What Inspires Me: A Guest Post by Goddess Leonie

September 4th, 2009

I am slowly learning
not to look to others
for inspiration
but to find it instead
in the way the wind blows against my face


and how the earth feels beneath me when I walk it


and how my guides reveal themselves to me, wrapping me in their horse-scented


Inspiration is how life looks and feels when Iʼm not worrying about
how I should change, or it should change...
and instead just trusting that who and where I am is just perfect.


Inspiration is my path,
with its luscious valleys and heart-opening mountains,
with the gentle weave of a river
bringing new blessings and lessons in my life.


And the truest inspiration of mine:
is discovering the Goddess inside me:
her story, her wisdom, her joy, her creativity,
that needs and wants to be shared.


Goddess Leonie is a Goddess Guide who helps women discover the wise, creative, joyful
Goddess inside them through art, e-courses & coaching. She lives in the alpine mountains
of Canberra, Australia in a rose-hewn cottage with her love Chris & their two hilarious puppies.
Visit her blog + website is www.goddessguidebook.com for more goddess joys + inspiration.

Check out her Goddess School to discover the spirited and creative e-courses she runs for women.

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Beautiful and oh, so wise!! Thanks Leah and Leonie!!

Leah, thanks so much for getting Leonie to share here… I always appreciate her sincere and simple yet infinitely deep wisdom… and the images here are total *GODDESS*
Thanks to both of you.

I was zipping,zipping, through my Google reader (so many blogs, so little time!) until this caught my eye. Such a beautiful post…enough to make me stop and soak up every word and each image. Lovely.

So beautiful……just like you, you gorgeous, inspired, mama goddess girl!!

Adore you MADLY!!



How lovely and inspiring!

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Luscious and lovely and most inspiring! So authentically YOU! mwah

wow, talk about inspiring, these are absolutely wonderful, Leah, thanks for posting; I’ll definitely keep reading!

oh bless… thank you all tender beans… it is such a JOY to meet you all here… thank you all for being YOU, goddesses you are :)

giant hugs and wafts of inspiration,
goddess leonie

absolutely gorgeous post! Thanks Leah and Leone!

Leah – hope kitty baby is doing well.

thanks for the wonderful post and thank you tammy for guiding me here.

Thank you for your post, Goddess Leonie! I have admired you from afar for some time now. I just adore your sweet, loving energy and beingness! I thought I had done it before, but I now have also signed up for your newsletters, so I don’t miss out on anything.

Hugs to you xxxooo

LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Leah and Leonie, thank you!

Talk about stopping dead in my tracks!

These words reached deep inside and found a place within me, thank you.

“just trusting that who and where I am is just perfect.”
I really like that line. I speaks to me so much because I am someone who is always trying to change to be better, not being satisfied with who I am and what I’m doing, thinking I’m not good enough. What a beautiful piece of writing, thankyou.

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