Full Frost Moon

November 2nd, 2009


Today, I worked on a full moon dreamboard, which I've been doing regularly with Jamie Ridler's online group. I enjoy making vision boards with magazine images, but for these full moon boards, I've been enjoying painting them. This month's moon has been called the Frost Moon and the Tree Moon, among other things, so I kept that in mind as I created this piece. When I had the tree painted, I drew circles hanging from the branches, each holding an image of something I want to bring into my life.

frostmoon wip1

Again, I used a fun, new-to-me material: a masking fluid. I took some pictures of the work in progress as well. The first shot is above, where I'd put the masking fluid on the parts I wanted to say white. After I let it dry, I painted over it all with fluid acrylic paint in blues.

frostmoon wip2

After the paint dried, I got to peel off the masking fluid. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but oh, it was fun!

frostmoon wip3

I thought about putting some glass bead gel, which I wrote about yesterday, on top of it all, but decided to leave it as is. Speaking of glass bead gel, a bunch of folks asked to see detail shots of yesterday's art, Pond Reflections, so they could better see the texture going on. I re-worked the clouds a bit to make them softer before taking these close-ups.

pond reflections sideview
pond reflections close up

Cool texture, isn't it?

I'm having fun visiting everyone, trying to see as much as I can every day. So inspiring!!

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Masking fluid is fantastic, isn’t it? One thing I learned the hard way though, is that if you leave it on there for months (What?!?!?) it damages the paper when you remove it.

And thanks for posting the close ups on the texture – I have looked at the glass bead gel at the store several times, but never brought it home. Might have to check it out!

Mmmm, I love the moon tree!

I love your painting dreamboard and thanks for showing your picture in progress and showing the beautiful end result! I hope all your dreams come true!

Your Full Frost Moon is so evocative – really beautiful! I love the way you incorporated the things you want to bring into your life in the circles!

Jamie – what a lovely full moon image! It’s simple but full of meaning and the blues are a perfect reminder of frost. The images of your reflecting pond are so much clearer than the original.
You’ll have to forgive me, I thought you were making beads. I guess I wasn’t reading carefully.
Anyway, it’s all so creative and inspiring.

Your dreamboard is wonderful,marvelous! It is so frosty looking. It was neat seeing the work as it progressed.

beautiful. I think I like it WITH the masking left on! Can you leave it on? It is gorgeous!

beautiful tree! I will have to look into that masking thing!

Oooh. New art supplies to try out. Thanks for sharing. This is lovely work.

Oh Leah, I just read my post. I meant to address it to you but subconsciously wrote Jamie. I apologize.

I love that texture on the pond reflections piece. Beautiful work!

wonderful work.
I love the color.

What a joy to overlap AEDM with Full Moon Dreamboards! You are really creating a beautiful series of full moon dream paintings! It’s a joy to see your art, your dreams and all that you’re creating. May all of your dreams come true.

This looks amazing. Masking fluid is something fantastic- but like someone already said…if you forgot to take it off…not good!

Also, I loved this texture!


Glad to see someone else with a moon-thing going on!

Love it!

A beautiful Moon painting. It’s so fascinating to see all the steps to making it :-)

I love the repeating circular forms. It makes the piece very unified and creates a sense of mystery.

Wow, so cool the use of the masking fluid. I have to try that out, I think just because I would love to peel it off! Thanks for sharing the step by step photos!

What a beautiful frost full moon image!!

May all the blossoms of your moon tree ripen into fruit!

Thank you for sharing your creative process, both for your magic tree and the pond with its glass bead gel!

Beautiful! That moon is almost haunting!

That glass bead gel is cool looking. Thanks for the close up shots. Your textures are great.

Leah, I love, love, love full moon frost. You are certainly enamored with blue, eh??

Fabulous, dear, just fabulous.


Absolutley gorgeous! Thank you so much for showing us your works in progress and for all the product info goodess! I really appreciate it!!!

I am loving all the new stuffies you are using on your art – the glass beads is cool and that masking stuff is so very interesting – I love it – I love making dreamboards – have not done that in a very long time – but it is fun!
Thanks for sharing everything and for visiting~~~

Love your moon and tree picture…it is along the lines of my latest thinking for a painting too…

I have played with masking fluid once before and it is amazing! So magical when you peel it off!

I think you’ll smile when you’ll see my Full Frost Moon WishBaord (i have to scan it and post it online asap) ;)

Great Idea and beautiful ArtWorK – Thank you for Sharing! : D

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