CED Challenge Check-In: July 20 – 26

July 20th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

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Happy Creating!

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That art is amorphous and infinitely variable is one of the properties that defines it and gives it value; here is one area of life where dreams and passions can work out their meanings. That which we feel is worth devoting one's life to and whose value cannot be proven, that is art. Artist's create spirit traps, forms to catch our minds and spirits in. ~May Stevens in Voicing Our Visions

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Lots of creativity happening. This link includes my favorite photo-self-portrait of the month and a rather poetic entry about my self discovery process along the way to the portrait. I am just about finished with the Art Journal oversized page I started last week, specifically taking my time and working with a poem from Rainer Rilke.Perhaps will post it in its complete state later this week.

Working on 175-200 atc’s for an upcoming cruise in October I’m going on. Glad I got started already. I think I’ll be making cards right up to the date we sail!

Got some more knitted critters assembled.

Hi Leah and everyone. This has been a month for thinking about where I want to take all this creativity and gradually coming to some important and exciting decisions. I’ve actually found the courage to enter an image for an exhibition! I have no expectations at all that it will be accepted, but the courage to enter one is a major step forward for me. For the most part this concentration on ’self’ hasn’t actually come out in what I’ve been producing, but I do believe that I’m putting much more of my self into what I do. To that extent everything is about the self, really, isn’t it! The link I’ve given takes you to last Friday’s blog post which I think is my most creative work to date. And the last of the images is a sort of self portrait. Janice.

at last time to play yesterday!

I would like to post some of my images how todo that?for the self theme. list me by Thomas and my blog is thomasamarino@blog.spot.com search via google. Thanks,


Hi Leah,
This is quite a topic. I thought I was going to do a self portrait, it seems like I’ve done everything but that. There is so much to discover! Fun, joy, and happiness to share.

I love all the wonderful things you’re all up to!!

@Janice, congrats on entering the exhibition!! That’s so exciting! I love your general attitude about it too. Just entering is a big leap, no matter what happens. But of course, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!

@Janet, I agree, there’s so much more than self-portraits to explore in this topic!

@Tom, I have you listed in the sidebar under your name. You can share your photos by sharing a link here in the comments or by using the Mr. Linky widget above. Another option is to share your photos in the CED Flickr group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/creativeeveryday2008/ Hope that helps!

Hi Lea, Im excited to finally be visibly selling my mandala art online now through my blog. Sorting through all the details and how to’s was a creative act in itself. Thanks for your help.

I’ve written about and posted a painting I’ve been working on….

A portrait – but not my own :(

Lots going on over in my shop this last week….started my workshop (i have 28 students so far…whooohooo), cleaned my studio…big YAY, switched out some pieces at a couple local galleries and then started a newsletter over the last couple of weeks:


I also put my big girl panties on and submitted another article idea to CPS, wish me luck!

Oh..check out my blog for a quick video clip of my latest WIP:


had a very nice art show on Sunday where I showed paintings & jewelry… In the evenings before I go to sleep, I’ve been sketching a bit nearly every night to help me relax. One evening I spent a few extra minutes in front of the mirror studying my face in hopes of drawing facial proportions more accurately.

I haven’t worked on ATCs in a long time. I’d forgotten how much fun they are.


Leaving this weekend for Santa Fe and a week of art and faith. It’s a yearly “pilgrimage” and the most refreshing thing I do each year.

“Resume versus Start Over” — The concept of being able to simply resume (instead of erasing the proverbial chalkboard and starting all over) is ever-revealing itself to me.

Far too often I allow myself to get stuck in the trap of believing that I must redo, reinvent, retreat … Until such time I am able to emerge with the {perfect} plan by which to proceed. This is frequently the case when my day {week, month} — which leads to me stalling-out.

So-o, I have been making it my intention to keep moving through — to resume, instead of starting over. And it is working … ;-)

I’m still enjoying my daily thumbnail sketches. And I’m still stalling doing my self portrait.

I’m a bit behind, I need to go back and read your inspirations Leah.

I’m still loving Creative Everyday!

This has been so powerful for me – this collage has taken what felt like forever but I am finally labeling it DONE and documented the process on FLICKR and in my blog, and here….

It was intriguing to see my work blossom, being creative every day yet not completing anything for a whole, just adding and touching up and problem solving. So many metaphors I almost lost track!


If you know Susan Pickering Rothamel (owner of USArtQuest) and artist/crafter extraordinaire, you might want to check with her about having a class at her place. You would only be about half an hour from my house and then I could definitely take a class with you. That would be a great treat!!!

If you don’t know her, you should check her out. She has a blog at: http://usaqsue.wordpress.com/

I’d love to meet you and do art with you.


I just looooooooooooooove the concept of living creatively every day. I am very excited to have been able to use the motivation of participating in the CED 2009 and this months theme of SELF to complete my kre8ive project. Love the insipiration that a challenge creates.

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