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January 21st, 2010

Every so often, I love to feature some of the fabulous work that Creative Every Day Challenge participants are up to. I could seriously fill every day with this sort of post, as you all are up to such amazing work and I'm utterly blown away by your talent, creativity, and deep-down beauty. You all inspire me!

I've been head over heels with your responses to the body theme. It's been a really juicy topic to explore and I've laughed, cried, and been inspired along with many of your posts. Here are just a few of the amazing, creative works I've seen this month with some more to come:

Aimee from artsyville recently created a super cute drawing of her outfit (love her style!) and I was going to share that, but I was so tickled by her ode to her addled brain in this piece below that I had to share that one instead.

I was so touched with this poem by Patty of Waking Up that I asked her if I could share it here.

The Body Principle
What if I looked at my body in a different way?

What if I appreciated it for what it can do, not for what it can’t?
Instead of grumbling about my dyed-over-gray hair,
what if I thanked my hair for keeping my head warm,
and for smelling like coconuts when it is freshly washed?

What if I thanked my brain for imagining stories and poems,
for coming up with clever puns and figuring the tip for lunch,
instead of berating it for not remembering some actor’s name
at the instant I wanted it to remember?

What if I walked more, and danced and hugged more, and
Used more expressive hand gestures when I talked,
instead of holding myself so tightly within myself
that sometimes I can hardly breathe?

Wouldn’t my body and I smile with sheer joy?
Wouldn’t that be something to see?

Evelyn from Enjoying the Good Life created this gorgeous drawing of a yoga twist. Love it!

Christy from Sweet Tidings joined the challenge with adorable spool and peg dolls like this one. Too cute!

Melissa aka Dandelionlady of Dandelion Seed on the Updraft created the beautiful sketch of hands that I'm just loving.

Hege of Cloudberry made this fantabulous body flip book with her kids. So cool!

Susan of of The Nest created this lovely torso tile. Love the colors!

Lastly, new CED participant, Angie Fletchall of Thalo Blue Sky, shared this book she created about loving your body with me.  While not created for this month, it fits so well with this month's theme and is such a lovely story, that I had to share it with you here. You can preview the book and its sweet illustrations here.

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I love these! Especially the tile, how lovely.

Loved this post Leah. I visit loads of the CED participants blogs but don’t get to them all so it was so nice of you to give us a snippet of what some of the others are doing!!

Hi Leah,

How generous of you to post the work of CED participants. Great art! I really enjoyed seeing it. Sounds like a fab program.

Thx. Giulietta

Fabulous selection!

How loving sharing the work of participants! Great work everyone!

What a great glimpse of some of the great art being created! Thanks for sharing these pieces.

thanks for showing my doodle, leah – and i really enjoyed seeing what others are up to!

These are wonderful! Having a hard time keeping up with everything right now and this was a real pick me up :-) thanks for sharing.

I love the body principle..so thought provoking. Thank you for featuring my little creation too!

Love Patty’s poem. I can totally relate! Great selection of unique & diverse artwork as well. I am honored to be a part of this group. Thanks!

Leah thank you so much for gathering all these gems into one spot for us to admire. Outstanding inspiring collection.

Gorgeous works!

Yay Artists!!

[...] Later back at our room in the Humbodlt House Bed and Breakfast, following a lengthy lounge in an oversized soaker tub (we only have a shower at home), I browsed through my blogroll to see what other creative souls had been doing. Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day is featuring creations by amazing CED participants. [...]

All unique and beautiful….thank you soooo much for sharing these amazing posts:)

The CED body theme continues to inspire me in extraordinary ways. This morning I was doing some research regarding some wellness issues I am facing …

I was drawn in by the parallels of the functions and form of the body in relationship to living out our dreams and concluded my focused time on this topic with a collage.

thanks for this–fun to see everyone’s work–I lol when I realized my response to your theme of body–I have just started to knit socks!!!!—and I am hooked–starting my 2nd pair (a gift)…yup—it is all about bodies –at least our feet–is sock knitting…

Hello Leah,
thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked my SoulfulDiva, felting is a new thing for me, but truly enjoyed the process.
I loved the poem, was moved by it, also recognised some of the work by the CED participants, great sharing! Angie ox

I have so enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful work that is going on around this theme. It is so interesting how there can be so many interpretations of this.

A nice collection Leah :)

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