Creative Every Day Check-In: January 4 – 10

January 4th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

Ways to share: Leave a comment on this post and/or use the "Mr. Linky" widget below to link to a blog post(s) about your creative activities during the days of 1/4/10 - 1/10/10.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to.

Join in the Challenge: You can sign up for the  2010 Creative Every Day Challenge anytime! Find out more and fill out the sign-up form here to join in!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for January is Body. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred” -Walt Whitman

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I am so thankful to have the inspiration to write.
I didn’t even catch the written on body “prompt” and had updated with a post about my tattoos, which features my favorite word “serendipity.”

here is my fist body work

Just did my first body related CED project yesterday. This week, I am trying to dedicate my CED to my body which I have a hate-hate relationship with right now. thank you for the inspiration.

It didnot became what I had in mind, because the pilot pencil bleeded on the paper when I added water to the aquarel pencil colours. I guess that is part of the learning curve, making a mistake like that ;-)

thank you for this space leah and i look forward to the interpretations of theses talented artists…elk

My latest post has nothing to do with body…unless you count me getting my body moving to create! Anyway, I am pleased to have finished a project that was partially done for so long!!

The link I included today goes to my new beauty blog. I spent a very creative Sunday putting the blog together, creating contect, vlogging and, to be on topic, creating with make-up and nail polish. ;) I will likely be more traditionally creative later this week, but right now I am working on reconnecting with my body so this feels right.

thinking about the body after the holidays can be sort of depressing :) , so i posted snow photos instead. happy new year all!

my creativity this weekend took a turn as i created my first video podcast. what a blast! i’m totally inspired to do more of these. take a look a let me know what you think!

so excited about the creative new year!
i got sweet new pencil crayons for christmas (caran d’ache) and so today i brought my old prismacolors to my part-time job so i can draw here too. love it!

I’m totally looking forward to a new year of creating. I was inspired by Leah’s post about choosing a word, so I decided to choose one for myself, and last night I was inspired to make a mixed media piece about it!

[...] theme for January is “Body”.  Thought about this for the last [...]

This site has inspired me in so many ways. I just signed up with a friend to get some creativity coaching. Now I will be challenged even more! Yikes.

I’m so glad I signed up for CED. It’s great to start the New Year with an inspiring project to hop into.

Hi everybody, I just signed up and posted my first post on my brandnew blog. I am looking forward to the new way of having accountability about my creative journey.

Happy New Year everyone. I am new at the art challenge this year, but I have already been inspired by the creative process and by viewing others work as well. Today I used my dog as a body model!

Hi ((((((((((( Everyone )))))))))

Yesterday I worked w/ The Body theme-
Taking photos of what I’m entering is going to be harder than I thought !
You have to think about backgrounds, focus, all sorts of things…..
I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody comes-up with * Smile *

Blessings and Peace,

I had to share a photo of a beautiful sculpture I discovered on walk in San Francisco. I am so excited about all the creative possibilities in 2010!

I managed to use Mr. Linky wrong my first time here, but, well, it *is* my first time. ;)

I’m new to Creative Every Day, too! But so far, it meshes well with the 2010 in Pictures project I’m participating in on Flickr … and my own Craft or Bust weekly crafting project. Aaanyway…

Meant to link to this post, where you can see my first self-prompted kumihimo project in progress:

And I baked some cookies yesterday, too. That’s kind of in keeping with the theme, in that cookies go in my body. ;D

In keeping with the “body” theme, I’m working on a “body” of MsKitty drawings this month. My intent is to post one a day!

I’m so excited to be participating – my post about my intentions about participating are at:
check out the post.



I failed to consult the theme. SO glad it wasn’t mandatory. :)

I have been creating every single day, occassionally I have missed posting every single day though. ROFL And I am still working on the whole ‘body’ theme. The ideas are flowing, I just need time.

I found myself doing some theme-related posting without giving any thought at the time to it being theme-related. Reading these comments, I see I wasn’t the only one “subliminally” following the theme. It’s been fun looking in on other blogs.

What an inspiration to be blessed with such a group of kindred spirits as we focus upon being creative every day!

I’m not working on “the body” at the moment. I’m still trying to figure out what this year wants to look like. I’m making myself a calendar/logbook/journal for my creative goals. I wasn’t going to make art if I didn’t sit down and start with what I needed. What I needed was a plan. So I turned my art everyday into my plan. or my plan into my art every day.

Hi, I did not link to my blog yesterday. But now I fixed it and my name is added to the list. I just updated my blog about my creativity tonight.
Have a creative day!

Last week I composed a painting for my Mom which I gave her this past weekend. Today she called to let me know she has hung it and loves it. Can’t get better than that! See it over at my blog.

Hi all,
First post, first use of Mr. Linky. Still don’t get him. Guess I’ll have to take drastic measures and read the user manual.

Just wanted to check in this first week. I thought, Oh crap, “body” is the first theme? What am I supposed to do with that? But alas, call it serendipity, I just started reading the online version of Modern Pattern Design, by Harriet Pepin, written in 1942. So I guess I’m in line with this month’s theme after all.

