Full Cold Moon

December 3rd, 2009

Last night, in between a bunch of other projects, I took some time to sit in bed and make this little drawing for the full cold moon. I've loved making art around the full moons along with Jamie Ridler's full moon dreamboard group. This drawing represents my desire to have some more flow and ease in my life this month. In fact, I think I'd like that to be my theme for the year...flow and ease, ease and flow, like the babbling brooks I watched on a walk this afternoon.

Because of these behind the scenes projects going on, I may be quiet over the next few days, but in the meantime, do check out the information on the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge that I posted about yesterday. I'm so excited by all the sign-ups pouring in! It's going to be a fabulous year!!

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I love it, just beautiful. (as always)

Oh ~ what a beauty! I love it.

Wow, this is simply beautiful Leah…. Many blessings to you as you unwind a bit, move with the flow, and relax into the wintertime… and may all of your creative visions unfold! :)

this is beautiful. i LOVE the full moon. and i’m excited to learn about your projects when you are ready to share!

Nice, Leah,

I like the idea of ease and flow, like the babbling brook outside my back deck.

Unfortunately it is too cold to sleep with the windows open at this time of year, so I don’t hear it as much as I do during the other three seasons.

I’ll be looking for you when you return,


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I like the calmness of the blue and the black colors. The composition is very pleasing. Very nice.

I can feel the flow in every part of this piece… beautiful stillness and acceptance and peace there, too. It’s mystical. :)

You can really see the desire for flow in this picture. Your dreamboard is full of flowing lines, beautiful.
MAy all your full moon dreams come true.

She looks like she’s found a place of repose as the life keeps streaming by. Like it very much.

love it…the flow…and the colors!

This reminds me of the colors and feel of an old Elton John album entitled “Blue Moves”. I think it was before your time, but your piece reminded me of it.

I love how cooling and serene this piece is — may your dreams of flow and ease come to be.

Ooo, your piece is very calming…so I think it’s perfect for the flow and ebb you desire…all the best to you!

How very cool! It looks like she is meditating. Lovely!

For anyone who is interested I was informed this week that New Year’s Eve will be another full moon and this one is a BLUE moon. Leah, you just got a jump on it. The Full Blue Moon is an auspicious time for ritual and goal setting. I’d love to make this the start of a Full Moon ritual throughout the year. Also, Leah, the moon represents our feminine and subconscious. The blue says water to me but so does the black. In Feng Shui the color black represents water and water in dreams represents emotions. You have created a beautiful and deeply symbolic piece with your woman in all that water and moon energy!

I’m in awe that you can simply make such a beautiful image as your dreamboard without using collage. May your dreams of flow and ease come true!

sitting in bed creating art…full moon… all good things!

I do so love the way you create your dreamboards. The use of blue, the movement – just lovely.
May all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled!

appears hand stitched… not sure I can do the creative everyday; only succeeded half of november!

just love this full moon

Having a hard time finding time to get to an actual art project what with the holidays and the new puppy taking up all my waking hours. I miss that creative outlet but I know that I need to take this time to do what needs to be done and not to force my art. Time for patience…

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