A Creative Dreaming Nook of My Own

April 7th, 2010

When we moved into our home in September and I saw the beautiful room that would become my studio, I saw that there was a little spot against one wall that I thought would be perfect for a bench with a cushion. And yet, I waited and waited. I was hesitating about spending money on myself. Did I really need a window seat? Weren't there more important things to spend my money on? And yet, I kept thinking about it and wanting this little nook for myself.

With a little encouragement from friends, I moved beyond my initial discomfort and used the money I'd saved up for this purpose to buy a sweet white bench. It came yesterday and I spent part of the afternoon putting it together. And oh, I love it! I imagine this will be a special spot for me to daydream, sketch, read, snuggle cats, and dream up new ideas. And I have more plans for this spot too. It's already got a few small decorations on the windowsill...my cat clock, bird candle, and little spring painting. But perhaps you spotted the paint swatches up on the wall? Yes, I'll be painting that wall in a beautiful blue, hanging some things from the ceiling, and putting up some art. And I'm so excited about it! Sometimes, even when it seems frivolous at first glance, treating ourselves to something that delights our creativity is so worth it.

Do you have a little corner, a nook where you can go and dream? Could you add something to it that brings you delight and makes it a place you'll want to hang out in more often? Perhaps you could bring this month's theme into developing your space by imagining what elements you could bring in to delight your senses? What scents could you bring in? What colors? What textures? What sounds?

In a room I rented ages ago, my favorite part of it was the built in window seat. Over the two years I lived there, I decorated it with curtains, a hanging plant, cushy pillows, wind chimes, and twinkling lights. It was awesome and I loved escaping to this dreamy hideaway. In another apartment I lived in, my nook consisted of a small table covered with items I loved, such as photos, bowls of shells, candles, etc...sort of like a little altar. When I was a kid, I loved making blanket forts under the kitchen table and pulling in books, the telephone, and snacks. I suppose I'm cat-like in my desire for cozy spots to curl up in! But I know from speaking with others that I'm far from alone.

I think these little safe spaces we create are a beautiful way to express ourselves creatively and also to honor our creative selves. It's a way of remembering that we need space not just for the doing, but also for the resting and dreaming and imagining and re-connecting.

If you could create your perfect nook, what would it look like? How can you create something like it in your life now?

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I love your little window seat bench. Good for you for going for it as it will pay off in the long run. (a nurtured soul is a productive soul) I have a shabby but much loved little upholstered chair in my studio which serves the same purpose for me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! =)

Hi Leah,

What a cozy nook, the little flash of green down in the yard is so nice. There’s something really nurturing about having a little space that wraps you up protectively. Over time your daydreams will soak into those walls, and make it an even more enticing place to hang out in. Yay!

What a great question – I have had a window, well, three windows that jut into my front yard, that BEG for a window seat. They have my lavender garden below – wouldn’t that be lovely, to sit in that window and smell the lavender? It is East facing, so I could watch the sunrise during winter when it is too cold to sit on my porch and write…. oh, I feel my goal for this window seat reaching up and meeting your realized goal for your nook.

THANK YOU for that, dear Leah. Thank you.

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Oh, it’s so special. I love it, Leah. I am so happy to read about you giving that space (and bench) to yourself. It reminds me of things I have given to myself when it hadn’t been easy previously. And how much joy and lightheartedness the area brought to me. Your space will let you know what other goodies and treats it would like to have in it…listen to it and ask. xoxo

Oh, and I have half of my closet that is ready to be a cozy nook space. It’s already started with a bean bag chair, some handdrawn pictures on 3×5 cards and a blanket that can hang over the hanging rod as a little eave type of thing. Now that I saw your post, I’m going give that space some love and attention today. Hugs!

Space for the re-connecting…. yes, yes, yes.

So perfect. And so true.

Your space is gorgeous. The bench is beautiful. It made me sigh when I saw it.

My space is the front porch. It’s quiet, private, tucked away. And I can sit in a chair, listen to the wind and dream myself silly.

I love it. I took an entire half of a front room and turned it from a non-functional formal sitting area to one of great energy and creativity. Now, about using it more…

What an adorable lil spot you have for dreaming!

I haven’t really had a nook to hang out in since working from home and jokingly put up an old Japanese screen around our dining table and called it my “cubicle.” Yuck. Thanks for inspiring me to look for a better metaphor *and* figure out a way to make it more inspiring.

When I was growing up, my mom had a baby grand piano. The story was that she and Dad went out one day during the war to get her stockings repaired and came home with the piano (Momma played anything by ear). I still have the payment book! Anyways, it was usually set up against a wall with a heat vent in it. My longest friend, Linda, (60 years this year!)and I used to play under there all the time. Often we would cover the paino with a blanket to create a cave (much like your kitchen table). When I was really small, I used to take the cushions off the couch (3) and make them into a cave – Daughter has that couch and I’ve taught Grandson how to do that!

