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October 13th, 2009

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This weekend, the hubster and I got away to Disney World for a long weekend. There was a business meeting involved, so it wasn't all playtime, but a majority of the time was spent together, exploring 4 amusement parks, laughing and screaming on the rides, and enjoying each other's company. And it just so happens that today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! We've been together for 8 years now and we still adore each other. The weekend felt a bit like an annivesary celebration and it delights me how much we still enjoy spending time together. It also reminded me how important this kind of quality time is to connect with those you love.

wedding photos

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a couple wedding pics from our big day two years ago (which was perfect in every way.) I can hardly believe 2 years has gone by already!

wedding cake

The whole wedding experience was filled with creative moments from both the hubster and I and seeing it come to life was so amazing. Walking down the aisle to a string quartet playing a composition that the hubster wrote for me, was one of the most romantic experiences of my life. Ack, I'm getting teary writing that! I added my touches in the invitations, programs, table cards, cake design, and other decorative touches. And then we both wrote our vows, which had everyone laughing. It just goes to show, that there are lots of ways to show your love, from words to art to kisses.

What are some creative ways you can connect with those you love?

p.s. The photos above were taken by the utterly amazing Tirados, a super sweet husband and wife team. We loved working with them!

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Here is wishing you and hubby a life time of wonderful days and mini vacations! MacGyver and I will mark our 32nd year this October 15 (Thursday).

Each year has been fun and filled with all kinds of memories and connections!

Blessings to you and yours!

Dear Leah,

That’s such a beautiful sentiment. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Those pictures feel so precious, and I’m glad it was a creative day for the two of you. I’m glad you two had a super time at Disney World. That sure sounds like a wonderful place to be at, and to have fun together! There is such joy in those moments.

I like being in the people I love’s presence. I feel the connection in the presence, especially in regards to my partner. We have been together 6 years,(or more-years go by so quick and I don’t even realise) and it’s been a journey of self discovery for both of us. Like you, we make the most of our time together.

We definetly surprise each other at times, and I think that is what makes us grow as individuals. Love is without a doubt irreplaceable, and what is even more precious is having the opportunity in experiencing such inner happiness with those you love.

That’s definetly the connection right there.

On a more creative note, I tend to make cakes quite often for my parents. I love baking, and I like it when they experiment some of my creations. I also tend to have inner moments of self expression out of the blue whenever I feel within the moment.

This week I have framed my very own painting, made with recycled materials and I have wrapped it up to give to my partner. I just felt like it. Alongside this, I have bought a frisbee as a replacement for the one I lost in the sea when we were on holiday. He was very sad about that. We are very childlike as you can tell, but all in the heart of pureness. :)

Kind regards and have a beautiful warming week,filled with love and creativity. xx

this is SO beautiful darling…
i so love the way you guys love each other.
adore you!!!

Happy anniversary to you both!! Love your pics and so glad to hear that Disney World was a blast!!

Happy Anniversary! How lovely.

Happy Anniversary!

My husband and I just celebrated our 3 week anniversary ;-)

He wrote a song and taught it to all our friends (in the moment) and they all sang to me as I entered our ceremony space. It was so joyous to see him singing his heart out as I walked in. I say thanks to InterPlay for encouraging the confidence in him for this expression of creativity!

Happy wedding anniversary! Keep celebrating every day. :)

As the happysnappy that I am I noticed the two guys at the back (on the righ hand side) taking the same picture. First: boys can be romantic too and second: I´d love to see the other point of view of this picture. *grin*

Felice Anniversario!!
Happy happy happy anniversary!!!

Happy Anniverary!! You’ll look back and won’t believe how fast the time flies by….. have lot’s of fun!

Congratulations! Lovely to experience it with you again. =] Feb 14 is our 25th. It is a gift to be married to someone who is your best friend. There’s nothing like it!

Oh how beatiful that you got to have a special anniversary trip! Thank you for sharing your pix…they are really sweet!

Happy Anniversary, Leah. Beautiful photos! Janice.

Leah Happy Anniversary,hope you have many more.This connect theme for me this month would be taking my class and connecting with other creative people.Taking time for family and friends.Trying to listen really listen to what they all have to say,because I have to admit I don’t always.

What beautiful memories that are still so alive. I’m so happy for you and your hubster. Thanks for sharing the love!

Oh happy anniversary Leah! It’s so lovely to hear that you still enjoy being together.

We have just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, we have been together for 25 years, and all of it seems like yesterday. My hubby still makes me laugh, I still love being with him and it is good that I made the right connection all those years ago.

I also connect daily with my immediate family, I would be lost without them.

Here’s wishing you a long and happy life together!

With love …

This is so sweet and beautiful,it brought tears to my eyes. I feel the same way with my hubby.

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