Soul Artist, Laura Hollick

January 13th, 2010

Laura Hollick working in her studio

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Laura Hollick, an artist, workshop leader, and creative dynamo. Do check out her site and her blog, she's up to so many amazing things!! Laura interviewed me about my creative process and artwork, and you can listen to our chat here.

"Unicorn and Pink Dragon"
Soul Artist Laura Hollick enters the magical world of Heartland where she is transformed into a unicorn and frolicks through the meadow with pink dragon.
vision, sculpture, costume, model Laura Hollick
photo by Kevin Thom

Fitting in beautifully with the body theme this month, Laura has some absolutely stunning pieces that utilize her body as part of the creation. Some of the work is photographs of her, such as the image above. Last night, while perusing her work, I also noticed a series of images she calls Body Mapping. These mixed-media pieces began as tracings of her body and were transformed into these stunning images. I absolutely love them! And I love how she uses them as a tool to dive into the language of her inner world.

It reminded me a bit of what I've been doing with my body shadows painting (which I shared here and here.) As I've continued working on that piece, it has been a similar process to what Laura has done with her body mapping work. It has felt like some body wisdom has been coming through the piece which has been very interesting. I'll share where that piece has been going tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wanted to point out that Laura is teaching a free teleclass tonight called Shift the sh*t so you can launch: 3 keys to total transformation. Love the name! :-) You can get all the details and sign up for that here.

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Yes! You are amazing, Leah:) Thank you for what you do and for sharing this interview!

It was such a treat to connect with you last night Leah.
After our interview I felt such a warm buzz in my heart.
It warms me up to know there are kindred spirits out there.
I look forward to connecting with you again.
From my creative heart to yours,

Very sweet interview Leah!

That IS a great name for a teleclass Laura!

I am impressed with the movement/transformation in your work. Thank you Leah for bring her here to share with us.

Great interview,I enjoyed it.
Thank you.

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