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just gave you a shout out over at my blog today: http://tammyvitale.com/relentless/

sweet! I have a nook like that. we took the dining room table out so we could open up the living room/dining room as a teaching space, so when we’re not teaching, the room is open in the middle. By the bay-like window, i have a small, cozy sofa that faces the window with its back to the rest of the room. the windows are full of plants and the sofa is soft with pillows and a warm, cozy throw. i have the books i’m currently reading for inspiration and my journal all set up around me. i spend my morning before work there with a cup of tea, some inspirational reading, and my sit. i love the nourishment i get from the beauty, the softness, the reading, the ensconcement in luscious, sweet holding. here’s a pic that doesn’t really capture the feeling, but gives you a sense: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3863683&l=6fa8637204&id=729412392

This post made me smile, I love seeing the dreaming spaces of others. I adore window seats!

How inspiring. The thought of taking time to sit and dream and rest is something i need to do more often. I have a very hard time relaxing in my home (or yard.) I always see something that needs to be done to make my house “perfect.”

I realized recently — through the observation of a wise and objective person– that my family room was my living “art project,” so I’m always tweaking the composition, as opposed to just “living and being” in the room. I realize now that this is pretty neurotic and something I need to stop doing. :)

So maybe I do need my own nook. We have a window seat planned for our bedroom, so maybe that needs to get moved up on the priority list.

Anyway, sorry to ramble… thanks for the inspiration.

this is a wonderful nook Leah!
I’ve always dreamed of having a window seat… preferably one long and wide enough to sleep in! that would be part of my perfect fantasy nook.
I think I could make a place in my art room more nooky by putting a long cushion on the floor to lie down on. It’s the only space in the house that is all ‘mine’ and it would be nice to start the practice of lying down there and listening to meditation CDs. Thanks so much for sparking this idea!

Oh your little nook is going to be so nice to curl up with the cats in! If you paint it blue and plan to hang stuff from the ceiling you should sew some softie clouds… I can totally see that, just like one of your paintings! :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Gorgeous! If I were a cat I would TOTALLY come hang out with you on your windowseat :)

I have been creating a little nook for myself on one of the tables at one end of our sofa. I feel happy every time I see what’s over there.

Hey Leah,
Your creative dreaming nook looks blissful, and I agree we all need our own enriching space where we can truly connect to ourselfs and our dreams. Your bench is adorable and well done for putting it together. You have done a wonderful job. It always pays to follow the heart!
My nook is a cross between my Arts studio and my bedroom, but I don’t think they are truly complete. So I leave the nook inside myself. That is really the place to be, for me.
Have a wonderful week and keep enchanting.

Oh the bench fits perfectly in your little nook. Yay! I can just imagine you reading there w/ Sadie and Tabbers :)

Your bench looks so inviting,and it looks like it has some nice storage.This is so inspiring,makes me think I might need to create a little space for myself.

Window seats are perfect places to dream. Thanks for sharing your space. I agree, it’s productive to have a beautiful place to create. Investment decorating!

I created in our living room a space in front of the windows (3 across) that look out into the front garden. I have a day bed in front of them, with big upholstered pillows. I lay there a couple of times last summer, with the windows open and listened to the birds and the wind whistling through the leaves of the big old Mission Oak out front. I have also been trying to figure out how to get my leopard-covered wing back chair through my office doors, so I can create a reading spot in my office. I only need a 1/2″ more space — maybe I’ll have to have the door frame removed!

Hi Leah! OK, I still haven’t gotten around to committing to CED or using Mr. Linky… but this is my first comment to your blog, so hey, it’s a start. I’m no longer a “lurker,” HA!

Love your post about need for a nook. I love yours, & could use one myself… but where? I will look around with fresh eyes. In summer, I use the outdoors (the front doorstep is a fav), but that doesn’t work well in winter ;-)

Oh I missed this post when you wrote it. Hence only just commenting now. Your space looks wonderful. The window seat was definitely a good investment – it will be a perfect place to muse. I also like the sound of your future plans. I hope you post us updates with photos! My space is my slightly shabby but wonderful writing hut at the bottom of our garden. We rent our property & finding it had this summer house was a real joyful bonus. Over the past couple of years I’ve added carpet, rug, furniture, lots of art work, lamp & various hanging ornaments. It is my haven. I mention it often on my blog & actually today I’ve posted photos of its location.

Happy creating in your beautiful room.
Kat :-)

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