Creative Every Day Check-In: April 12 – 18

April 12th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April's theme is The 5 Senses. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived. ~Helen Keller

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I haven’t been here much lately,but I have been trying to be aware of my sences,on my walks.The air has been cool,and windy.If I sit by the window the sun is so warm.When the door is open the fresh air smells so good,I love Spring!

Just read Tammy’s comment and it actually reflects the post I just made about big skies. Talk about being aware of senses – there is nothing like the awakening of Spring.

I was just thinking to post about how being aware of the senses is so wonderful in spring! Sounds like we are all on the same wavelength. :)

I can’t say I have specifically focused on creativity that employs the senses — and yet most of my creativity of late has! :) I sure am enjoying this challenge!

Spring sure is a good time to have the prompt of using our senses! I’ve been pre-occupied lately with getting ready to launch my on line gallery & shop (which will happen in a few short weeks) but not having time to post regularly about much in the way of creativity. So it is a good time for me to be more aware of my senses at least and know that when I do have time, I can draw on those sensory resources that I have stored away during this time!

Nature is such a good teacher for learning to use our senses. Perfect theme to jump into discovering how our senses affect us or how our senses prompt us to remember days gone by.

Wow the five senses has really helped me to focus on one of the bigger elements that influences my painting beyond what I “see.” This was been particularly relevant in my lasted painting which I posted this morning. So interesting.

HI Leah!
Gardening here in VT this passed weekend, and loving it! Listening to the various bird song, the feel of the crisp air and occasional breeze that drifts through while digging and smelling the dirt as I move ornamental flowers to be seen and prepping the ground to use for edible landscaping. Great season, and making the most of each day and the good weather we’re having.

The 5 senses are making me realize how much our senses overlap — sight & touch esp. I was going to do a photoshoot for “taste” with a row of cups full of kool-aid and couldn’t quite bring myself to mix them up with all that sugar after all the sugar from easter-jelly-bean week. And then I realized my oldest kid had eaten the last of all the jelly beans! Thanks for keeping the good ju-ju flowing with inspiration, Leah! (And then there’s the 6th sense of intuition, hmmmm…..)

Thank you, Leah, for the gentle nudge to keep life’s priorities straight. I’ve created a list of my faves broken down by sense :)

Please stop by my blog to enter my Birthday Giveaway inspired by gratitude and friendship! The more the merrier!


A little message for all of you, “What You Do Matters.”
(and don’t give up.)

Hello Leah! I haven’t been posting regularly since November and I’m back with a commitment this time. Looking forward to posting more regularly and connecting with you and the incredible community that you create!


I really like how your themes help me to be present in the moment, and really focus on what is going on around me.

Hello, lovelies! I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme. Me too! Like so many of you, Spring has been a great time to be aware of my senses, especially when I’m outside.

Maron, good luck with your shop launch!!

Shelly, I totally agree! I’ve been noticing how tied together scent and taste are lately. And you’ve hit on the next theme too! ;-)

Leah V., so glad to see you back!!

Today is my grandmother’s birthday! So, on her birthday card, I put a mini version of my latest project. She loved it! I’m really happy with the project.

I also tried to do a charcoal drawing of it, but sadly, that didn’t work out very well…


First timer here and I have a creative nugget to share.
When I feel the lack of creativity, or the (in)famously known “Writer’s Block”, I tend to get out in the breeze. I have a house with trees and green surrounds, and I just have to talk a walk and viola! The creative juices come back with a bounce.

Another nugget is going to the library. I love going to the traditionally done up libraries which are more about wooden polished furniture and not only computers like the new ones, you know the kinds that are old and huge? Yeah, they just can get me come back to creativity all day long.

Will keep sharing more!


So now that I’m back to blogging after the Big Move, I find that just about everything anyone says involves the senses. But having the theme is keeping me alert and aware. Thanks for the push. I love this challenge.

Nature seems to work as the perfect foil for this month’s theme. It prompted me to pick up my camera and think about compositions before clicking away! I’ve shared some of those results through a largely photographic entry. Hope you like it! :)

Had a Spring Walkabout yesterday that was a feast for my senses and my heart. Happy Spring to all and thanks, as always, Leah, for the wonderful inspiration here !
Cheers !

Well, this is a first. Today I told my readers to shut up. Actually, they’re my husband’s words. He says if we all just pipe down already we can actually hear spring arriving. I love that. Hope you’ll check out the post. :)

I haven’t added a link in awhile, I have been creating just forgetting to pop over and do this.

Late with check-in this week. I did open studios last weekend and was wiped out for a couple of days. Or maybe it’s my allergies. :) I’ve found time to create my cards but little else. I’m hoping to regroup this week and start some new pieces next wekk. Happy creating to you all. I love visiting everyone’s sites!

Waiting to see more of your collage. I’m liking it. Also liking blogging again and getting back to normal – whatever that is. You know that song “You’ll Never Walk Alone?” I’m going to change it “I’ll Never Move Again.”

Seeing my tiny daughter develop her senses reminds me to be so thankful for mine! What a miracle!

For sight and sound I also posted a video. It’s a tutorial on about an inexpensive tool you may already have and a technique for painting on a small canvas.

hi leah! mine is about reconnecting with the soul… something that i think takes all senses to accomplish. hope all is well! xo aimee

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