Art Every Day Month is Right Around the Corner!

October 27th, 2009


Oo, la, la! Art Every Day Month is right around the corner! I've been busy putting the final touches on the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide and I'm so thrilled to be sharing it. I'm also super excited to jump into the Art Every Day Month process, creating and sharing my work every day, and connecting with the wonderful creative folks who join in.

The Creative Every Day Challenge and Art Every Day Month overlap a bit, although I think of AEDM as a more intense process as it only lasts for one month. But in both cases, I define art broadly, so if you want to create in one medium that's great, if you want to mix it up with different kinds of creating, that's fabulous too! And for both challenges, I consider art to be anything you can create, whether that be painting, sculpting, dance, knitting, cooking, jewelry-making, doodling, etc...

Because I love to work in mixed-media and 2-D art, that's where my focus will be. Some days I'll finish a whole piece and other days I'll work on a piece in progress. Every day, I'll be posting my work on my blo, but you can feel free to post your work in whatever way you'd like. I make the challenge low-pressure (and guilt-free) because my ultimate goal is to bring more creativity into my life and the life of others and I want everyone to feel welcome to join in and play!

The list of participants is now up in the sidebar, under the list of CED participants. I will continue to add people as they sign up (so if you find this after November 1st, you're still welcome to join in!)

So, are you ready? Do you want to play too? Simply let me know how you'd like to be listed in the list of participants. You don't need to have a blog. I can list your name (first and last name or first and last initial), a blog, or a flickr account. You can let me know you want to sign up by leaving a comment or popping me an email.

Every day I will have a Mr. Linky widget where you can link to a blog post or Flickr image of that day's creation. Not sure what a Mr. Linky widget is? Here's a snapshot of what it looks like:


Don't try to use this one, it's just a picture of what it looks like. You can see an active one on yesterday's Creative Every Day Challenge Check-in post, which I have up every Monday.

You can also post images in the Art Every Day Month Flickr group! You can read even more about AEDM and its history here.

Want to join in, but feel like you need some extra support? Then check out the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide, which is a series of 30 emails sent to you, one for each day of November. Each email is filled with art, writing, prompts, and inspiration to help give you those little extra nudges to keep you going and give you ideas on how to easily fill each day of November with art-making fun. You can get all the details and purchase a Survival Guide right here.

aedm survivalguide 300

For Creative Every Day Challenge participants, Art Every Day Month will be the theme for next month as that's all I'm going to be able to focus on! But as always, the themes are always optional, so you can continue participating and doing your own thing. Or if you aren't participating in AEDM, you can play with the idea of a daily practice in your creations for the month. 

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I would love to participate this year! Thanks, Courtney

This will be great, Leah! I am so looking forward to it! One thing: I don’t see my name in the list of participants. Can you please add me in? Thanks!

Hi! Please add me to the list. :) I’m ready to go! :)

I’m in lady! :) Thanks love for your broad scope and vision of “Creative” and “Art”

Hi Leah,

I didn’t see my name in the side bar. I signed up over email a couple weeks ago, so I just want to make sure that you got it. Please list me as Elizabeth Mendana and link to:

I am excited to try some new artsy things over the next month and bought some art supplies last night!

I’m a little nervous about signing up because agh my time and space has contracted even more than normal and things are all up in the air, and I haven’t been creative lately.. so maybe that’s a sign that i should do it.

I’m not being graded, anyway, right? there’s no failure. It’s just about commiting to being creative. So that I’ll do.

Sign me up for AEDM as rowena…


This is what I’ve been looking for! I did Nanowrimo last year but while I finished, I’m not really a writer. I can’t call myself an artist (yet) either, but I want to challenge my drawing and painting skills.

I’d like to join please! As Aliskye in Wonderland at

Thank you!

Aliskye tempted me into this, so please count me in as well.

My name is Kimiko, and my blog is at

I really look forward to doing this in November, so Thank You for providing a creative outlet like this.

Could you sign me up please : Sam at

I’m hoping this will help me focus on the things I want to try, but never find the time – like drawing and sewing.

Worth a try anyway ;-)

I want to play too!

I don’t see me in the list for 2009. Please list me as Julie Jordan Scott as I may post in different blogs. I also need to figure out how to post the cute little icon/avatar/cube that promotes this project… anyway! Delighted to make the commitment and a bit intimidated by the gorgeous visual art I see here all the time… I am primarily a performance artist and writing, dabbling in photography, painting, collage and art journaling. Purely an amateur yet so enjoy it.

