipped into” is to allow myself to create a moment at a time. To see creativity in watering my gardens, collaging a few words cut from my junk mail and simply adding to my blog or my flickr a bit at a time …

Leah, I have wanted to do this for such a long time. Thanks so much for providing such a nurturing forum to gently nudge those of us who tend to blend a tad too much logic in our pallets! ;-)

[...] just delighted in my first “check-in” for the Creative Every Day Challenge! The post and comments were inspiring and creative notations of the creative activities of the [...]

Couldn’t find Mr. Linky today, but wanted to leave a commment anyway.

I am trying to make my own stamps using the fun foam that can be found in the children’s art section of Michael’s. Fun!




Two poems that are an expression of my inner self that remains locked away from the general public, but wants to come out of the darkness.

For Road To The Phoenix, your poems are beautiful, the first one touched me. Thanks for sharing those.

Here is my page on Flickr, yay, that’s another thing to cross off my to-do list!


I found a lovely sized box that I can cover. I’ve yet to find all the pics that I want to put on it. I will be able to cut out images at the same time that I am looking for things to draw. I am loving this challenge. I wonder why I am stalling to draw my self portrait?

So nice to have Mr. Linky back.

I’m still working on pendants, but the new ones are using glass framed pendant blanks.

I’m loving them!


I’ve painted a new landscape painting inspired from the beautiful surrounding places. I’ve just posted it to my blog after a month of absence.

I put off reporting in this week until now because though I have been painting, I didn’t blog about my efforts until the wee hours of the morning today (just after midnight!). I have painted the angel in me, a city night scene that has the colors I love, and a furry family member. I don’t know how that fits with the theme, except that they were all from within my imagination and vision.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Leah! My son is a cancer too as is my youngest grand-daughter, and we celebrated his birthday last week and hers last night and today! So, I love having Cancer’s around me.

Spent the majority of the weekend working on another goddess inspired painting.

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