Art Every Day Month Survival Guide

October 6th, 2009

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Art Every Day Month, a challenge I lead every November, is just around the corner! I will continue to offer the challenge to anyone who wants to join in this year, but I'm also going to be offering something extra for those who want to join in, but could use a little extra help along the way.

aedmlogoredFor those of you who are unfamiliar with Art Every Day Month, it's a challenge I started about 7 years ago. I was interested in doing a month-long challenge, like Nanowrimo (in which participants write a novel in a month), but I wanted it to be about art. For the first year, I committed to creating art every day for the month of November and I posted it on my blog. The next year, a few people joined in with me, and it's grown from there. Last year there were over one hundred people playing along!

When I say art in this challenge, I mean it in the broadest sense, so your daily art could be a painting, a doodle, a photo, a poem, a meal, a scrapbook page, a piece of jewelry, a craft project, a quilt square, etc... It doesn't have to be a finished project every day either. For example, one day I might start a painting and the next day I might go back to that painting and finish it. And if you miss a day, or a week, you can just brush yourself off and jump back in. There's no guilt factor here, the challenge is all about adding more creativity into your life.

Having done this challenge for many years now, I know that even with the incredible support of doing this with a group, it can be hard to stay motivated for the whole month. That's where the Survival Guide comes in!

The Art Every Day Month Survival Guide will be delivered to you in a daily email, one for each day of the 30 day challenge. In the email you will receive a dose of inspiration, encouragement, tips, tricks, and prompts to keep you energized and flying through this creative adventure. I'll also include beautiful images and a weekly mp3 recording with a mix of visualizations, stories, and ideas to keep you creating from day 1 to day 30. And it's only $30!

You can get all the details and sign up here to start receiving your Survival Guide emails on November 1st.

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*Jumping up and down.* I´m so ready! *grin*

This will be my 5th AEDM and I´m so happy about that.

Would you please add me to your list this year too? :)

I’m looking forward to AEDM again this year!!

Ready for my second time to participate. Add me to the list please…..

I’m in! Can’t believe it’s already that time again!

I’m so looking forward to the challenge this year. Last year I remember jumping in towards the end of November and continuing it for 30 days well into December. I just signed up for the daily dose and inspiration guide. I’ve already been thinking about strategies to help me be organized so I spend more time creating and less time preparing. I’m excited!!!!

This will be my second year!

Looking forward to it…thanks Leah!

Please add me to the list too…

I’d like to participate!


I’d like to participate.
Thanks for offering the opportunity.

So glad I found this before November 1st! :) I would love to join you for the month. thank you!

I would like to join the Art Everyday Month Challenge. I am not currently blogging but will be able to post links to photos of my art. Thanks for this opportunity.

YAY! Your survival guide looks great!!!

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