Itty Bitty Kitty Art: Bedtime Cat

November 17th, 2009

I painted this cute kitty earlier today, but then my camera ran out of batteries, I couldn't find the charger for awhile, and it took some time to charge, but (phew!) it all worked out.

I got these teeny tiny 3"x3" canvases (and a little easel) at Blick Art Supplies last month. The other itty bitty kitty art was 4"x4" and I think these 3"x3" pieces will be as small as they'll go.

My cat Sadie loves to get under the covers and put her head on the pillow like she's a little person, especially when I'm in bed. It's so darn cute that I had to make this little piece in her honor. I'm sure she's not the only cat who does it. :-)

Check in tomorrow morning, when I'll have a great interview with Chris Zydel all about intuitive painting!

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Leah, the itty bitty kitty painting is adorable! And aren’t those 3″x3″ canvases addictive?

Great work! And I’m looking forward to your interview with Chris Zydel on intuitive painting.


Aww, Sadie snuggles :) Too damn cute, girl!

How sweet. I cannot imagine painting on canvases that small…amazing. My cat would do this too if I let him in my bedroom. He loves to burrow under the comforter on the couch though.

Absolutely adorable!

Oh my, that kitty is soooooo cute. I love the itty bittiness of it all.

Squeeee! :)
I love it. Too adorable!

Awwwww….. this is just too cute for words!! Makes me wish I wasn’t allergic and could have a kitty to snuggle in my bed!!

soo very sweet.

Adorable! I like your new theme!

Awww… that is so sweet that she lays her head on the pillow and gets under the covers. Mine won’t even tolerate a bit of blanket on their backsides. Tucked around them in a gentle curve is acceptable, though. (Listen to me — can you say spoiled?)

Another lovely itty bitty kitty. I am liking this series a lot!

I just said Awe…..when I was this it is so cute and cuddly looking. The little canvas and little easel make such a special display. I am liking your itty bitty kitty pictures a lot.

I love this sweet little kitty. He is especially cute!

You’re great at capturing the cat gesture and expression! Love the simplicity and the humor!

Adorable!!!!!! Love it!! xxoxx

Super cute… I sort of want to poke her though, to see what happens! Yes, I am weird?! Love your colors and patterns, so lovely!

Adorable! As a lover of cats and miniature things….I love it! I will have to keep an eye out for these miniature canvasses. They look fun!

is that a portrait of my beast, henry? looks just like him, and in his usual night time spot. very sweet painting, leah.

Precious. I love seeing this Kity series. I have some of those tiny canvases and easels that someone gave me. I’ll have to play with them! Thank, Leah, for the inspiration.

I love the cat and the colours of this piece.

Love it!!

It is very cute, because it is a great part of you. :) And that genuineness in your creation is visible in the expression. Beautiful.

Wow. I can not believe how adorable this is!! The easel and canvas alone are “Ahhh!” cuteness and the itty bitty kitty… ohmigawsh! LOVE IT!

Oh, I love your little cats that you have been doing! These are fabulous! I hope you will eventually put some in your shop – there are a lot of cat lovers who love art (or artlovers who love cats) out there, you know!

How lovely!


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