February 17th, 2010

The home theme had me thinking about nesting and then little birds, which led to some little birdy sketches. This first one I added some color to with photoshop. The second, I think would make a super cute sticker.

I hope you're all feeling cozy in your nests this week. We just got whopped by another winter storm, which has me wanting to curl up in blankets and drink cocoa til spring!

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Oh, beloved nesting. Makes me want to write about pregnancy and babies. And the longing for nesting again, now that my eldest is about to leave home. Ahhh, sweetness. And perhaps it is about my current “creative baby” which I birthed this past week?

How cute! It makes me think of a project I started to see when my son was coloring yesterday while we were at the local library for story time-he loves books, artwork….my little creative bug! You just helped me with an idea….great! Hugs!

HI Leah
Have fun and stay warm :) . Look forward to seeing the super cute sticker – it’s looking rather cute now.

In exploring home, I was able to find a message on a torn-out page of an old paperback…”home…was…their children.” I painted a little image on the page to go with it.

I love the nests. Our homes, are indeed our nests, especially when we are expecting little ones!
Thank you, Leah, for giving me a place to feel at home!

these are so cute….birds are coming back in drove in my little corner of the world, a wonderful thing!

ps-i signed up this past week with mr linky but he forgot me. I shall try again ;)

I am so ready for my backyard birds to start nesting,I love to hear the birds sing,it is one of my favorite things.I can hear your birds chirping,happy spring.

I love the birdies in the circles! We have been feeding the birds this LONG winter and it has brought much joy to my life. They can be messy, but they are still SO CUTE!!!!
Thanks for showing us your happy birds.

I too was thinking of nesting and my February 5th image was of a robin’s nest (and February 2nd of another type of nest and Feb. 7th included a few nests).

Right now chickadees are flying around in the tree near my homeofice window. I wonder where their home/nest is? Such a joy to see them!

Your images are so cute!

Some mornings it sounds as if hundreds of birds (crows maybe…or do they migrate?) are having a convention by the stream in the woods below my house. Scares the heck out of Fergus when he hears them…lol. I too am ready for the twittering of the spring & summer birdies!

Heard a Robin singing yesterday desp;ite all the snow we still have on the ground a week later (don’t every remember this here in Southern Maryland – quite the winter experience this year). I note the robins have pretty much cleaned off the hollies which they do every spring…perhaps they jumped the gun a bit this year. Pitty the late robins – they’ll have to find the worms (hopefully the snow will be gone by then).

Love your birdies!

i love your nesting birds, might have to do something like that? They are really really nice and so non-overbearing. just simple just beautiful.

xxx Ines

love your nesting birds…I did hear a woodpecker yesterday, myself and the Fed X guy, who I met on my walk, both agreed it was a sign of spring here in MN.

Just looking at these bits of nesting gorgeousness feels good Leah.

I love them both.

The first one made me relax. The second made me smile.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

how lovely your sketches are…you know i LOVE birds!!

they are lovely Leah!
the last would make an adorable sticker… I also think it would be really nice as an eraser stamp!
so cute

I think that first one would make a good embroidery design… Nice simple lines but interesting.

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