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January 2nd, 2010

Having a little fun with the Body theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge today, I wrote on my hand in red lipstick and took this self-portrait. That was fun. :-) I love the idea of writing inspirational words on the body. Years ago I created a mixed-media painting that featured a poem I'd written, tattooed on a woman's back. If you could write a word or words on your skin, what would they be?

I've got my in-laws visiting to celebrate the holidays this weekend, so I may be a little quiet, but I'm already loving all the beautiful creations everyone is sharing. I'm adding sign-ups to the list of participants (nearly over 500 600 now!) as quick as I can, so if you've signed up in the last day and don't see yourself up there yet, hang in there, you will be soon!

Remember that this is a low-pressure challenge and to celebrate whatever you do instead of beating yourself up over what you don't do. It makes it so much easier to maintain a creative lifestyle when we are able to let go of the self-judgment. (I know that one from experience!)

Happy New Year and Happy Creating everyone!

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you make me want to get a new tattoo with my word of the year! wish i had some extra cash to go get that done!

rock on!

OK! I’ve got a visual of what I want to write and where…something I’ll create tomorrow (my January 2nd! Stay tuned…!

You move me with your creativity…
my words for 2010 are connection and communication.
Now to think where I want to write them.
Smiles to you…cheers to creating and sharing! Thank you!

I love it!

Still trying to build up the courage to write or art about my body…xo

A very cool way of expressing the theme, Leah. I’ve been doing some sketches as I think about this word. But something in me is resisting bring these sketches to life in the form of art. I think it is because I struggle with trying to like my body. This will be interesting.

a very interesting theme…bound to invoke a lot of emotion and self appreciation…i think it was chosen wisely Leah and i loved the idea of writing on the body. maybe if i just stick to CED as my one goal a month and try and focus on that only i will be better off this year. i added some stuff to the flckr pool already for this month’s theme but we have a whole month so i am bound and determined to come up with something just for you! (maybe i will finally get a tattoo this month too….lol)

Absolutely true about focusing on the positive. I have a tiny notebook where I list the good things I have done for myself each day–using little smiley faces as bullets! It sounds soooo silly, but I swear it makes a huge difference. Happy new year!

oh this is good…me likey this idea!

As Sandy mentioned, I too struggle to like my body. I wish I could say that after all these years of living I have learned to accept myself and be at peace with my physical appearance. But it’s simply not true. This makes me sad on a very fundamental level, because I know that my self-perception has stopped me from doing things that I really wanted to do.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Absolutely, Hudson! See my first post of art for the year! My goal this month is to just work with both the negative and positive views I have about my body in my creative expression! Yow!

The Body – face, arms, legs, torso, feet, skin, hair,…..Most of my art has some kind of body image displayed. I’m having lots of * FUN * with this theme.

As f/ how I feel about my body-There’s a lot of ambivalence w/ that.
When I was a teenager mean kids called me ” Undershirt ” because I was ” flat-chested ” :(
Today I’m grateful f/ healthy breasts ; size is of no consequence.
I still don’t need a bra -Instead I have a lovely collection of Undershirts in beautiful colors :)

body…the 5 senses…seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and the 6th sense CREATING! Looking forward to this year of creating!!

Tatooted a word or to? if it was not my Children’s name it mith be “glede” the Norwegian word for joy/delight/pleasure…


Quintessential is my word for the year, which is a bit much for lipstick on the hand, but it does make me want to get some henna and do some Mehndi. It is traditionally practiced for wedding ceremonies, during important rites of passage, and in times of joyous celebration.
The celebration of a year of creating seems like the perfect time.

super! can’t wait to dive into this one!

Love this idea, Leah! Very imaginative!

This theme resonates deeply within me. Here is a post from November 2008. http://organicsyes.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/journey-on-being-a-woman/

I will begin to take a look at how life and my body have changed since then…and create some new mandalas:)

I don’t know what I’d write on my body… you know, I haven’t even thought about doing that since probably elementary school. You’ve definitely given me the germ of an idea. :)

Here’s to a 2010 of Creative Every Day! I’m so looking forward to it, Leah.

WOW! what a wonderful site! i am so excited to have found -all of you! looking forward to this adventure-thank you leah!

How do we post pictures? I did a collage about our theme and took a photo of it. I would like to post it here.
Any tips?

I’m loving how the body theme is bringing up powerful imagery and feelings for everyone. For me too!

Hudson, You can post a picture by joining Flickr and then joining the Creative Every Day flickr group. http://www.flickr.com/groups/creativeeveryday2008/pool/

Then, if you want, you can put a link to your Flickr image in the Monday check-in post.

I’ve emailed you too, but put this up here, in case anyone else had that question. Hope that helps!

Leah, this is fun. And I’m actually looking forward to November again! So glad I found you. You can thank Julie Jordan Scott for that. Or I can thank her. And I have!

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