Itty Bitty Kitty Stories

March 13th, 2010

I'm working on a new series of itty bitty kitties for my shop and these are the latest, "First signs of Spring" and "The Yarn Basket." As I create these little kitties, I'm always thinking about the little stories that go along with them. The Spring cat was inspired by a neighborhood cat with the same spots that I saw on a walk the other day. He was proudly carrying a mouse as he trotted down the sidewalk towards his house. I saw him again today, standing guard in front of his owner's garage. All cats have such distinct personalities once you get to know them, so I imagine that each itty bitty kitty painting has it's own personality too. I'll have them up in the shop soon.

In the meantime, some more links for you!

- I was interviewed this week by the fabulous Jennifer Hofmann of Inspired Home Office. She's doing a series about the everyday organizing habits of creative entrepreneurs. And while I would never think to interview me about organizing (ha!), I did have a fun tidbit to share that makes keeping track of my to-do list a lot more fun. You can listen to the interview and read Jen's post about it here.

- To celebrate the launch of Red Dress Studios, Ana Ottman is offering a fabulous (and free) ebook of advice from female entrepreneurs about how to build your confidence muscles. You can grab yourself a copy here.

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Love your kitties – and they do indeed have personalities! Thanks for the Jennifer Hofmann reference – she’s got a great blog too!

oh – and I’m doing an artist survey about art business – if you can share with your folks that would be great! (10 questions, 5 minutes)

Your Itty Bitty Kitty paintings are gorgeous. Cats have wonderful colourful characters & I love the way your painting style brings this out beautifully.

Kat :-)

Mooshi needs his own itty bitty kitty painting, I think!

I love this series. I hope you do cards too. They’d make wonderful cards. (Box of assorted, 2 of each of however many… maybe?)

And my cat has also decided it’s spring and they don’t call it the great indoors. He stands just outside the door asking for us to please put the food dish out on the porch like we did last summer so he doesn’t have to come in at all. And then he realizes that he hasn’t had any affection in a while so comes in and gets all snuggly. Very amusing.

I agree with joVE about the cards, but I already mentioned that! I can’t wait until you get them into the shop, I have people they would be purrfect for (sorry, I had to ;^)

I agree with JoVE – those would make great cards. Two of my sisters (both cat people) would love them.

Love the personality in them. The spring one reminds me of me. Hee.

Love your new series. It’s the cutest!

Love the itty bitty kitties, glad you are painting more.

Oh, I do SO love your little kitties! Precious, precious, PRECIOUS! So very happy they will be heading to your store. Please make more – lots more! So wonderfully fabulous! I love their simplicity and sweetness. You really capture their attitude.

Thanks for the shout out on the e-book, Leah! It was so much fun to put together and your contribution was fabulous.


love these, i am a crazy cat lady, cats do have their own very funny personalities you did a great job of capturing that!

Oy, too darn cute! And yes, cards would be sweet!!! :)

LOVE the cats! Tons of personality.

Super cute kitty paintings! I was hoping you would do more…

I love your itty bitty kitties SO much!
cats have so much personality and it comes across in your paintings.

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