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October 1st, 2009

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It is the month of connect for the Creative Every Day Challenge, which has me thinking of all the ways I connect in my world. One of the things I've been loving about the home I've moved to, is that it's close to nature trails. Since I'm reading The Joy Diet with Jamie Ridler's book group, I've been using my walks in the woods as a time to do nothing. It's a great practice in staying in the present moment, letting my thoughts march by as if they were in a parade, returning and returning and returning again to my breath, forward movement, step, step, step.

There's a lovely resting point at the end of a wooden pathway that trails right into a pond, filled with frogs. I'm already enjoying the ways the trees are changing all around it and the way they reflect in the water. So peaceful.

This week in The Joy Diet, the focus was on truth. At the end of your nothing practice, you ask yourself what you're feeling, what story you're telling yourself about it, and whether another story might work better. I've used this sort of practice before (it's similar to Byron Katie's The Work), but having the reminder to do it every day has been helpful. And I love the practice of asking these questions after the meditative time.

Although winter will make it hard to take these long walks, I plan to continue them as long as I can. When I'm out connecting with nature, I feel like I'm connecting with myself and my spirituality. And that fills me in a wonderful way.

What are some ways that you connect with yourself?

connect pond

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Beautiful photos, Leah. I love the reflection of the sky in the last one.

I just read The Work, and I have felt like a completely different person ever since. It made me see life in a whole new light.

i love your photos! and i love the work too.

i connect with myself through daily meditation, being present as much as possible every day, and through some of my work with other people. really hearing them and witnessing what they are feeling and going through to make suggestions on what they can do to use the power of conscious intention to turn things around. i have to really be there for me before i can really being there for others, so that work is actually really good for me.

“Thoughts on parade” – love that !

I connect to myself when I play in my art journal. Sometimes when everything lines up just right, I have those magical moments when I feel as though I am being worked through instead of doing the work myself. That is when I feel like I am connecting my self that lives in this day to day world and the true self that dwells inside me. We merge in my creations. That is the sweetest connection I know with my Self.

Love, love love where you are these days, Leah – so peace-filled in spite of the stresses you must be under with the move – and a soul-settled feeling that inspires and that I admire. Getting there myself, too, which feels so good.
Enjoy your Fall weekend !

Dear Leah,

I am the same as you, I feel that nature grounds me and brings me home. And that is the same with animals. (You will probably notice this is evident in my blog) I feel that by connecting with earth, I am connecting with my deepest root. This is a most natural occurrence.

Like Kim I too feel like I am being worked through when I am in connection with my higher self, through nature and that is evident when it is expressed in a creative form.

To just be, is the ultimate truth of who we are.

Your blog is an inspiration to us all.

Kind Wishes

Walks, nature, walks in nature are definitely good for soul connecting. Making art, listening to music, dancing, meditation…the list goes on and on. Great theme this week. I look forward to exploring it with you.

I’ve been putting my thoughts that interrupt my nothing time into a little paper boat and setting them sailing down the stream – perhaps they end up playing with the frogs in your pond!

My eyes were playing tricks on me as I read your blog. At first, I thought your images were paintings. They are sooo…perfect! Absolutely gorgeous!

I agree with Pink Heels up there!! I too thought they were paintings…how absolutely gorgeous! I love those photos! LOOOOOVE Them!!!

I definitely connect when I have my paintbrush in hand.

Peace & Love.

Beautiful Leah, and I can so relate. My time in the outdoors has been less than optimum lately… I miss my hikes… time to reconnect, time to sit next to the pond and listen to the bullfrogs… thanks for the reminder.

yes these are amazing photos! what a fabulous way to do nothing. I can’t wait to check out ‘the work’ too.

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. They are absolutely extraordinary.

Nature for me as well – & playing my harp or flute (was at a health faire today, & brot my wee therapy harp & played while one of my co-workers was doing massage! Fun) . . . love the leaves beginning to change colour, tho I’m never quite ready for summer to end!
I’m so enjoying having your calander on my wall – hard to turn the page from my birthday greeting & the wonderful tree!
Just got my copy of ‘joy diet’ from our local bookstore, & looking forward to this journey

Thanks for sharing your week of truth. The pictures are beautiful, what a lovely spot to be with nature.

This was such a beautiful post! Nature moves me toward stillness as well. Love the photos!

Thank you for sharing. :)

I’m enjoying this theme of “connect.” I must admit that I need to connect more with myself. I feel that I’m rushing through life these days trying to keep up with everything that I need to do. Often art ends up taking a back seat to that, but I’m trying to change that with this challenge. I also love these photos and the encouragement you are providing all of us. I think I’m going to buy the Joy Diet for myself and for a friend of mine.

Love your photos Leah!

Nature does have a way of grounding and connecting…

I have also learned to do it in my head…matter of necessity…

Sounds like you have moved to a wonderful place!

Hi Leah, I am grateful that this is the month of “connect”. I seem to get so tied up with work, that whenever I don’t hold a pencil in my hand, I lose my connection with self. It scrambles me and that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Might take this afternoon off, to just find that connection again.

You are so lucky to have this space to go connect with nature and yourself! What a peaceful page you’ve created here! I too love getting out into nature to connect with myself and I looove to bring my yoga mat along too!! :) xo

LOVELY photos!!!! Nature always keys me back in to the practice of nothing and truth, too. Also in the hard core winter, I have the most connection back to self when I camp out in a sparkly, fun blanket house to nap or read or draw. Though I have a truth-question lurking in my heart — what if I spent the hard core winter somewhere that doesn’t turn to winter — you know, Hawaii or something… :)

Oh I so wish I was there walking with you. Such a beautiful place and I so enjoyed your post.

Thank you very nice words and pics.

Sounds like great walks. Great pics.

Gorgeous photos, Leah. Like most of the others responding to your post, I connect with my spirit through nature. The simplest thing for me is to just tilt my head back and look at the trees swaying in the breeze or the stars dancing in the night sky. I somehow find my place just with a few moments of wonder.

Otherwise, I connect most readily with myself through writing. I am soooooo much more alive since returning to a daily writing practice. Even people at work have noticed that I’m – dare I say it – happy!

Thanks for creating a way for us to connect!

The photos are heavenly, I love the rich colors ands textures.

Gorgeous photos! Taking walks is so soothing. I love the theme for October!

Connecting with nature! Nature keeps it real for me. I love to walk on the harbor and beach areas near my house. I am blessed with such a proximity to nature. Though seasons are not so distinguishable closest to the water here in the Bay Area some of the more inland areas are beginning to be dusted in bronze. Take a look at my blog because I found a natural spector in an unlikely place…check it out. Cheers!

Your photos are delightful! So many of us feel that connection with nature and are able to still the mind and meditate when we are out enjoying a walk or hike. Thanks for sharing your insights.

It came into my heart, “Let it come to you”. This “mantra”, if you will, allows me to stay in the present moment no matter where I am or what I’m doing. For example, when I am driving, I allow my driving to come to me. I am a better, more aware driver. I am courteous and do not wish ill to others. I used to be a very tense, nervous driver, but this has helped me. I wonder if it attunes with anyone else?


Beautiful photos!
Thanks for providing inspiration to so many people.

I need to interact with animals and nature in general to become in touch with myself, and I am not just talking about my pets, but even the little spider that can get out of the tub….

enjoyed the photos here today; the water color is gorgeous on this – I don’t think it would be good to swim in or to drink; but is gorgeous to look at

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