Stained Glass Tree

November 9th, 2009

stained glass tree

Today I used a little doodle from my sketchbook as the inspiration for my art. I wasn't intending to do it like this, but when I started to work, it was like my hands just wanted to collage a paper background, so I did. The end-result reminds me a bit of stained-glass.

I'm resting up today, spending some time resting and reading mixed in with short bursts of arting and cleaning. And before it gets too dark, I'm going to get out for a stroll among the trees!

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When I first opened your site today, I thought “stained glass”, then I read your comments and found you got that feel, also. I like the whole look of this. Enjoy your time outside.

I love that it is dark but not…er, dark. That you can evoke a stained glass feel (normally very bright and colorful) with just black and white and gray and yet still have it come across as wondrous and not gloomy.

Brava on following the command of your hands. Today I painted while on the phone, just let the watercolor move as it was called, and then finished a piece I started a few days ago because of my whispered statement,

“That’s not what I miss….”

I think a poem is begging to be born from the combination of the statement, my painting, and the breath in between.

None of which would have been blended together had it not been for you…

I love it. It has a nice sense of design.

That is a beautiful doodle. I love how it unveiled into a Stained Glass Tree.
I went for a walk too among the streets before dark, it was divine. (It got dark at 4.30pm here)
Happy Evening.

I so loved this! It’s so original and beautiful. Very good! <3

Wow, Leah. I really like this. It’s so simple yet catches the eye immediately and makes one think. Really cool image.

Hi Leah,

The concept is great, also love the idea of the design against the paper.

One of the best parts about Art Every Day Month is seeing different, exciting pieces. This is wonderful, inspiring, and makes me think!

I love it!

as usual l love your workx

Love it!
Amazing what happens when we listen.
I am learning to listen, to be more responsive to what is wanted, rather than what I had intended myself.

As always, thanks for opening up this community/sisterhood!


Perfectly lovely! Nice to have a day of rest and art.

beautiful! I like the printed background.

This has a surreal quality to it, like a dream. It’s an amazing combination of media.

Fabulous, i love how unique it is!!!

I love this!!!!
A lot
A lot
A lot!

Wow ~ you have a really lovely sense of design in this artwork. Nice strong lines!

I like that you can still read the words in some of the glass parts.It could be interesting what pops out.Great piece.

This is great – love the simple color combination. Very elegant!

THAT is really SPECIAL! Loved the itty bitty kitty too!

Leah, I”m trying to add the aedm and ced images on my wordpress blog sidebar. I don’t know what I’m doing which is why you don’t see them …. but I’ll keep trying!

Thanks so much for your sweet words, everyone!

Lisa, I just sent you an email, but for others having trouble adding an image to their sidebar, I’ve got a few tutorial links at the bottom of the AEDM info page and I just added a link for blogs.

i so enjoy the look of black and white on print

Great, I can feel how you moved through this piece!

Very simple in a way, but quite powerful! Instinct rules!

Very nice piece…it does look like stained glass! I always admire folks who collage over or use old bookpages…I can’t seem to find anything that I can use, because I don’t want to destroy books!

I love this too!!!

Reminds me of ol’ back when I was in art school. I had this very cool, antique book, that I drew charcoal drawings in. I loved the way the charcoal looked with the text and the yellowing pages…this piece brings back a warm fuzzy feeling for me!!!

Peace & Love.

This one is awsome!

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