Winter Roots

February 5th, 2010


Some home related art. I started with a very vague image in my mind with layers, red, and houses, and then, following my intuition, it went in a completely different direction with lots of trees and roots. I'm calling it "Winter Roots."

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Oh, my! Those poor people in those houses, lol! Again, a wonderful, bold example of your art. I just adore it.

I love the rosy background.,.it could be a new day dawning or a wonderful sunset! And the happy houses nourishing the trees! It’s a great piece and you know how I love eye candy!!

Oh wow! I love this! Winter trees have always captured me, along with imagining the vast root system underneath. And the colors you chose are awesome! I love vivid colors that seem to contrast with a potentially stark subject, in this case winter.

love the interconnectedness- that’s part of what home is to me, that sense of community that is captured wonderfully here. and of course the colors & bare trees are great-

nothing more amazing than a tree.elk

Stunning! I admire you ability to go with your intuition even when the images are not what you initially intended. With this theme, I find my mind going to the same images over and over and I’m trying to get away from them and come up with something new. I love the drama and feel of this piece.

A beautiful piece, Leah! I am inspired by all the trees i’m seeing lately and may have to put some in my art too!

Wow. I love it! I have a textiles background and this one really has that feeling. You should get it woven into a tapestry!

i love the red and purple touch

This is wonderful!
I find it so incredibly rich and vibrant. It has none of the barren feel that winter scenes can sometimes have. To me it feels like waves of music going out from a world tree into the world.
I love it :-)

Ooo, love all the layers and the fact that it’s like worlds upon worlds, but all connected with the roots…hmm. Great bold colors too :P

Oh this just captured me and drew me in right away. I love the energy that seems to be coming from the tree’s branches, and how it feels like it is drawing this energy up from below. Love this. Love it.

Winter layers…the deep indigo catches my eye…love the homes in the layers….waiting?

Oooh, this is gorgeous Leah! Love that crazy-vibrant color energy, it’s just jumping off my screen :)

I absolutely love it! I haven’t done any home related posts, unless you count my birthday post… Shame on me! :)

Ooh I like this. Life feeding life. Generations of it. Love the colors and the simplicity, and yes, the energy created when using complementary colors.

Leah, I like the heaviness of the tree weighing down the earths surface… with the winter sky at the edges of dark and day. Feels just right to me – like a place I know well this time of year.

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Leah, I love seeing your new paintings . They are always delightful. You seem to have a bright spirit. Yes ?

I just started following along this journey this month. Your painting is beautiful. I have a post over on my blog about a young woman in Vermont that is trying to buy her dream farm…she’s got a wonderful story and she’s looking for help.

Your winter tree is so lovely…weighted with winter. It’s my birthday month and your tree is a beautiful winter image for me to contemplate. Thanks so much!

I love your piece… it is wonderful!

This is not only gorgeous and graceful…it resonates with me totally. I love trees so..and the vision I have of them, with their roots beneath the soil is very much like this. And.. just last night while I was out walking, I thought… “what history these trees have witnessed”.

Love this! Hope this will be in next year’s calendar :-)

Wow. I want to climb that tree. Beautiful!

Just joined your Creative Everyday ~ I think I misunderstood about posting “our own work” ~ we post that on our own blog?

I love your art and style and blog ~ thanks for being you.
Namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

found you on real radio, as we shared the same beautiful hour!! (lucky me). love your work! i think my very fav is “let others in”…thank you for letting me in too!! best & brightest to you! xox

Love all the symbolism here, Leah.

Wow! I love the colors, the lines, the whole design. It’s really powerful!

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Interesting piece. Love where you put the houses :)

Very beautiful. It makes me want to snuggle in my home and let the snow fall down.

Leah–LOVE this one. The colors, the movement. A big wow. Felt inspired and wrote a poem about home. It’s at if you’re trolling about. Your inspiration just keeps rippling through the ether…

love the layers and the echoes.

Hi Leah, I love how you’ve woven in the house/home/roots idea! Very cool!

ooooh this is so dreamy, it looks like beautiful worlds upon beautiful worlds, I can get lost in this piece.

I was thinking I had commented on this.The color combinations on this are great.This winter picture is refreshing,all I see outside is white and brown.

This is just beautiful. I tend to be drawn to images of trees and the colors just glow.


I am loving all the trees esp this one, Leah. I am into trees also. Just haven’t uploaded any pics on my blog. I learned a new technique for me. I think I did fairly well with it if I say so myself. Hope to have pics up soon. Love the colors in this one.

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