Heading into a month of Recycling!

December 1st, 2009

Hello, all! So we've moved into the month of December (ack, time flies!) and the (totally optional) theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge this month is Recycle (which you can read more about here.)

The first thing that came to mind when I thought of this month's theme was a project I did back in June, when I recycled and old, unused yoga mat and created stamps and stencils from it. You can read all about that here. I then used the stencil and stamp of a eucalyptus branch and a leaf stencil to make fun art like this:

Fun, eh? What sorts of unused things around your home could be recycle into fabulous art tools?

p.s. The details and sign up form for the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge will be up either Wednesday or Thursday, hopefully tomorrow. Til then, toodaloo!

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Dear Leah,
That is such a beautiful idea.
Your paintings are amazing and filled with life in their own way.
I love them. :)
Well I have just been accumulating materials of any kind for a while now, majority different paper and cardboards and toilet rolls. I bought PVA glue over the weekend, so I have this notion that I shall return to paper mashe at some point. I have been mainly using the scrap materials for wrapping gifts.
I’ll let you know how that goes.
At the moment painting anew over the back of a sketch old painting. So I can safely say that is a form of a re-use. :)

Wicked cool fun, Leah! I am hosting a three week creative challenge on my blog Treasures Found to use Found Objects…and things that are recycled are always found! Conme on over and check it out. This week is all about hardware store finds…can be from your junk drawer, your tool chest or whereever! Enjoy the day! Erin

I’m going to have to give recycle some thought.

Oh, I put together a slide show of my AEDM creations. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for getting me started.

I remember when you were using the yoga mat and LOVE what you did. So cool! It’s really fun how loose your work looks even with the stamp. I just posted my latest journal entries. One of them uses recyling. We get tons of holiday card catalogs at the office. I cut up strips from one to create a journal page border. You can bet I’ll be doing more of it. I hate throwing things away.

Hi Leah,

I can hardly wait to join the recycling I have a few items in mind and have always wanted to take this challenge. Your latest drawings.


We can totally do this one:) We’ve been playing with recycled ojects all day today!

We’re off to the Scrapstore on Friday, will get some extra special bits for this challenge.

I recycled a poem, made it into another poem… just yesterday. Does that count?

will be looking along the lines of the more conventional, also.

have you heard of landfillart.org? it is a project using over 1000 hubcaps reclaimed from a landfill in pennsylvania & turned into art by artists from every state in the country & all over the world. just sent mine in today, so i had to smile at this month’s theme……

Leah, I just love the way you inspire us all to stretch out of our comfort zones with a new challenge strategy. This is a big stretch for me in so many ways. I’m going to give this a lot of thought and I’ll give it my best effort.

You work always brings a pleasant smile to my face. How creative! I love this theme. I’m rediscovering paper that I painted a couple of years ago.

this theme for december is perfect for me, i use a lot of recycled papers, pictures… happy to follow your challenge

I just recycled a headband yesterday, and I’ve got plans to do some more! :)

nice one! great theme too…loving it

It’s raining here today so your paintings are so synchronistic! and beautiful as always.

I am so in!!!

Thank YOU!

The last piece with the red on top of the cerillian blue looks great!

I love your December theme of recycling….it’s a great way to end the year! The yoga mat stamp art is super!

i was just thinking about yoga mats this morning too… embellishing them, stenciling them and making them into cute mouse pads ~ perfect for yoga for your tired clicking hand :) love this idea too!

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