Connecting with Your Inner Child

October 15th, 2009

connect child

Oh my goodness, there's nothing like Disney World to bring out your inner child! I've always loved roller coasters and other rides, but I got particularly giddy in all the parks we visited last weekend. Disney does such a great job with their parks.

The hubster got such a kick out of my reaction the rides. I'd laugh and scream louder than anybody, which is kinda funny considering how small and fairly quiet I am. I don't know what it is, but put me on a roller coaster and I go totally bonkers. It's awesome. Hehe.

The whole weekend made me realize that I want more of that kind of silly fun in my life. I've always been a big supporter of play when it comes to creativity. I think it's an important part of learning to let go, experiment, and have fun while you create. But sometimes, you can just go out and enjoy a playful good time.

Some of the ways I get connected with my inner child:

  • *Breaking out the crayons to color outside the lines.
  • *Dance around in my silly print pajamas.
  • *Wear kooky socks.
  • *Play with kids.
  • *Read children's books or see children's movies
  • *Go to amusement parks!
  • *Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  • *Dress up for Halloween or for no reason at all.
  • *Make up silly songs with the hubster.
  • *Paint with my fingers
  • *Have breakfast for dinner
  • *Have an attack of the giggles
  • *Collect shiny rocks
  • *Wish on stars
  • *Make up bed time stories
  • *Roll around on the floor with the cats
  • *Cut peanut butter sandwiches in to triangle shapes

How bout you? What are some of the ways you connect with your inner child? How can you bring more of that childlike delight into your life? Where do you go to have a fun-goofy-totally-silly-good-time?

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Your list made me laugh in delight. For myself I’d add striped socks and red shoes; black cows (root beer floats) in the summer; playing with beads; sailing paper boats in rivers; folding origami hearts; and singing while dancing around with my cats.

What a great list! And I’m so glad you and hubby had such a great time at Disney World!!
Last weekend my hubby and I went to Marine World and visited all the animals and ate bad carnival food. it was great fun. We also really love to watch kids movies ( last night it was The Tale of Despereaux) and tonight we will watch The Wild Stallion.

I also love eating chocolate and getting it all over my face, I have a huge collection of stuffed animals ( and they all have names) and I love to just start dancing when I’m out taking walks!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!


Oh you’ll see a little bit of my inner child coming out in my latest post for the Joy Diet on creativity. I haven’t been to Disney in years! I’m looking forward to taking my son there, hopefully in the next year or so. May you connect with your inner child each and every day!

Your Disney experience sounds awesome!

I go to visit my granddaughter on a weekly basis and that’s where I can connect with my inner child. She tells her Mum that I am her best friend (she’s 4) and we have a great time together.

We hunt for treasures, we draw, paint, glue, craft, play fairy tale games and we play with building blocks. We play pretend school where she is the teacher. I am often told to sit quietly and “think about it” if I have misbehaved. It is the best fun and I feel like I am living my childhood all over again. Talk about a double take!

My son shakes his head at his Mom’s behaviour, but I can always see a shy grin happening. Who cares? Not me! This is a precious time, and it’s all about connecting.

I feel like childhood was lost at the age 7…so I think that is why I make the kind of art that I do…to reconnect!

wild socks and crayons! (and lately? brightly colored clothes!)(before you know it I’ll be all red and purple!)

I loved this!!!

I would add laughing really really hard, doing anything on the floor, reading the books I loved when I was a kid, and baking cookies. SIGH!

Right. I have been on this thing too much today. Cookies it is.


Hey Leah,

I love to visit your site and read your entries, as I feel closely connected to how you are and how you feel, as I am of a similiar nature. I’m so happy you had a wonderful time in Disney World. I used to go to adventure theme parks all the time with my partner, and we had a blast!

Your list of connecting to your inner child is similiar to what I am like. I just have spontaneous free flowing experiences and do anything, that expresses a greater joy inside.

You know you have inspired me to dress up on Halloween for the fun of it, as I have never done that in my Adult life. :) Also, I’ll invent something.

Have a wonderful weekend Leah. :)

Kind Wishes

Its beautiful tips for me

Connected to inner child tonight by dancing with my 10 year old son. We listened to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and tried to recreate every move he made in each song. You should see my attempt at the moonwalk! Lots of laughter.

Finger painting and just drawing and coloring in general really take me back. It’s like regression time…I love doing that with kids. But of course you can just do that to relax and you never know where it might take you. Perhaps some new ideas will sprout from the exploration as well!

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