2010 Creative Every Day Challenge Update

December 17th, 2009

Hello beautiful creatives! Just a quickie update on the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge. The list in my sidebar is the 2009 list. I'm still working on adding names to the 2010 list, which will go up next week. It's taking some time as we've got over 200 people signed up already! Woohoo!

I'm going to put up the list next week, even if it's incomplete, and keep adding to it over time. I'm also continuing to add to the Creative Every Day list on Twitter, slowly, but surely. So if you don't see your names on these lists right away, do not fear! I'm doing my best to add names to the list in between Holiday activities. I'm so incredibly excited by the wonderful folks who will be joining in for the first time and all the fabulous creatives who are joining in for another year. 2010 is going to be amazing!

p.s. You can sign up for the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge and check out all the details here.

UPDATE: I got caught up with the list a little earlier than I expected. Woohoo! As of 2pm, Friday the 18th, I believe I've added everyone to the list who has filled out the sign-up form in the way they requested to be listed. The 2010 list is right under the 2009 list in my sidebar. I'm also caught up on the Twitter list. If you don't see yourself on it and would like to be added, send me a DM (direct message) and I'll add you to it.

The names that you can't click on in the sidebar list belong to folks who requested to have their names listed, but without a link. If you think you signed up, but don't see your name, first check to see how you filled out the sign-up form (perhaps you're looking for yourself under your blog name, but you may have requested to be listed as your first name and last initial.) If there has been an error (I'm human, mistakes happen!), just pop me an email (click on the contact me banner at the top of the blog) and let me know. I will continue to add names as they come in, as soon as I'm able to.

260 creatives have joined in so far and I know that list is going to continue to grow. It's going to be an amazing year of creative community and inspiration! Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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hi leah!
thank you so much for everything you do. your creative everyday project is so inspiring!
i cannot wait for another wonderful year!
:) melissa

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Leah Piken Kolidas, joy a. joy a said: RT @leah_art: A wee 2010 Creative Every Day update. Lists are in the works! http://bit.ly/6y9m2J <-i wonder if i can pull this off in 2010. [...]

Very excited about getting started!

Looking forward to another fun year with you Leah!! XOXO

Dear Leah,
That’s absolutetly amazing, the number of individuals involved in next year’s Creative Every Month. I am very happy and proud of you for what you have done here, and for creating such list.
I can see that your work is always very rewarding.
Happy Holidays. :)

After completing Art Every Day Month in November 2009, I am really looking foward to a full year of being an “everyday creative”, with the help of Leah and this wonderful and supportive community!

Thanks much for all you do, Leah!

A hearty thank you from me too….you have inspired and encouraged me so much in my creative journey. Enjoy your holidays and may the New Year be one of wonder and satisfaction! Peace!

Can’t wait to be a part of this!

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