Creative Every Day Check-In: April 19 – 25

April 19th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April's theme is The 5 Senses. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

I sat staring, staring, staring - half lost, learning a new language or rather the same language in a different dialect. So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born. ~Emily Carr

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A creative week! Finished first collage in Kathryn Antyr’s Storytelling + Collage class along with guest post here (that was fun). To celebrate my senses, yesterday took a long, hot bath with candles and scents I love. Something I don’t do often but was extra enjoyable to be aware of all of my senses!

To celebrate my senses, I left the window open last night and let in the sweet smell of the air and the rhythmic noise of the occasional car. I felt refreshed when I woke up after breathing all that fresh air. This week I made a series of mini-paintings with an exacto knife.

ohhhHHHhhhh i am enjoing my art so much right now. this weekend i starting building a “city of possibility” and i am so in love with it.

i made a video of it that i’m putting in my blog now.

happy creating everyone!

hoping to slow down enough to make art some time this week. in the meantime there are always photos…. i am full of ideas to work on when i do have time though.

set up a creative “schedule….” not as strict or structured as it may come off but it will help me to finish projects before moving onto new ideas. this week is about completing fiber-based projects that are almost done but just not quite there…today is about finishing my son’s spring gardening sweater. I used a pattern as a baseline, and then added my own modifications to create something differnt. I will be blogging about it in the next day or two; I have two other subjects to blog about as well this week. I will be posting on Cheerios In My Shoes, my “mom” blog about this week’s creative endeavor to complete some of my fiber-based projects. The senses that come to mind: sight, touch, hearing….colors of yarn & fabric, the texture for touch, and listening to the click of knitting needles and the hum of the sewing machine…here’s to creativity!

Yesterday, was an entirely disappointing day. I was disappointed in my hopes and in myself, ultimately. But I’ve decided to get back on the horse, of sorts.

Disappointment is really a natural part of life, which logically I realize. But I don’t deal with this well. So, yesterday’s disappointment just brought me down and stressed me out. So, how do you deal with this?

I’ve been so busy, and will probably continue to stay just as busy, but I feel like I’m making a little progress in my projects. I finally started and finished a skirt– up on the blog– that I had been meaning to make. And I’m making progress in a larger project that I’ve been working on. But it’s slow going. I just can’t seem to make time to sit down and Do.

Its been a good week for my writing and the theme of ‘the five senses’ has remained in the back of my mind. I’ve also taken lots of photos and finally (after vision/head problems) been able to enjoy reading a novel with minimal pain.

More photos and thoughts on the blog post I’ve just posted.

I love reading all about your creative adventures. Being part of this group is a fantastic support!
A happy creative week to you all.
Kat :-)

I just updated my blog about my weekend’s activities.

A shift always happen for me about this time of year as I yearn to be in the garden, under the trees and away from the computer and the studio. I am not sure but I think I will reduce my post to Tuesday and Thursday’s beginning in May. My five senses are live with the sound of song birds, bees, woodpeckers, ravens and eagles; the smell of blossoms, green grass and freshly turned dirt; the feel of the shovel in my hands, stretching muscles, and the sun on the top of my head; the taste of chives, sage, fennel, and parsley; the sight of deep red tulips, small bluebells and new maple leaves….

Yay! I started a new piece today. I haven’t made any new art, save my daily postcards, for a couple of months. Bad! Bad! Bad! I was burned out after my show in February and before I recovered I was getting ready for my first open studios (a lot more work than I ever expected). But today I turned over a new leaf and got going. it felt SOOOOOO good. I can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow. But now to go think about dinner. Responsibilities are calling.

Leah- I enjoyed the video of you in the new art room. I felt very relaxed as I watched you making the collage. Your voice was soothing. There’s something different about your approach to making art that appeals to me. It’s the way you accept what you can accomplish. Your art has a soft quality- like a day dream.

Hi Leah, thanks for creating such a supportive community. It really helps me to commit to my practice of blogging… showing up.

I feel like I just need some uninterrupted time to get my stuff really going… unfortunately, I don’t get that.

But I’m still running.

My post today delves into the senses perhaps farther than we want to go – I’m talking colonoscopies. But I hope everyone reads it who dreads having the first, or whose spouse won’t go.

Leah – Thanks for the encouraging words! I love setting goals even though sometimes it can be scary and hard going after them.

I’m back to blogging.
Have been away for a while, but have reconnect with my source again.
Good to be back.
Hope you are well.

Ahh, so happy to be back posting! I was busy preparing, enjoying and getting back to reality after our 2 week family vacation. whew! I am still behind this month but, happy to finally get something sweet for my taste buds posted today :)

I’ve been quite productive, but not sharing as much lately due to deadlines, etc. Back to the blog & posted some of my latest activities…

What a perfect month for the theme of the five senses. I just went on a photo safari of my neighborhood. The colorful flowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sounds of kids playing in their front yards, all the luscious taste thrills of fruits coming into season like strawberries and even light April showers touching our skin is all so deliciously intoxicating!

i’m finally getting some art time back into the craziness that has been “moving to new house”. i didn’t think i would come up with anything for the senses theme–i’ve been at a loss–but my brain was screaming for creativity this morning, so i chose to write rather than visualize…i’m far from being much of a writer, so I am thinking there will be journal pages down the road using the words as the inspiration…my link is with mr linky :)

I love seeing how your collage turned out. Unexpected – it’s so wonderful to have surprises turn up in our work, isn’t it? I like the results and I liked the beginning.

Thank you, Leah, for the challenge to be creative daily! Like so many others, I feel that I don’t always succeed in meeting the challenge, but I’m far more conscious of creativity in my life these days. I’m also so appreciative of every moment I DO find to express myself creatively. And I’m thrilled to be observing the “catching” nature of creativity in my family!

A last minute linking…sorry :( I’ve been making wool-felted soaps for my first giveaway! I found a wool-felted soap in a local art shop and wanted to try my hand at doing one myself since I’d recently learned to felt. I’ve been having fun making them, and hope to try to make wool-felted wine toppers soon, too. This does fit in with the theme of senses because the soaps hidden inside smell yummy :)

Looking forward to May’s theme…almost time to find out?

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