Body Shadows In Progress

January 7th, 2010

So, yesterday I shared a video of me using body shadows to trace shapes on a piece of paper and today I began playing with paint and gel medium in those shapes. I had to stop at one point when I managed to splatter purple paint all over myself. Doh! I've been letting it sit like this and noticing what I see in it now. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a whale shape at one point. But when I turned it around, that same shape looked just like a bird's head.

Where's this going? I don't know! It might go nowhere at all. But I enjoy playing in this way, letting things happen, and then looking to see what comes up as I work. It's a fun, intuitive process that leads to interesting things that I wouldn't necessarily come up with if I planned it all out. I'll keep you updated as it progresses.

And be sure to check in tomorrow for an interview with the fantabulous Jamie Ridler about creativity and the body!

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Very cool, very creative. Is this on paper or canvas, and what type of paints are you using?

Thanks, Michelle! It’s on paper with fluid acrylic paint.

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very good i love it

Looks like great fun. MY calligraphy teacher is having an exhibition and she literally painted herself then pressed the canvas against her body. She let the canvas dry (the time it takes for a long shower ;-) then wrote beautiful calligraphy over it. Looking forward to Jamie Ridlers interview. She is one amazing woman!

So fun Leah ! You play so well. Bummer about the paint splatters that mattered. Imagine if we could just have a space and surfaces where splattering and spraying wouldn’t matter? I guess painting outside would work but we are a little ways from that up here in New England, aren’t we ?
Enjoy the movement and play !

This is awesome! This is exactly what I did with my pregnant belly 3 years ago (I drew the outline on canvas from my shadow) but, I never finished painting it and this month I am finishing it thanks to you and our the theme! Woo Hoo.

So creative and it’s developing so nicely. So many fabulous ideas coming from this blog and the participants. I just might do the whole body thing. But I have a big body. Do you just use butcher paper? Where do you get a roll of paper?

Wonderful…I love the organic lines and the overlapping colors…

I see Nessie (the pinkish shape), a paint brush and a mountain between them.

Hi Leah, Great idea – looks fun!

I see a purple hound’s head and his tail whipping around behind him as you reach to grab it! I love it!

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