Itty Bitty Kitty: Laundry Basket

November 24th, 2009

Another 4"x4" Itty Bitty Kitty today. This orange tabby is napping in a favorite napping spot of all cats, a basket filled with warm laundry. If I were a cat, it would be my favorite napping spot too. Actually, while looking through old photos this weekend, I saw one of myself as a two year old, napping in a pile of freshly cleaned laundry. Heh. Perhaps I was a cat in a past life!

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Leah, So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I hope the coming days are filled with comfort as you all remember her and celebrate her life.
I am wishing I was your kitty in a basket of laundry today.

I’m pretty sure you were a cat before. Takes one to know them like you do!

I adore these little kitties. Make a great assemblage hanging together, maybe in a three by three grid? Also has me interested in the possibilities of those little canvases…. You are feeding my art supply lust…

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs!!!! May you enjoy sharing your happiest memories of her with your family and friends.

This painting is adorable! your creativity is so refreshing.

This painting is so precious. Warm laundry does feel so inviting. I like how you photographed it, too. Nice grouping. Hugs to you.

Another darling little kitty painting. I think this may be my favorite, so far. I also think they would look fabulous all hung together in a grid.

Oh Leah – I am so sorry to read about your grandmother – my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours…..
I love your itty kitty – just too cute napping there – thanks for sharing it all~!~

awww, that one is so sweet!! Hope you’re hanging in there, I know today was probably rough. Me and the babies (and Chloe too) are sending lots of warms hugs and snuggles your way!!

Love this painting. We had a cat for years & I miss having one around. But we discovered it’s better for our health to live in a pet free house. It’s great to come here & enjoy yours vicariously. xo

I want to pick up one of those books and cuddle the kitty as I read!

Cats (and little kids) can always find the ‘comfy’ place for naps! I love the artwork!

Hi Leah, Great IttyBittyKitty! Funny that you should have liked the same nap place!

i just had a little wave of missing former kitties who used to love lolling on clean clothes. Your painting is adorable. Love the sock.

My kitty loves to jump into a basket of warm clothes fresh off the line or out of the dryer.

So sweet!

Oooooh!!! This one is my absolute favorite so far! Please do keep ‘em coming. How dee-light-ful!

Such a cute painting! I agree with you on that being a source of comfort…I often heat up my children’s Pj’s & comforters in the dryer just before bedtime so they have toasty comfort… and it works wonders, they go out like lights!

Okay, I love this!

I absolutely adore your Itty Bitty Kitty series!!!

So sweet, Leah! Love your Itty Bitty Kitties!!

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