November 4th, 2009


I've been focusing on self-care a lot today, noticing when and how I can do those little things that make my day sweeter... like eating a warm lunch (instead of something cold and quick), getting some exercise, taking a break to drink hot chocolate and watch So You Think You Can Dance. It's all laying a good foundation to help carry me through Art Every Day Month

Last night I took some time to doodle in my sketchbook before going to sleep. This is one of my favorite idea-generating tools. In my sketchbook, I just let loose, playing and drawing whatever popped into my head, doodling, and having fun. One of the things I drew last night was this sleepwalker, I think she expresses some of the blah energy I was feeling yesterday. I really enjoyed bringing her to life in collage, paint, and ink. And thankfully, I'm feeling much more energetic today.

I used to sleepwalk as a kid occasionally. Once I woke up in the hallway with all my sheets and blankets in my arms. I'd stripped the bed in my sleep and carried them out to the hall before I woke up. But this sleepwalking woman is less about actually sleepwalking and more about feeling that sleepwalking feeling when you're awake, like you're there, but not. Not a fun feeling. When I was able to check-in, I realized I needed some rest, some time to doodle and play, and some good self-care. Being able to check-in with yourself, find out what you need, and get those things (or ask for help) is so important to maintaining a creative lifestyle.

I'm glad to be fully awake again today, enjoying the creating and the creativity that's surrounding me. It's a beautiful thing!

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What a beautiful painting. I love the way you have also written about checking in on yourself… great words to live by which I intend to follow!

Oh, I LOVE your Sleepwater. Such luscious colors plus I’m intrigued by how you masterfully incorporated collage elements. And, yes, good for you for checking in with your magnificent self and giving yourself some quality alone time.

I find it fascinating how the sleep walker is able to balance on her feet even when she is tilting so far back, her body so out of balance… and it reminds me of this work we are doing with Art Every Day Month – that when we remember our life is a huge part of our art’s staying power – our very ability to create depends on us taking care of ourselves – the more grounded and abundant we become, the better and more whole our art AND our life truly is….

Thank you for the reminder!

Leah, this is such a gorgeous piece. I love the rich, contrasting colors, and the sinous curved shapes. The addition of the clock is brilliant!

Beautiful I was thinking about self care too this is so lovely, I love your style of work.

Self care can be so difficult. I feel like I can’t stop working because I have this show to get ready for and I’ve already procrastinated too long. Yet I’m exhausted and all I want to do is flop down on the couch and knit or fall asleep. I think that is exactly what I’ll go do.

Beee-you-tiful! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world AND yourself! Be well, Cora

Love that you are consciously engaging in self-care. The sleepwalker notion is so true. AND just about everyone I spoke to was experiencing the blahs or blues yesterday, including me. What was going on with those planets, one wonders…?

I love your picture… it is wonderfull!

The lady in this painting appeals to me in some strange way which I cannot express in words. I seem to know her. Spooky!

Talking about self-care, may I suggest using pure light visualization. It can be very relaxing or healing, depending on which way you want it. Hope this will help you see through Art Every Day Month!

Great piece! love the blue stairs….

I love her! Fabulous!

Leah your colors are spectacular. The use of so many mediums really makes this outstanding. Do remember to take care of yourself. I am excited to read about your calendar!

Love your sleepwalker – she really conveys the feeling of being in a dreamy state, and your colors only add to that dreaminess.

This is gorgeous! And the comments work really well along with it. I like the idea of a calendar – I need to get busy on that, as I have lots of digital marbling that would work really well. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for setting up this fun project of art every day. I like your sleepwalker, particularly how the curve of her body carries my eye up to her face… nicely balanced composition.

I am told that I did alot of sleep walking when I was a kid too.It’s a scary feeling to think that you were not in control while doing it.The lady in your picture looks like she could be floating,or swaying.I like the colors in this piece.

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Great piece!

I am SO ready to wake up.

Thanks for the push!

OOh I LOVE this artwork! There’s something quite deep in it I think ~ it’s not just something pretty but touching also. Yay for AEDM!

Wow, beautiful work…again, I’m so impressed folks can just pop great work out…it’s so amazing! Oh, also nice to know I’m not the only one who likes to watch So You Think You Can Dance (because I can’t dance!) ahah…

I love the layers of images!

Spot on! Self-care is key to maintaining creativity. In my past life as a 9-5er in a creative job with a long commute, taking care of myself often took a back seat. And my creativity and art paid the price!

I love the idea of taking a time out during the day to recharge. :)

And this piece is lovely! The texture, layering and depth are very intriguing ;)

Sleep walker is incredible. Such beautiful colors and a great blend of textures. Thank you as always for hosting us all. I can not say enough how wonderful it is.


Love that sweet sleepwalker. I too have been doing a LOT of sketching in the past few days and creative planning. Now that most of my pieces are hanging for the show, I keep getting new ideas for more pieces and have been jotting them down in my sketchbook while I work! Can’t let the ideas get away from me….

Hi Leah, this is a lovely painting. So gorgeous. It looks like there is a smiling face near the hem of her magnificent dress. I used to sleepwalk as a child, my mother tells me. Once she rescued me from the front step. She wondered how I never felt the ice cold of the concrete under my feet. Good lord, I mean where was I going, ha! ha!. I wrote a poem about a sleepwalking child a while ago. Will post it on my blog.. just because. Thanks for the inspiration, will put you on my blogroll.

Oh, and self-care (interesting it is an after thought.. haha!) Self-care and the activities that you mentioned like eating a warm lunch, getting some exercise, for me, a warm bath with book or magazine and early to bed under crisp clean sheets – such important elements for our creativity. For human beings full stop. I think of self-care activities (as fun!) and the receiving portion of creative expression, where writing, drawing, collaging etc is the sending portion. Woop woop.. I love art!! Warmest. E

Oh my. This sleepwalker is freaking fantastic! Amazing. Awesome.

I posted too quickly… I love how she spans two worlds, above and below the stairs… the Rapunzely long hair… the little attic or ship-window… Father Clock, OMG, love the clock.

love the sleepwalker – what an interesting topic – my brother was a big sleepwalker when he was little – just used to walk in the hallway – sometimes into the bathroom like he was looking around and then when back to bed – it used to worry me because I did not want him to get hurt – but I always thought it was interesting~~

wow leah i just love her, love the energy of it. just like i love the energy of making self-care a priority!

WOW! She is sooooo gorgeous!!!! love it!!!! Thanks so much for the blog love too!!!


This is amazing! I can feel what you are feeling just by looking at the image. Remarkable. Self-care is so hard for women. We find ourselves multitasking, never quite in the place where were currently are but miles ahead thinking of what next. Often we don’t stop to take care of ourselves or even breathe until we are forced to do so by a cold or something. It’s good that you are aware enough to know when you need to pay attention to yourself. I love that you are so in tune with your self through your art–every artist’s dream. Be well.

Gracious – I am totally loving your Sleepwalker gal – she’s amazing. And it is so true what even a small amount of self-care will do for us. Something as simple as taking 5 minutes to meditate or find *quiet* somewhere in the day is simply amazing.

Love the design and your narrative!

I love everything about this piece you have created! The colors, the flow, the entire collage.

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