Wreck This Journal with Fire!

July 24th, 2009

We're nearly done wrecking Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal for Jamie Ridler's fabulous book group. It's been a total blast! I've had so much fun wrecking, meeting other wreckers, and making my first vlogs! How cool! I was saving this bit of wrecking for close to the end. I think I was both looking forward to burning a page and a little bit scared of it (I'm more of a water girl than a fire girl.)

I set up with my laptop on the porch (you get to see me in my post-workout glory...sorry, I didn't dress up for you guys. hehe) and set out to burn a page. And I had some problems. You can check out the video to see how hard it was for me to burn the darn page. But I made up for it by dancing and singing with my journal, talking to it, and wearing it in a special way at the end. :-) Yeah, I'm just a teeny-tiny bit nutty.


I'm headed off for a brief trip to the Cape to visit with family this weekend. I hope your weekend is a wonderfully creative one!

Other good stuffs:

-If you know of anyone in the Boston area, be sure to tell them about the Creative Play workshop I'm teaching with the fabulous, Jennifer Lee on September 19th! There's going to be art-making, giggling, and loads of creative goodness! You can get all the details and sign up here.

-The super sweet, Jess Gonacha is looking for submissions for pecannoot. Go on over and share your art about abundance with the world!

-I love Andrea Scher's work (her jewelry, photography and writing) and she's just teamed up with Jen Lemen to create the Mondo Beyondo e-course. It sounds fabulous.

-On Monday (2 pm EST) Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio will be interviewing Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts on her blogtalk radio show. I adore both of these creative powerhouses! You can listen in to the interview over here on Monday or head on over now to check out Connie's past interviews (there's one with me from March in the archives!)

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Oh Leah, I just love you! You are so adorable and lovely. And I got a really good laugh out of all of your attempts. I was considering doing some burning this weekend myself! I will skip the matches and go straight to the zippo!

Hey Leah! Glad you set it to the torch, too funny how it wouldn’t burn until you brought out the lighter. I finally braved the fire this week too. :)

Holy cow, girl. You had me laughing throughout the whole thing!!! Funny. We are going to have so much fun together in September :)

Oh and I forgot to say how much I loved the beard action, too! Teehee!

Oh funny girl!! I swear I can smell the burning.. you might have another life as a stand up comic!!

That was so much fun. I just laughed. Happy wrecking. See ya next week.

Oh, you made me laugh so hard that I almost fell from my chair, bad Leah!!! :)

OH Leah–you are so adorable!!! The way the paper burned was perfect—when you put it under your chin–you could draw a little body with a cute outfit on it…and your Wreck This Journal could turn into a whole paper doll kind of thing!!

I so wish you and the wonderful Jenn were having your workshop in October when I’ll be on the east coast..I so wish I could join you too creative goddesses!!! Sounds like tons of fun!

Thanks for mentioning the Creative Juicy Interview coming up with the fab Chris! I can’t wait.

Have fun sunnin’ in the Cape!

Peace & Love.

Burn Baby Burn! That was so funny! Thanks for the laugh! (I gave my book to a friend with a lighter to burn the page. He was happy to do so!)

So funny! Especially when you blew on it and the flame went out – when I blew on mine it required immediate dousing under the tap!! You keep talking and singing to that journal girl – you never know, one day it might just say something back – probably ouch!

you’re so dang cute!!! and thank you for the pecannoot mention. :)

That was my favorite page of WTJ!! I love to burn things. I don’t know why. My brothers do to. I guess it’s in our genes or something. I don’t know. Anyway, nice video!!

One of my friends suggested I check out your blog – I’ve been following your blog via e-mails this week – and I had a lot of fun watching your vlog today! Wreck this Journal looks liek a lot of fun :D


Too funny! I am avoiding two pages in my journal, burning it and taking it in the shower with me. LOL

Your expression when the match goes out each time is priceless!! Nice beard, too. Burn Baby Burn!

Great slow wrecking! lol
Isn’t that the way tho – when you need it to work and it doesn’t.
Loved your video tho.

OK, you do not have a career as an arsonist in your future, but you are adorable and very creative (and yes, it does make a good beard, lol.)

ha ha hee hee hee thats so funny, what a disaster, but at least we all had fun watching!

Oh my goodness! Too funny! Loved the Wreck This Journal dance. Your journal seriously didn’t want to be burned. There is something to be said for perseverance. Nice wrecking!

How funny that you had to resort to the lighter lol Great singing and dancing! :)

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