Connecting with My Inner Domestic Goddess

October 29th, 2009

connect souppot

All the hustle and bustle of setting up in our new home has brought out my inner domestic goddess. Sometimes I'm not sure she exists. I've never been one for baking cookies or sewing curtains. I mean, I love cookies (mmm, cookies) and sewing appeals to me, but it's not been in my repertoire. The hubster enjoys cooking more than I do.

But I do have these sparks of domestic bliss. Like last week, when I pulled out this pretty blue dutch oven, found a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, and spent an afternoon laboring over a pot of soup (it's a Mexican chicken soup.) I mean, really, look at this masterpiece! Hehe.

connect soup

Shnazzy, right? I know Martha Stewart won't be calling anytime soon (even though I was cooking in one of her pots), but I was rather proud of myself.

We've been spending a lot of time setting up the house as well. You'd think with my art skills, I'd be a great decorator, but the two things do not necessarily overlap. I'm a bit spatially challenged and find all this arranging and selecting of furnishings to be mind-boggling. But we're slowly getting things together. It's beginning to feel more homey.

And ok, I'll admit it, it's been kinda fun embracing my inner Domestic Goddess. She's not so bad. I do love freshly cleaned sheets, the look of white bowls stacked in the cupboards, and my little collection of teapots. And I'm enjoying cooking in the new kitchen (sometimes.)

My studio space is starting to come together thankfully. Books are on the shelf, art supplies are unpacked. Closet shelves are installed. I'm ready to go for Art Every Day Month!

What have you been connecting with during this month of connection?

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Ironically, I find more time to cook and come up with home ideas than I actually sit down to make artwork! That’s probably what I’ll be doing for most of AEDM to be honest. Embrace your inner domestic goddess – she can be quite thrilling!

Funny! We had tortilla soup this even; must be the right soup for this time of year. I think my inner domestic goddess is dormant. Must go find her.

So happy for you ! Doing the cozy nesting thing in your first home is such fun really. Love that your Domestic Goddess has kicked in. I agree she can be so fun to have around. I have to say that mine has been on hiatus as I develop my Artistic Goddess more but Dom does return now and again like when I have guests coming or like this weekend as I will attempt to bake a Lemon Chiffon Cake for my Hubby’s birthday (Halloween babe!) after he said he loves them at my aint’s house last year. I need to have fun with it as the recipe is quite tricky ! ;)
Enjoy this nesting time of your life, lovely Leah !

I have been connecting and reconnecting with past goals and present goals AND with people. I made two trips to Dana Point (where I went to high school and where my parents still own a house) one of which included a small family reunion. I have wanted to walk again as I used to walk daily, all of a sudden, out of the blue… I am, again. I have a new camera, so I am reconnecting with my love of photography. I have been feeling that “oh my goodness, I am coming back into myself” feeling this month. Amazing, actually. Connection rocks.

That soup looks delicious! Good for you. The change in seasons seems to be bringing out my nesting instinct, and I’ve been baking like crazy.

“You’d think with my art skills, I’d be a great decorator, but the two things do not necessarily overlap.” Oh, boy, do I get you! I’m the same way. :)

Looks delicious! I love the Barefoot Contessa and the fact that she looks like she really enjoys eating the things she makes. In fact, I love watching cooking shows more than actually cooking. But perhaps if I had a fun soup to make like yours, I would enjoy it more. I’m going to look up the recipe.

Woke up thinking about how I usually participate in art every day month. In fact I think I participated for the last 4 years. Wow! I would love to make it five. I am not sure though ~ I haven’t posted in a month but tomorrow just might be the day!

I am excited for you in your new home. It definately takes a while to set everything up. Glad to here you are loving your space!


Sounds like you have been having fun heehee. It’s very fulfilling to engage in something you feel in the moment. I love cooking, and I find that masterpieces only work when I am completetly ‘in the moment’. Even so it is fun nonetheless, a lesson gained.

All the best in your new home. Sounds like a fun challenge. Take it easy.

Kind Wishes xx

Yum, I want to taste that good looking soup! Love the Contessa too and I enjoy the Food Network which stymies my hubby since my domestic skills do not usually extend into the kitchen (even though my kitchen was once featured in an article in Country Woman Mag….lol!) So glad you are enjoying the new house.xo

Hello Leah, just dropping by to wish you a very happy Halloween! xx

Yay for soup and it’s magical alchemy. A little of this, a little of that, yielding a concoction to warm the soul! *And* I would love to be added to the AEDM list. Thanks!

Happy Halloween!

I love soup! I love it so much that soup was the main dish at my wedding two Octobers ago. Unfortunately it was 90 degrees that day. Anyway, I love your blog and all the inspiration you give.


Hi Leah!
Tried to post last week in regards to a posting a wrote up on my blog but for whatever reason, there seemed to be technical difficulties. Doesn’t sway me from continuing to participate, just slows things down. Universe speaking to let me know not to stress? Possible. I love the soup posting. Ahhhhh….good for cold winter days.

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