Creative Every Day Challenge Check-In: August 10 – 16

August 10th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

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Happy Creating!

The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself. — Alan Alda

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Sharing a little walk thru of the GRRRRLS show that opened for this month. Next up will be my 2 minute interviews where I ask artists why they are artists — first up will be Lynndee LeBeau… look for that later this week! miracles! k-

no moving for me this week, i think. it’s finally going to get hot here and i want to laze around and appreciate summer :) :)
i have been very creatively productive though. i made new guided meditation videos, am turning my online workshops into creativity kits and doing a whole series of watercolour self-portraits in my journal that i am just in love with.

I finished my first picture in a series of muscle car grilles (they move fast)… Does anyone have tips on whether you paint in your background first or do you just start with what you want when you paint? Anyone know of any good refernce books for acrylic painting or on-line classes? Teaching myself….. thanks….

Spent quite a bit of creative time in the art room cleaning up and finishing “almost done” projects. Still have a few to do.

Also posted about some free online courses that people may be interested in. I’ve already signed up for the Photoshop course.

Thank you so much for all your positive feedback, Leah,


moving in a new direction – trying my hand at aceo’s and a surfing series – definitely alot of movement there.

There’s no movement yet (or just bare whispers anyway) but I am hoping to being closer to MOVING by the end of the month. Very frusting. Maybe that’s why so much of my art is about movement. Flying, traveling, etc.

In honor of the “move” theme, I rearranged my studio. I love my new workspace!

Moving in my poetry, especially this week. My link is to my favorite poem over the last several days, still need to update my main blog but I have been so busy creating and dealing with kidlets haven’t had time to update! LOL. Am hosting my Summer Writing Intensive Camp, so that is sucking a lot of time, too – and its ok, because I am creating, creating, creating the entire time.

Still moving forward in my drawing. Had some new posts for the week.

moving soon (literally)—creative this week: birds & hats!

Moving indeed — began running again after many years and now up to two miles a day, every day. I love it because it is my time to think about what I’m going to create that day. A loaf of bread? A collage? A bouquet of flowers from the garden? It’s almost overwhelming the ideas that go through my head when I’m jogging along my country lane.

Moving? Ha! I pulled my back out of whack just this morning and I’m all scrunched up like wadded paper. So I guess I’ll be focusing on the desire for movement… or the pain of movement… or the Gift of movement. Nothing like losing something to make you appreciate it more.
Santa Fe was a gift and filled my creative soul to the brim, so I can ruminate while I recover.

I went to The ARTbar last Friday night for a Golden Paints demo. Oooooh, learned so much. Played around with some molding paste and paints on wood Saturday. I took some photos at the demo and posted them on my latest blog post.

Keep Creating! xoxo

let’s hope that moving comes to mean forward on some art instead of just being too busy to make any!

lots of creative goodness going on, almost more than I can handle with the day job and house hunting but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

Check out my contemporary girl in my traditional textured loving style…my latest wip:
Sweet Repeats

Hi Leah. On my drive into the office this morning I saw a woman walking her dog. She was wearing a purple t-shirt with white bold letters that read “MOVE.” I chuckled and remembered that I wanted to make a sign for work. I best write that down on my to do list for this week.


Hello! I’ve been doing quite a bit of going this week. I didn’t get any painting in, and little drawing, but I’ve been learning to use a new printer and software, plus I’ve done some writing and lots of creative thinking. I’m trying to move my body more, and I’m becoming aware that I’m going to have to ration my online time to do that. :) I have posted another doodle on Moxie Blue and a cotton pickin memory on Scribbles From Rabbit Hopp.

I’m also about to do some organizing. No choice! :) Have a creative week all!

Tried my hand at Photoshopping. My skills are rusty, but I don’t think it turned out too badly.


I am finally seeing a lot of “movement” in the progress of a project I have been working on (and procrastinating about until the last couple of weeks), and I am so happy about it! I hate it when I feel stuck and cannot figure out how to get myself out of that feeling.

I blogged about it and posted some partial images of the work for that project which I am not quite ready to reveal yet. I’ll be posting more partial images until it is complete, which is very soon!

Tried another encaustic painting. Using just the iron I can only get abstracts, but I do really like them. I have ordered a stylus with several different attachments and hope to actually direct a painting into a recognizable picture. Can’t wait!


Whoa, I just squeezed reporting in this week! Phew, it’s been busy so I must be moving!

Finally finished my first page of thumbnails and I’ll put them on Flickr after I have a look around everyone’s blogs and things.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Hi Leah – Glad I found Creative Every Day. This is a very motivational and inspirational place. Guess the August theme “move” in my case could be interpreted as move out of that rut of being too tired after work to do anything creative.

Good luck on the move and the new house!

I did pop in a comment but heaven knows where! I have been on the move literally – putting our home up for sale, de-cluttering like crazy, letting go of stuff I’ve hung on to for yonks. Feels good. So mega-movement on the home front to, I hope, slightly warmer pastures, further north in New South Wales, perhaps. Tomorrow I’m opening up the move by creating a New Moon dreamscape and at present I’m getting images of a vortex spreading out. But often what I create is quite different to what I think I’m going to create.

I thought I did so much ‘moving’ last month…now I find that last month was a prelude to this month…which seems to be a prelude for the coming month as well….and everything keeps getting better and better…some days I feel this life is moving far out of my control…dragging me along w it…other days i feel I am not moving fast enough..or even at all…and then another shift hits and boom…not where I was a moment ago…and that’s just in my art…not to mention my life….

My life is all about “moving”. I’ve launched a new website…moved out of the shadows with my art…my art life, professional life and personal life has always been separate and this month I just let it all hang “come out” my blog post ( Change is good and movement clears out the cobwebs!

I posted on the Flickr group..

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