Creative Every Day Challenge Check-In: August 24-30

August 24th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

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Happy Creating!

I think there are two keys to being creatively productive. One is not being daunted by one's fear of failure. the second is sheer perseverance.--Mary-Claire King

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Well, I’ve been “all over the board” with what I’ve been creating lately! Someone asked me once what my style was. I guess I can honestly say that I don’t have a particular style. I do whatever hits me at the moment. Hence, my latest collage that I included a pencil/black sharpie marker drawing of a big headed lady on. LOL She didn’t start out looking like she ended up, but I’m going with it *smiles*.

I just heard about a pencil drawing class near my “day job”. I’m thinking I may look into that.

Have a creative week ahead, and stop by and comment on my big headed girl collage if you get a chance! *smiles*

I’ve been away again dealing with family medical emergencies, but did get some art done just before I left.

I haven’t done any ATCs in awhile, but find I am still really enjoying these small artworks.


Feels like every minute is just popping here. Latest? The Magic Pea Myth…creating from a dream. That’s the link I’m sharing for today’s check in :)

good photos on saturday, successful presentation on image transfers to metal yesterday……in town all week with high hopes of progress on pay it forward project & a photo project for my family….. onward!

I went on a camping retreat this weekend, and soaked in the beauty of the world. I’m ready to make some great stuff this week!

i love that mary-claire king quote… what i have been doing is working through some fears in order to continue. i am stretching my comfort zone a little larger to fit some big and wonderful new ideas for my art and workshops. this feels really good most of the time, and really uncomfortable sometimes :) so i am painting a lot as i examine my fears and move forward. i bought a huge roll of watercolour paper, 40 feet long, and am working my way through it.

As much as I want to get up and move thousands of miles cross country at the speed of a jet plane, all my movement lately seems to be underground. Or perhaps in the barely visible manner of a plant growing. Hm.

After a month of creative “overflow”, I was in crash & burn mode due to the isolation of too much studio..not enough contact with other creative souls. This week I am re-booting my muse and I will work on a new series of ATC’s as well as gearing up to “Purge” some corners of my studio to make more room for displaying my art. Hey, that’s a good start!!

This summer I made a resolution that since both of my boys are going off to college, I am going to get back into running. I really reflected on the process of getting back into running “flow” and created a series of art tags to illustrate my thoughts. The link to my blog is listed above under Snibblebitz.

This past week I made some Christmas ornaments. And this weekend I decided that this will be the year to paint the interior of my house (with help) to lighten up my surroundings. This will also mean going through everything and rearranging stuff, a good winter project.

Today is an important day for me. I am participating in a fund-raising marketplace for the Jimmy Fund. I plan to place several of my paintings on sale for the first time – ever. I’m also donating one, framed painting to the raffle that will support the campaign. I believe my prices are very reasonable. Pricing was a struggle. My art instructor advised that it’s better to start low. She advised that you can always raise the prices eventually, but you don’t want to lower them. This is a huge step for me, but it’s the best way to do it.
I still want to become an author-illustrator, because I know I have the ability to move in that direction. I’m sure it will evolve over time.
Let’s see what today brings!

My camera is on the fritz so I haven’t wanted to post without images, but seeing as today’s writing was about… writing… I figured it would be cool to post about simply that. Love what came out, by the way.

This theme has really resonated with me in so many ways, especially moving forward in art and life.

I am trying to “move” my unfinished projects off the shelf.

I also have a giveaway to celebrate my 200th post.

C’mon over and leave a comment for a chance to win.


Aw, the last week for the theme of MOVE. And this week is especially a week of MOVING! My husband and I are collaborating for the first time in co-facilitating a Trance Dance and Live Drumming workshop!

I really did move today! I did some badly needed purging in my studio and it looks so great and it is very uplifting to have done something that I’d been putting off…yahoo!

With the intention of using up supplies and stashes I have on hand in my studio,(use’em or lose’em!)I’ve been working on a little series of Buddha-themed collages for the past week. They turned out to be more complex than first anticipated–but really engaging, enjoyable and challenging to work on. I’ve posted 3 of the 7 tonight, with the others to follow soon.

I posted the second half of my
thumbnail page to Flickr.

I can relate to your experience Leah – what something starts out to be, and how it ends up, can be 2 different things! I decided to sketch a dog from memory. It started to look like a horse and it ended up being a really cool dragon!

Go with the flow I reckon, it is the month of move after all!!

Talk about moving. I am again going to be driving the 4 hours to my Mom’s.

Meanwhile I have finished a new, small collage and have extended and added to the giveaway.


Today I am moving in the gardens…helping the Hubby to mow the lawn. Getting my vitamen D and exercise all in one swoop! Tomorrow it’s back to the studio organization project and maybe something inspired while I’m in there…=)

I’ve been doing a lot of movement related Japanese poems lately (as indicated with the link I have posted on the widget). Yesterday, I created a travel-related collage out of scrapbooking paper, though it still needs to be completed.

It’s wonderful to reflect how nothing in life is ever the same twice!

Talk about MOVE–we are now in the process of looking for a new house…most of my current movement includes going through, sorting, purging, rearranging and all sorts of pre-packing inventory adjustments that I had wished I had done in the past before moving…and I have begun to keep an art journal for Hestia (as in Hestia’s Hearth) as we work towards finding a new home…to keep myself balanced and focused…because I ‘think’ better if I am artistically engaged…..look for that to show up on my blog more as well…

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