Until next time, take care everyone.

woo hoo…look at this turn out already….not enough hours in the day!

catchin up with the tail end of last week and the beginning of this week. I played with using fountain pen ink to paint a background, dragged out some old acrylic paints, and had a not-quite-satisfactory but still encouraging stab at photo transfer.
Knitting continues – I need to take a picture of the shawl I’m working on for my daughter.

My first post is up and I am excited about this challenge!

To play along with the body theme, I photographed the 125-gallon body of water that sits in our living room using the TtV method.

Now, I am off to look at some of the other participants. I can’t wait to see your ideas and get inspired!

Wow, it is exciting to see so many people all creating.
Lots of websites and Pictures to check each week. This year is going to be great.

I am getting my body moving this year – gently and in an activity I really love. I just signed up for Kripalu Yoga Dance and it was so fun !
Of course the experience in inspiring some art work…
Happy January to all of you wonderful Creative people !
Cheers !

I’ve just posted my first card of 2010 on my blog! I’m off to see what everyone else has been up to. Happy New Year to all.

Not managed much creativity yet but am blogging more regularly since starting this (that’s got to be a good thing). Definitely going to start on the ‘body’ theme at some point this week…

I feel very out of touch with my body right now. It is covered with so many layers of clothes trying to stay warm. I did however write a cute little post today called “a peak inside my underwear drawer” about how exposing myself through blogging.

I’m really excited about being more creative this year. By day I’m a school psychologist. The rest of the time I yearn to do something more creative. I followed Leah (and Christine Kane)’s suggestion and picked the word ACTION as my word of the year. So far I’m crocheting a scarf and doing more cooking at the end of my day – and have managed to do some of one or the other every day. Maybe as time goes on I’ll try a blog, but I’m not there yet, but I’m enjoying all of yours.

WHEW! thought I would never make it!! so eager to post and yet- it took me a awhile to “just do”. thank you so much- lots of good thoughts with this one and so much possibility!

I missed the optional theme for Body until reading the comments as well. Hummm… well my Potatoes to Potato Salad writing yesterday @ is very sensory in its approach.

I am thrill to have come across your Creative Everyday 2010 challenge Leah. What an undertaking:) warm regards Terrill

I had a chance to check out some more of everyone’s work today. There’s some really talented people here! I’m hoping to be able to continue on and be inspired by all of you!

yee haw! my first CED prompt – what fun! thanks leah!

I’m loving the opportunity to participate in the challenge. It’s got me fired up and creating every night this week. I hope this lasts for the whole year! I love the feeling it is giving me–Almost a creative high? maybe… If you have a chance check out what I have been up to.

Knowing that so many artists are doing something creative every day is so energizing! Today my kids and I experimented painting coffee filters with acrylics, watercolors and neocolors. I will be using a bunch in art journal backgrounds.

This week I’ve been creating word mandalas, very centering and very meditative. Except the second one ended up very passionate and exciting for me, lol. Here’s the link:

Haven’t been able to get into the ‘body’ theme yet – but getting creative with what I buy!! There’s a little challenge going down to support artists and craftspeople … Back to the art tomorrow!! Great to be back on board this year!!

Actually posting a Creative Every Day post, instead of timidly *not sharing*, lol. Well, it is the beginning of the year- plenty of time for good intentions to go pear shaped ;-)

So many wonderful links to browse through. They’ll keep me going all week!

first time sharing here-while I didn’t use the body theme I am happy that I did something creative at least.

well, i didn’t do much with the body theme… :) but I think this is going to be a good thing for me :)

It is creativity week at my Everyday Bliss Blog
Now that I have found this we will look at some body creativity too!

It is wonderful reading everyone’s posts and seeing how we are all “human” and that i am not the only one who is still “getting into gear” so to speak. Have done a Have done some cooking on the stove, something i haven’t done in years. That is a creative way to save money. Have also been working on a blog which is not yet complete. Have had no experience with blogs so this is really a stretch (and a bit scary.) Body is a good theme – and my Dr. would agree – am creating a reasonable eating plan and hopefully will be creating a much lighter and healthier me.

whew! Got it up, posted and linked! Thank you Leah for encouraging all of us to flex our creative muscles!

I’ve been doing a little bit of sewing this month, all Body related. I love making wearable art!

I am learning about me and my process of making artwork … so far I know something intuitively that I am not sure how to put into words yet this week .. I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone of only creating artwork when “in the mood” … and the pieces that arrive when I am not in the mood are quite interesting … some are marvelous while others are just … unusually odd … none are bad … but all are not what I “normally” do.

Thanks for hosting the Create Every Day Challenge! It is a wonderful learning experience for me!

This has not been the best week of my life. My mother died on Tuesday (after a long illness,) I got a warning on Friday and there is a good chance I will be fired from my job tomorrow, and my computer has a virus.

I have kept knitting, especially during phone conversations with my brother and at work. I got a wonderful box of misc baby yarn from a friend and have been adding some stripes and even some dots to the premie baby caps I am knitting. So being creative there.

And I have put out the word for our weekday sketch group to meet next Friday, it will be good to put pencil, pen, paint on paper and spend time drawing with friends.

I am hanging in there the best I can.

Thanks for the Create Every Day Challenge! I have been working on my body themed painting and look forward to a year of creativity!

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