Trick or Treats

October 31st, 2009


This week in The Joy Diet, which I'm reading with Jamie Ridler's book group, the focus is on treats or how you reward yourself. When I thought about it at first, I felt like I've been fairly good at treating myself. But when I looked more closely this week, I realized I'm good at treating myself in some ways more than others.

For example, I'm good at treating myself through distasteful tasks and finding small ways to make my day more enjoyable. For example, I love saving the Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me Podcast for when I clean the kitchen. I've been using enjoyable listening to make chores more fun since I was a teenager when I listened to musicals on my headphones (back when we used tape cassettes.) I still do this sort of thing with music, podcasts, or audiobooks while doing un-fun things like cleaning the litter and also with very fun things like making art. I love hearing a good story.

Earlier this week I upped the treat factor by asking some folks on Twitter for podcast recommendations. It was suggested I check out The Moth, Radiolab, Speaking of Faith, and some others, which I downloaded episodes of and scattered them throughout my day to make various tasks more fun.

Yesterday, I treated myself to some beautiful hydrangeas (see above), a bribe for going to the grocery store. Ok, so I seem to bribe myself a lot. A trick and a treat? But what I'm not always great at doing is treating myself as a celebration or just because. Thinking about little ways to treat myself well throughout the week was a great reminder though and I was grateful for that. I've got to keep that up as I dive into the busy month of Art Every Day which starts up tomorrow. Wee! Super excited!

As we wind up, this month of connection, I'm noticing how much I love to connect with folks online through places like Twitter, this blog, and the many challenges that pop up throughout the blogopshere. It's a beautiful thing. I'll be talking more about connections in an interview with Anne Paris, author of Standing at Water's Edge: Moving Past Fear, Blocks, and Pitfalls to Discover the Power of Creative Immersion, which will be posted later this week.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Dear Leah,
It is extremely wonderful to read your posts, and feel your energy in the posts. :)
Treating ourselfs I feel is more about re-connecting with our love for the simple things in this world that bring us joy.
I am near to buying some jewelry of a mystical handmade craft kind. :)
It is surely a wholesome experience connecting with others online.

I like the idea of treating yourself to good listening while doing jobs you dislike. You can focus on the treat and be done with the job before you know it.

I am also pretty good at giving myself treats. This week, I tried to remind myself to remember why I’m treating me. I decided treating myself feels like a hug from a friend.

This was the easiest Joy Diet chapter so far!!!

Joyous Journeys ~~

Leah, You’ve posted about some very nice treats, simple but so do-able. I love the idea that Glad shared: “treating myself feels like a hug from a friend.” Such a yummy way to love yourself.
It’s so life-affirming to give yourself something special every day.

I don’t treat myself very often “just because” but after reading this chapter I have made a promise to myself to treat myself often. Reading your post is always a treat.

Treats was definitely the most enjoyable chapter so far. I gave myself permission to indulge and savor in a bigger way than usual. It was fun tracking what made me smile and what treats I enjoyed. I’m like you, Leah, in that I like cooking when I’m in the mood, which turns out to be not that often. (But I did cook for 20 plus years for the family, so now I’m taking a respite.) Good luck with settling in and feathering your nest.

& one more ‘treat’ – tomorrow I bid the lighthouse keeper goodby, & see a new calendar page! Still enjoying that ‘treat’ :) Like you, I find ‘bribing’ myself, errhem – treating myself, comes easy for some things – & I’m good at ‘just ’cause’ treats as well :)


I love the idea of listening to something inspiring when we’re doing the no-so-inspiring tasks… what a wonderful way to infuse a little delight into the mundane! :)

I try to save my favorite podcasts for treats, too (to listen to while cleaning or exercising). I also love Wait Wait…, Radiolab, and the Moth. This American Life and Savage Love are favorites, too. :)

I think you and I have a lot in common with the treating business. For example today, I cleaned up before a little blogging pleasure!
It is indeed a joy to connect with all these lovely bloggie people. I’m so glad I took it up!

Hi Leah. So love reading your posts and wishing I would treat myself to it more often :)
I want to participate in creative everyday month again this year. Not recalling why I was not treating myself to it the last couple of years.
Angels be with you as you guide us on this lovely creative everyday month.

Thank you for sharing your week with treats. I really love all of the ways that you made treats a part of your week.

Hi Leah,

I love hydrangeas and this picture is so beautiful – a real treat! And I also love “Wait, wait, don’t tell me!” – but only get it in my car so don’t get to listen that often.

Great treats you’ve lined up for yourself – and what a good idea to ask on twitter what other ipod casts you might go looking for.

I’ll check back to see how your art every day is going – sounds like a terrific project.

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