November 18th, 2009

This one kind of floated out of me today. Ha! I suppose that makes sense with the image too!

I had started drawing the figure with water-soluble wax pastels and there seemed to be this release coming from the heart, which I drew out into swirls. Later, I came back to it and had the inspiration to add the bird. I think it has to do with releasing negative energy. Having been through a difficult situation recently, I was still feeling some lingering ickiness around it, and this image feels healing to me.

I love how things can just flow out when we give them the space to do so!

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This is a beautiful painting, Lea! I love it. :)

Sorry about that! – I mean Leah with an “h” :)

Dear Leah,
Looks like it was a difficult time, through the central colour used: black and the release of it in the blue (calming environment)
Happy that you reconnected with yourself, to produce this healing piece.

This painting literally took my breath away. Positively beautiful.

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by leah_art: My art for day 18 of Art Every Day Month: Release #aedm…

Do you count crows? If you do, you know that one is for bad news. Perhaps letting one crow go is letting go of bad news.
I love your picture.

Wow, I love this Leah. It really speaks to me. Feels like the whole theme of this past year for me. There’s both strength and sadness in that image, and huge growth.

Leah… this is really beautiful… I love the texture and the image is so heart-felt, she totally speaks to me from the page. I love that the release is directly from her body and not from her hands :)

This is very powerful.

There used to be a chewing gum called ” Black Jack “.
The paper wrapper was black and turquoise-
Ever since then I’m drawn to the combination of those 2 colors.

Looking, wo/ reading your comments, helped to make my own thoughts-
I think it’s effective that the woman is slightly blurred ….the black crow leaving her heart in a spiral action brought to mind how sometimes the darkness will fly out of our bodies when we least expect it to.

Lovely !

( November 18th @ 5:35 pm )

I’m struck by the similar energies of release and healing our works today. We are truly One Heart!

I love this. There’s so much feeling and motion and healing there. Absolutely gorgeous Leah!

This is a very powerful painting. I love the simplicity and the colour! Truly lovely.

wonderful, Leah. her smoky/teary heart expression, turning to flight, is so uplifting and true to see. Yeah intuitive work!

This is so beautiful. Simple, elegant, haunting. I think we were of like minds tonight. I followed the Muse tonight and came up with something quite different from my usual work.

Loved the interview! Thanks for that. And your painting is refreshing. I love how painting can help release all kinds of energy…. Ahhhhhhh…..

So etheral. I love the “spirit” feel of this.

So etheral. I love the “spirit” feel of this.

(my address was wrong so reposted)

very strong, i love the women

Oh Leah, this one speaks to me in a language that is loud adn clear and full of hope for healing of all situations difficult! I have been going through something difficult also recently. This is great. I love it.

This is beautiful!

The crow is one of my spiritual allies. I like to think that crow brought you a message that you were able to hear and as you released the old pain, crow flew away with it!
truly lovely, as are you, for nurturing and loving us the way you do!

Leah, I really enjoy looking at your artwork, especially the ones with female figures in the wind. So inspiring, not only to paint but to reach for higher goals.

i was having hell day today and saw this and loved it, a sign to give up & let it go. i like the blur coming out of her body because sometimes it’s hard to let the negative energy go, even tho it’s better in the end.

Beautiful piece Leah. Very emotional to me. So healing and such a perfect title. I appreciate the Maya Angelou quote in your Nov. 19th post. The gentle reminder of how important the process is.

I love how art can be therapy as well…lovely work and I hope things get all spiffy again for you. You are an inspiration to so many and do great work, you deserve to be uber happy all the time ;P

Thank you for the interview about the intuitive painting. I have never tried that in exactly that way. I have attempted a few abstract paintings and abstract to me is intuitive but in a slightly different way. I have loved all your work recently where you processed emotion through the painting. They have been incredible. And the synchronicity? Well, one of them was that I ended my post last night with “it’s all good”! ha-ha. It Is All Good.

This is very thought provoking and hits so close to home for me. Many will take this and give it their own meaning and that is why it’s so beautiful. Lovely work.

I can FEEL the energy of sweet relief of releasing something that doesn’t serve our heartstrings. BEAUITFUL!

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