Poppy Rain

November 28th, 2009

The funny thing is, I didn't feel much like making art when I got home. I was tired from a full day of traveling and from a very long week, but once again, I'm so glad I did sit down to create.

I had so much fun and things were just flowing as I played intuitively with collage, rice paper, ink, colored pencil, and paint on this 6"x6" mixed-media piece. I used a piece of clayboard as my surface (which is great for collage) and began with scraps I had handy. I randomly had the idea to trace a silhouette of a woman from an Anthropologie catalog onto rice paper along with some circles and then collage them over the collage I'd started on the clayboard. I moved things about, creating this image I was pleased with. Then I came back to it later and created the clouds with Inktense water soluble colored pencils.

I love the way it came together and how it fits my mood although I couldn't explain to you why. I think it says it visually and that's enough for me at the moment.

So glad to be home. So much to catch up on!

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Your pieces are so beautiful and so moving, Leah! This is gorgeous. I wonder if the power of it is because it wasn’t contrived or forced – even though a daily deadline would be a lot of pressure for me! Beautiful job on this – I love it. :)

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I really love the feel of this. The flow of this piece is wonderful.

I love this! I love the layering and the translucidity (is that a word?) of it. I also adore the title: Poppy Rain. Fantabulous!

Lovely image you have created here. I love the red squiggles for some reason the most.

You are pretty amazing.

This is my favorite so far. Beautiful piece!!

Wonderful image, the silhouette posture states tired and I love the map at the bottom for the long road home. Good Night.

I looked up these words in
The Dream Book by Betty Bethards

A cleansing in preparing for emotional growth; a heavy storm means changes emotionally, maybe tough ones, but it is only temporary.

Life force, fertility, energy, passion: also anger, uncontrolled emotions. Lowest vibration in the visual color spectrum. May mean you need energy

A job well done; you have sown and reaped beauty, a beautiful expression of self.

Creative-intuitive, receptive, emotional, nurturing side of self: relatedness, feelings, unconscious. That which is open, can be penetrated or entered.

Unconscious, unknown parts of self, sometimes those we have rejected through fear.

The human back houses the spinal column, conductor of Kundalini power of life force; whether back is straight, bent weak or strong means how you are channeling the spiritual power of your everyday life. Strength of character or attitude is particular situation: spineless, broken, strong. Also, something now behind you in life; a part of self you have turned your back on. May mean backing up.

Blueprint for life, the path you chose to follow, guideline, direction, showing you where you are and where you need to go

Our direction in life. See whether going up (right direction) or down (wrong direction)

Your book of life, or what your purpose is in this lifetime. Knowledge of life plan. Pay attention; important lessons coming up.

Love this piece Leah. And the title you gave it . . . poppy rain.

take it easy on the catching up if you can…ah the joy of a small canvas with collage…it is lovely…the shadow is just right…blessings Leah!

Another great piece. I really liked Rebecca’s post about the dream symbols. I am taking the dream class and yet I still forget to look at somethings symbollically. I think she makes some really good points and the symbols seem to really speak to what has been happening for you in the last few days.

this piece is so evocative. i realy love it, very moving.
i was on a roll there for a while and then life happens..so jumping back in for these last few days. thank you for all you do and share.

This piece really drew me in, in one way it feels dark and sad and then in another way so hopeful and uplifting. Very intense.

Beautiful. I love your spontaneity.

It’s amazing how creativity blooms out even when we think we have run dry. I particularly love your silhouette. She is gracious and beautiful – and she fits in perfectly with the collage.
Lucky you still have CED going afterwards – otherwise I would miss you too much!

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