Gray Skies

November 19th, 2009

Today, in an attempt to clear up some majorly clogged ears, I took a decongestant and now I'm totally fuzzy headed and my ears are still clogged. Oy! lol. Perhaps the fuzzy headedness is where the gray came from today or perhaps it's the gray weather. I took a walk outside before I painted and the sky seemed so heavy with grayness.

I sat down with watercolor paper and a bottle of ink and began to play. I love dropping ink and drawing into little puddles of water on paper. The way the ink flows suggests shapes (today the trees, bird, and clouds.) It was relaxing.

Now, I'm off to take a hot shower, in another attempt to clear up my sinuses, before meeting up with some friends I met doing the Mondo Beyondo class this fall. We're to sit around, eat soup, and read to each other. How lovely is that? I only hope I'll be able to hear them. :-)

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I love the blended shapes! Really lovely.

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I love the effects of ink. I shall have to play with that! Have a cozy evening with your buddies!

Leah, hope the sinus problem has cleared, I love your technique of just dropping the ink onto the paper, as I cannot paint or draw I must try this.

I like your latest work.


Here’s sending lots of love and healing and a peaceful time with friends. Sounds like a little slice of heaven!

And the painting, so lovely! Wow!

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by leah_art: My art for Day 19 of Art Every Day Month: Gray Skies: #aedm…

I really like the etheral and/or surreal look some of your paintings have. A dreamlike quality. I love the blues you use, but these grays are wonderful, too, and fit the mood of the picture.

So dreamy! I really love this one.

Your gray is perfect for the way today looked outside. Perfect day to stay in. Hope the sinuses clear up soon – hot tea with lemon usually helps me.

Leah, I absolutely love this. The bird it incredible. Seriously.

I love the drama of this painting!

Wow, powerful image!

I love the black and white, it is so dramatic.

Your plans for the evening sound divine. Enjoy yourself!

Beautiful painting!

Love this one! Obviously the cold medicine is working in your favor. :) Hope you feel better soon.

How do you do it? Feel sick and fuzzy-headed and still create such beautiful artwork? I am in awe of you! Seriously! I love what you did here and it is very dreamy and fascinating.

I really love what came up on your page :)
I like the “smudgy” effect of ink.

i felt very strongly this art piece, thanks

This piece of art reminds me of my state of mind at present, Leah. We have sold our home and are staying in a friend’s unit while, hopefully, we await the conclusion of the purchase of another home on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I’m afraid, as we’ve been travelling, that my contribution to Art Every Day in November has been my travel blogs and photos en route. But I’m particularly pleased with the pics I took of the stallion in the paddock next to our unit. I walked out at dawn one day to see him just looking at me through the early morning fog, eerie but inspiring. The particular blog is: Halfway House at:
I hope I’m doing this the right way, the travelling from Victoria to NSW has tired me out and the good ol’ fibromyalgia is popping up a good dose of foghead today.

The darkness and mystery of this really speaks to me today.

black and white is always so special to me…hope you feel better Leah…this has been so enjoyable for me thank you for your very hard work!

I really love this piece. It is very mysterious and welcoming at the same time. It really draws me in. Yes, it is grey here too. Almost winter…Yuck!

The contrasts are captivating. I could look at this piece a long time.

Stunning! Hope you are feeling *unclogged* Your evening with friends hopefully helped–sounds heavenly.

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i really enjoy to be part of this project, feel a bit too much beginners, but do what i can
it is fun and great to see that others are giving a look to a personnal page and let comments on the art piece of the day, thanks a lot

Ooo…seems like an ominous image…very fuzzy flowy. I love that you just let things flow and then see the real subjects that appear…very cool.

this is a beautiful piece, Leah. even with the spontaneity you’ve created a mood, a feeling.

your ink drawing is lovely, I’ll have to try that too! Thanks for your kind words on my blog, i’ll try to be looser about the whole thing…

EEEeeekkk. Pure genius (again). gorgeous and inspiring.

Dear Leah,
It’s amazing how connected our expressions of art are to what is really going on inside us. The projection of your “majorly clogged ears” show up in this painting, and so does what else is within your air at the moment. Our outward expressions through Art are good indicators of what’s really going on inside.

Magnificent ink play from a fuzzy headed girl ! Wow !
I hope your cozy afternoon with girlfriends, soup and pages and pages was perfect for what ails you.
Hugs !

I managed some writing today, even though I want to censor myself and stop. Then I remember what novelist Anne Lamott said: “You’re just writing a shitty first draft. No harm in that.”
That gives me the space to make mistakes and still write.

Thank goodness.


I just love this one! Congratulations! Next time take Mucinex-D…ask at the Pharmacy for it.

So beautiful! I hope you’re feeling better.

I really like the smokey misty quality of today’s painting. Sorry your clogged ears was the catylist! lol…hope they clear up soon. Have you tried ear candles? My daughter swears by them. I’m anxious to try the ink on watercolor papers. Haven’t done anything much with inks since my calligraphy “phase”…=)

Your art touched me deeply. I love the ink blobs and being able to interpret them as my heart desires. It is a very ethereal painting, love the monochromatic grays, the smokiness. All of it, just flows with the essence of you.
Keep inspiring us, Leah!

I love how the earth release the birds who fly away and blend in with the earth once again.
I have severe TMJ and get the clogged ears from that quite a bit.

Absolutely love your inky sky scape. Monotone works well with this. I’d like it for a series of cards as well as a wall print. I want to start doing every day art, I haven’t been able to get doing yet. I suppose I’m stuck in the typical place of not knowing how to start, and not trusting my ability to create daily. Thanks for sharing your pic. I enjoy receiving creativeeveryday, every day. It is good to have something positive and inspiring to look forward to.

Leah, A beautiful piece, so expressive in B&W. ~ Tammy

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