Chair Tree

November 30th, 2009

I'm not sure how I feel about this piece, but what I do like is the chairs in the tree. I imagine it's a tree that just sprouts chairs, instead of leaves and the one on the ground is one that was shed, like a fall leaf. Perhaps I'll play with it more later, but for now it's at a stopping point. It may grow on me too. This was another intuitively created piece with layers of rice paper over collage with ink and acrylic paint on 6"x6" clayboard.

Have you looked back over what you created this month? Last night, I looked at the Flickr album I created for this year's Art Every Day Month to see if there were any common themes. There were some that have been constant themes for me over time such as trees, birds, the female figure, and cats. And there were some that had returned after a hiatus, like bears and houses. And some that were totally new, like chairs and silhouettes. I feel like I can read my mood and the things that happened over the course of the month just by looking over this group of images. Have you had any common themes in your work this month? How does it reflect how the month was for you?

Tomorrow, we move into December and I've got loads to keep me busy, but I will be posting here and there about the Creative Every Day Challenge theme of the month, Recycle. I'll also be returning to a weekly check-in post for the challenge, where folks can share links to the creative acts they're up to. And by Wednesday, I'll have a sign-up form for the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge.

Thanks again to all the Art Every Day Month participants and all those who followed along with us. Your creativity, support of each other, and loving energy has been so incredibly inspiring!!

p.s. Today's the last day to order my 2010 Calendar and get a drawing on your birth date! (You can still order the calendar after today, but today's the last day to get the drawing and guaranteed delivery before Christmas. And I do sell out of the calendars.)

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Thank you Leah for starting AEDM and taking us all through. I’ve really enjoyed my experience and appreciate all that you put into it. The community is great and I feel that I’ve grown…thank you! Your piece is very cool, I really like the multiple layers, translucence of the imagery!

thanks so much, your art everyday offer me agreat time , in enjoy it that i keep on doing!! and i also enjoy to see some e-artists post so powerfull
thanks for all that came to see my post

Thank you for creating AEDM. I love your chair tree. It reminds me of treehouses, but only chairs instead. Very playful! I look forward to seeing more of your art!

The lady really speaks to me somehow. It makes me feel when I look at the collage. Thank you do much for AEDM. I appreciate all the time you have given us this month.

Dear Leah,
Thank you for all your work and support in hosting the Art Every Day Month. You have been a star! :) And we owe you for introducing such a wonderful concept.
You know the chairs feel to me as grounded as the trees. Perhaps they represent something as chairs for what they are?
I have completed the card today, and changed it around a bit.

This is lovely, haunting. I feel like there is a longing being expressed here, people are missing from these chairs and yet the life of the tree continues on without them. The woman in the background can barely stand the absence…I’m going to go back through the things that I create this month and take your great suggestion to look for themes. That’s my problem (and yet, not)—being all over the place. I explore lots of things, yet am not able to exhibit a cohesive body of work (well, that’s as if someone would let me get through the juried process and allow me to exhibit…but I digress.) Thanks again for another month of inspiration.

Ahhh, beloved Leah. You have taken each and all of us on such a journey this month. I love how “Chairs” have been showing up – a resting point, a place to sit and converse and catch up. A place where women gather…. we each grab our own chair and make a circle, which is what we have done this month.

So much gratitude to you, dear one. I look forward to Creative Every Day in 2010. Thanks aren’t enough somehow. I’ll just keep creating more visual art until I feel like… it is just right. :-)

I really like this piece dear Leah. Love the effect of the rice paper with ink. You are an excellent facilitator!
With deep appreciation,

your art has encouraged and inspired me I appreciate you Leah. I hope that you are able to rest…a little!

Leah, thank you for a wonderful, wonderful challenge. It has been so exciting to connect with others and to do so much on my blog. I am looking forward to doing more and remembering all the positive comments to keep me going!!

Hi Leah, It’s been a wonderful experience participating this year. I made some new blog friends! Cool! Will you be leaving the twitter list up? It’s fun keeping connected.

I like your haunting, surreal image. I was thinking there is a linkage between wooden chairs and the mother tree….ok a little bit out there.

Thanks for the fun month!

Wow! We are here at the end of this creative journey. What’s next? For me more creativity, more show and tell. I’ll likely slow down and not post daily. I had so much fun. Many thanks for hosting this great challenge.

Here is my celebration post. I didn’t see Mr. Linky for today.

Julie beat me to it: I was going to say the exact same thing – that Leah’s picture is so fitting for the end of the month. The chairs and the tree represent the community that Leah has grown. I can happily say that art and creativity have become a habit in my life over the past month. Thank you, Leah.

I cannot believe the month is over! I so enjoyed this process and am grateful for you having provide the space and inspiration for AED. What I came to realize in the month is that art making has become a daily practice for me and so I am thankful for having had that realization. I am looking forward to staying with the program in 2010 and to see what magic unfolds for the rest of you ♥

i also did not see Mr. Linky, so here is my final AED post:

namaste – lis

Leah, I love your painting. Something about it strikes me as a little melancholy. Haunting was another good word I saw. First thing that struck me was a family tree with people missing from the chairs. Perhpas it has something to do with the passing of your grandmother. I just think you have done some really powerful images this month. Thank you very much for hosting this site, for bringing this all together and for your dedication even during diffult times. It was an absolute pleasure & delight to be part of this dynamic challenge and group of people. I look forward to remaining in the mix!

Thanks Leah. Here’s Nov. 30 until Mr. Linky gets fixed.

Thanks Leah for AEDM. It was amazing to see everyone’s work, although I was not able to comment all the time, I did try to see as much as I could. How wonderful it is that creativity is within each of us.
I want to try to go on with art everyday – for the year. :-)

BTW I love this piece of art. There’s something haunting about it, the background is great, and I love the trees and the chairs .. the lady has lots of memories and needs to share them :-)
Thanks again, Leah.

leah- thanks so much for the encouragement & your leadership of aedm. it was a great experience, i discovered some great new art & blogs & i can’t wait to do it again next year!

I love that you just went with your gut. That’s how my best art evolves. The main thing I have learned is that as long as I “get it”…that’s what counts!

Thanks so much for sending all your positive energy and inspiration out to us through your blog and your supportive comments! It was exciting to see the sense of community that developed, how alike we are in our insecurities, how varied and inspirational others’ art can be, and how we all benefitted so much from the contact with others on similar journeys.
Your art is very beautiful ( i will have to play with the rice paper myself), and I am especially fond of all your earlier cat paintings, (as were my daughters – we are a cat family at heart!). I hope to keep visiting your blog throughout the year. Thanks and have a blessed Christmas!

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