November 3rd, 2009


Well, it seems I took today's make bad art advice today because I made a lot of bad art today. Heh. Nothing was flowing. I just had to laugh at one point when things were looking a bit like poo...literally.

But I kept on going, playing, working, cropping, playing some more, stepping away for awhile, going in a completely different direction. And oh boy, did it end up in a different place than where I started. And that's ok. Some days are just like that.

One thing led to the next with collage, paint, and ink, and this woman appeared looking like a constellation, which made me think of a 5th grade report I'd done on Cassiopeia, a constellation named after a woman in Greek mythology. Turns out Cassiopeia was punished (for thinking she and her daughter were gorgeous) by being turned into a constellation where a majority of the year she'd hang upside-down or sideways. So, my Cassiopeia got turned on her head. I think she likes the way it makes her hair flow. And I could relate to her feeling of being turned upside-down. The beginning of AEDM is always a little tiring for me as I get everyone signed up and situated while producing my own art. Things always calm down after the first week, but right now I'm a combination of super inspired and totally pooped! (again with the poo?) :-)

cassiopeia twins
cassiopeia twins

Later while cropping my art in photshop, I thought it might be fun to make a twin of her, right-side up and upside down. More fun play. And now, it's time to get some rest. I'm planning to watch V with the hubster. Happy creating everyone!

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she’s a beauty that Cassiopeia of yours… isn’t nice when frustrating days bring a wonderful piece like that in the end?

I like your final piece it really seems to be how I feel some days almost like drowning on the left side and coming up for air on the right. Guess it all depends on how you look at it “half full, or half empty”.

I love your description of your process and the resulting piece. Great movement and colour.

you are in the middle of a miracle!
thank you for all you’ve given!

i love the colors, textures, pattern and twist!

I really like your final result. It reminds me of a quilt! I was looking at Cassiopeia not too long ago in the sky one night.

I like her a lot, so inspiring to hear pushing through the variants worked.

HUGE getting everyone signed up and connected. Thank you so much for making it possible for all of us.

Hi Leah, This piece is very colorful. I enjoyed reading about your process working, stopping, shifting, realigning, mirroring – quite a lot of work.
Rest, relax and recharge.

Is there really such a thing as “bad art”? I guess to the creator there is. What’s the saying?: one person’s *bad art* is another’s treasure. :) Love the ying-yang effect of your Cassiopeia.

the colors and the flow are so right… I felt mine was not a favorite…the stitches so crooked…just had to leave them tho…

I didn’t get a chance to comment on the tree with ornaments,I loved it.Your lady reminds me of floating in the water.Thanks for sharing.

I love the twins!

Makes me think of myself—how I feel many days—don’t know up from down—going all sorts of directions.

Very good!

well done! you have a lot to do…I am inspired!

I really like this piece.Turning a frustrating day into beauty is great.

I love the yin/yang quality of the image. Good for you for persevering though. Thanks too for all of your efforts with the challenge.

Sorry if this sounds weird, but your poo work is pretty darn amazing! The doubling in Photoshop is a great idea as well, so creative and fitting. I suppose it happens to everyone, you think badly of your own work, but when others see it they have a totally different opinion!

I like this piece as well, Leah, and it is inspiring how you kept at it when you weren’t completely happy with the initial results. That’s a good message for us all not to give up too soon on a creation that might turn out wonderfully if we just look at it from a different angle and try something new.


I admire the courage with which you approach your creative process. You just dived in, even though you were tired. I absolutely love the result. It is whimsical yet has a deep spiritual side to it. And the duality of the colors is very pleasing. Thanks for sharing this. It is right in keeping with what I posted about diving in. How great to being going through this together:


This is so wonderful. I love the colors and playful yet spiritual nature of this.

I love Ms. Cassiopeia! Thanks for sharing about your process. I watched V with my hubby last night, too.

You are so amazing, Leah ! I love how honestly you shared your process today. Somedays are just like that – poo-ey !But the fact that you stuck with it, that you took the time to hang out with that amazing creative spirit in you…that is what it is all about, right ?
Cassiopeia is beautiful and I love her as a twin – yay for photoshop play too !
You go girl ! You are a remarkable leader in this wonderful project !

Oh, I loved following the flow of your Cassiopeia! She is gorgeous… and funny… and thoughtful.

Thanks, guys!! I do like how she turned out at the end. She’s eyeing me from across the studio right now (and she’s right-side up.) It was a good reminder for me how pushing past initial frustrations can lead to unexpected and fun places! Happy creating everyone!

You never know where you’ll end up sometimes. That’s the fun of this. :) I like the end result!

Gorgeous work! I love reading the story behind the art. Thank you for being such a kind and nurturing hostess of this project!

Oh wow, I absolutely love this. The two halves are so different but go so well together.

Very cool the way that you mirrored her… does this make you reflect on the dichotomy of your self in this process? Reminds me of right and left brain…

Lovely and also a bit of synchronicity in my life.

I recently registered a star within the constellation of Cassiopeia with my daughter’s name. THe registration came with a little toy cat someone gave us.

So in Cassiopeia, there is a star named Ivy Beatrix. She picked Cassioeia over all the other constellations. I don’t know which one it is, but maybe her half sister, who is studying astronomy can find it for us some day.

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