December 14th, 2009

I love how sparks come and tap you on the shoulder sometimes.

The days are getting darker and darker and colder and colder. I'm doing fine, but still, this time of year is more difficult and I feel more blah. But here and there are these glimmers, which is what inspired this painting tonight. The blue lines on either side of the figure were inspired by these little bare-branched tree vignettes that I saw on a walk through the woods this afternoon. Walks in the woods are glimmers. Feeling an idea come rushing in is another glimmer. A dash of hope and possibility is another. Sometimes glimmers are teeny-tiny, but just one can be brilliant.

So if you get blue this time of year and I know many of us do, hold onto those little glimmers, wherever they come from. The shortest day is right around the corner and then the days will begin to get longer and longer again soon.

I can't say this is connected to the recycle theme really, but that's ok. I'll have a fun recycling post up tomorrow! In the meantime, happy glimmering! 

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Thank you for this post.I need to think of some glimmers this time of the year.With our wind chill tonight expected 50 below,probably the coldest so far.The thoughts of glimmer will keep me warm.

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by leah_art: New art and blog post: Finding the Glimmer on those Dark Days:…

beautifull post, love the blue note

Your painting is so beautiful and it talks to me. I had a very difficult evening, which made me feel very dark but your artwork has touched me in a very special way. Thank you.

I can so relate to gloomy weather totally affecting me directly…eek! Sometimes you do just have to find the light, so the speak! Great work!

What a sweet painting. I don’t seem to have the holiday spirit this year. I’m not sure why. On Sunday I decorated our sweet little place and it does feel cozy. Your painting reflects what so many of us feel, especially in January after the busyness of this season is behind us.

Love the word “glimmer” – it seems perfect for these shorter and shorter days. Like you, they affect me…and this is a lovely visualization for keeping the dark at bay!

I am remembering a line in a poem I wrote a while back, “There was a glimmer in his glower”… I love reading it aloud, it is so fun to speak.

I am grateful for you, however you show up.

Simply showing up is what matters, to me.

Love the moody blue girl and the glimmers all around her too! We could all use a glimmer of sorts…

i sometimes have bright moments that make me think of your glimmers. just a spark or peak around the corner of “What if!” i think as artists we live for those bright moments that glimmer, shimmer and shine. may they lead us into our best selves through art! thanks Lea for your encouragements thru art and words and the art of words! sonja

I’m rather captivated by that image. It is so dark, yet hopeful. Perfect for winter.

superb! my doldrums tend to creep in during the late winter, usually during february, when i’m tired of winter but i know spring is far away. i’m going to bookmark this one for the inevitable blues that come my way every year at that time!

love this painting, and your optimism in seeing glimmers in winter’s bare branches! luf you xox

Such a beautiful painting! I love the idea of finding the little glimmerings. I find a few today!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am very excited to be joining the creative every day challenge in 2010!

This is really beautiful, Leah. I feel a sense of comfort in being one’s self as I look at it.

* Lovely * painting, Leah.
” Little Glimmerings ” gave me the courage to create my own Blog-
Had I not discovered You, who knows ???
Funny thing is, I have no remembrance of how I found You …..

Blessings and Peace – ((((((( HUG )))))))

I love the picture you painted. It spoke to me as I look out on this MI gray blustery day.

Your work is amazing.

I am not the least bit artistic Leah and a bit ashamed to admit that because I really wish I had that talent. But, I certainly can appreciate your beautiful work – and am glad I stumbled upon your blog to indulge in this more often.

Thank you for sharing this.

Once again you’ve gifted us with a beautiful painting. I love the dark strokes and the tiny bit of flame in her lap. This painting is perfect for this time of year. The boldness of the black is a great contrast with the line work in her hair and shadow. Another emotional piece to go along with your bear and dragonfly key, but in a much more intimate setting.
It kind of reminds me of the “Air” card in my Well Worn Path deck that was my focus for the last six weeks. Coincidentally, today is the day that I pick a new one.

Hi, I should start a little blog on how hot it is here. I wish I was in a cooler place as I need something to cool me down.

The morning heat starts to suck out the water in your body so that you have to keep up your water intake all day. The heat during the night was hotter than body temperature and makes it harder to breathe, lucky we have air conditioning. It’s great when I have to hold up the cool sheets to my chin. Went to the shops today and felt myself getting burnt through the car window, the air con in the car was on icy cool and boy did we need it. I felt like my head was about to burst with all this heat as I walked to and from the shopping centre to do my shopping this morning at 9.30am, must have been in the thirty’s already. How we long for some rain to wet the place down, it doesn’t rain much here. But it is dark now and there is a cool refreshing breeze blowing in on me through the front door, it is good. I would just love to see snow and put my feet in it, rub some on my head and make it easier to breath, sit in front of a roaring fire and sleep there would be wonderful, just as good as sleeping out on the day bed in the hot shade.

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