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March 9th, 2010

I love the way the monthly theme worms its way into my brain and pops up everywhere. It may not always show up in my art, but it's always in my head. Just goes to show how the things we focus on really do expand in our lives. Which makes me wonder about what it is that I'm focusing on!

Today, I've got some fun links to share with you before I go off to enjoy the sunshine. I truly can't get enough of walking in the woods lately. After the long winter, I've been so excited about the warmer weather, the sun, and oh, the little yellow crocuses! So precious! Life! Woohoo! Um, yes, I get a little excited about spring. One thing I can say about living in New England, it makes you reallllly appreciate the Spring when it starts to stretch its wings.

On to the links:

- The lovely Lianne Raymond has complied this absolutely beautiful ebook, Dying to Be Born, filled with wisdom and art from inspiring women such as: Martha Beck, Pam Slim, Brené Brown, Patti Digh, Jan Phillips, and many more. I've got a piece of art in it too! It's beautiful and it's free! Go download a copy for yourself. If you leave a comment on Lianne's post here, you'll also be entered to win Jan Phillips' CD set, Creating Every Day (now that sounds cool!)

- Thinking of the old stories we tell ourselves, reminded me of this post I wrote a couple years ago called, Digging Into Defining Beliefs. It was something I needed to read again today.

- Martha Beck is one of my favorite authors on the topic of changing up your beliefs and this recent post from her blog is a great example of why. It's hilarious and super smart, great combo. I also loved her book Steering by Starlight, which I read and also listened to as an audiobook.

- Have you heard of Jen Lee? I've had the pleasure of listening to an audio of her telling a story, and oh, she has a way with words! You can download a copy of her ebook, "the story catcher" here.

- If you enjoy listening to stories, you'll love The Moth podcast!

Well, that's enough links to send you down a few rabbit holes. Enjoy the stories and keep telling yours!

p.s. The art above is titled, Fishing and is available here.

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Thank you so much, Leah – lots of goodies and yes, the topic of the month has been so ripe for me, too. SO RIPE!

THANK YOU for your never-ending inspiration.

Lady, you sure do know your blues! Good stuff.

My favorite subject is local songbirds. The first migrants arrived over last weekend. I try to take a 20-30 min walk in the woods before my commute to the day job. This morning the woods and river were alive with moving and singing things!

I’m off to check your links. I’m so glad that i stumbled across your projects!

i am gaga for this painting, leah! the whale-wave, the deep blues, the fishing line – i could pull in stories for days from this one. beautiful!

This month really is about stories. That theme keeps coming up for me. I’m reading “Made to Stick” and one of the key points there is about telling stories to explain you core ideas. I just read a post on Fine Art Views about telling the story of your art to your (potential) collectors. I have to give a presentation to elementary school kids (yikes!) and I’m trying to come up with a story format to keep it more interesting. You really hit the nail on the head with this month’s theme, Leah!

I’m not sure why,but this picture makes me think of my dad,he used to take me fishing when I was a young child.We would tell stories about the one that got away.Now I listen to my hubby tell the fishing stories.I like all the swirls in this picture,and it looks so peaceful.

Spring also excites me! I love this magical bluesy piece.

Leah, thank you so much for the links you shared with us. I’m really enjoying exploring them, particularly “Dying To Be Born”, and the link to your earlier blog entry. Enjoy the sunshine!

Oh Leah! What a wondrous list of storytelling goodies. I can’t wait to scope them out! xoxo

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