Hi, I follow Kimiko because she’s one of the cool kids. ;D I’ll be doing this too, I’ve got a couple friends doing the NaNoWriMo and I’m just not talented in that direction. So AEDM is perfect for me! I just hope I get a chance to post every day. I find most of my creative time comes when everyone else is asleep and out of my hair…

Hello! I want to play.

Post me as Ari Riparian at

Yay! Thank you :)

Most DEFINITELY – I want to participate! Thank you :)

I forgot to say I would like to be linked to my blog GOT ART? (

I would love to participate! Thanks

Me! Me! I want to participate!


Looking forward to it!

Art Yowza

Hi Leah,
I’d like to participate as well! I was inspired and found out about you from Jennifer Lee’s last November blog posts.

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Leah Piken Kolidas, Jamie Ridler. Jamie Ridler said: RT @leah_art: Over 100 people are joining in Art Every Day Month in November. How bout you? [...]

Oooo! Can I play too? Here’s my blog: My name’s Robin, and I’m looking forward to participating!

consider me in! i dont know if i’ll make another blog or if i’ll post to flickr or what, but i’m in.

Great-fully signing up to play! Please sign me on as InnerSpace. Mahalo!

[...] I signed up for Leah Piken Kolidas’ November Art Every Day Challenge and received a really nice email back from her. I’m exited to join an online art community [...]

I’m looking forward to it! I have lots to do to get organized. I’m so excited to see what creative projects come out of this month.

Thank you for hosting it. I can’t wait to see your survival guide.

I love this. Even the idea makes me all squirmy excited.

30 days of guidance, support and art.

I say let the happy dancing begin!

I have a lot of activities scheduled in Nov, thus have plenty to keep me inspired and creative! Add me to the AEDM list! And thanks for doing this! Exciting!

How do! I love this idea. I often struggle with acting on my creativity. I’ve been doing better in the last week or so and I want to keep the flow goign. Please sign me up to participate.

Oh, I forgot to tell you how I’d like to be listed. How about “Chaos Ranch”? That just about covers all things me. Thanks.

May I please join the fun, too?

I would like to join the fun as well. Although I can’t post an art theme post every day, I still would like to contribute occasionally.

Namaste! I would love to be part of this, I seem to have really lost my creative mojo the past few months and this seems to be just the thing to incite me to get it back!

My blog is please put me down as Jewel Alchemy, thank you!



I was a bit confused….please list me as “sewandsowlife”, rather than KarenLR.
Many thanks.

Wow! It seems like I stumbled across your blog at just the right time. I’m trying really hard to get more creativity into my life right now and would love to be part of this. Please add me to the list – Judith Thanks :-)

I am already for AEDM, please sign me up
3Cats Creations : )

Dearest Leah,
I’d like to be involved. :)
It hasn’t taken me any thought to proceed, it just feels very much a flow of all things, and I like how you see Art in everyway, so it is not confined to a set criteria. I feel my blog is a creative means of art, and everyday a new creation is shared, even if only an experience.
I believe this is still our energy creation in the making, and you learn something new from this too.
I’d like to be included in the same way, as Art Every Day please. (On the right hand toolball, and blog name to link ie: Expressive World being directed to
Thank you so much

please include me! i’m excited.
my site is
and my blog is

what a great idea! so happy to connect with you!

I will be giving it a try.

I would like to participate. Thank you!

Here is my correct URL. Sorry about that. I would like to participate.

This is just the motivation I need for November. I’m in!

I love that you define “art” in such an inclusive way. I’m going to be as diverse as possible, hopefully posting quilting, jewellery, knitting, and embroidery projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

I’d like to sign up! I get very lazy and need a motivator. I’d love to be motivated every day to create create create!

I will be giving it a try.
Thank you!

Yeah! Count me in!

I will be participating this year — I would like to have my blog listed. Thank you!

I so need this. I am signing up at the last minute.

I would like to join! This sounds so fun….

Am I too late?? I’d love to be involved.

Hi, there! This sounds like the perfect thing for me! My web site is My first project is getting my web site back in order. I have a blog on there where I will post what I am doing! Yeah!

Can I play too?? My blog is My name is Tracye :)

o please count me in! i need the discipline!

I know I must be crazy for even saying I’ll give this a go…but hey, what the heck! I’ll be posting at Seamless Skin, my blog at

I can’t wait! This has been my goal since this summer and now I have added incentive!

Wonderful idea! I saw some face~book friends doing this and I would love to participate!

I would love to participate! Please sign me up :)

Here is my blog – I update just about daily and will definately be adding my stuff from this challenge:

Yes. This is great. Life is a school. Art is a journey we can explore our true self.

Sign me up.
I think I signed up already?Looking forward to a month of producrivity!

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