Creative Every Day Check-In: April 5 – 11

April 5th, 2010

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April's theme is The 5 Senses. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses. ~Diane Ackerman

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I have never been the first on the Check in EVER so I am mildly (well, more than mildly!) excited.

I also love Diane Ackerman. I am such a voluptuary, love the senses… my honey calls me a sensate… sensual, have been known to say “Ohhh, smell that… ohhhh” and will moan before eating my food because sometimes the smell alone is enough. ^GIGGLES^ this week I need to post some photos I took of food in Amherst last week at Basta y pasta. SOOO tasty, I often say “I wish this was smell-o-cam!”

Thanks for the inspiration – it led me to experiment with using the slideshow feature of Wordpress for a mostly visual blog entry!

Thank you Leah,I almost feel Like I have a grounding here,and that I can come back at any time and be welcome.I’m going to enjoy the 5 sences this month,I enjoy checking out everyones Inspiration and art.It feels good to be back.

happy monday all! loving the sights & smells of spring!

I don’t know how it’s feeding my art, yet, but I have noticed myself trying to be more present in the living so far this Spring. I’ve been watching for green things and flowers to bloom, running from cool breezes (I’m always cold), hearing the birds going crazy, promising to walk barefoot in the soft grass more often, trying to smell tiny little flowers, and eating strawberries because we bought too many (mm strawberry shortcake for breakfast!)

Spring is such a wonderful time to have a theme of the senses. There is so much happening. Flowers and trees are blooming (and stuffing up my nose!), fresh air wafts in through windows long kept closed against winter cold, and bursts of color and news scents are everywhere. YUM!!! Spring!!!

Good Afternoon, Leah!
Our senses are so sensitive and being worked overtime at this time of the year. Now that sinus congestion is passed us here in VT, moving into the elbow-deep sense of creativity. I worked in my gardens this weekend, hoping to get out there again in a day or two. Because I have so much that I touch upon each day creatively-it took another artist to point that out-I’ve had to create a list of what I do, what needs to be completed, and what ambitions I have to move forward. Today is about fiber work and writing. I wrote down the suggestions you listed, as I have since I signed on in Jan, and try to touch on something for inspiration. A poem….haven’t written one of those in some time now but something is sparking my curiousity to do so….let it flow….

This is my first post to CED. I’m excited about joining this great group of creative souls. Thanks for sharing.

This is my first time ever posting to the site, so I’m excited, and nervous, to be sharing with such creative people!

Leah, I loved the March theme, stories, and though I did create a lot around that theme, I just didn’t get the time to post to my blog! So, the link I’m sharing today is to do with last month’s theme, sorry!

It’s a blog entry where I’ve woven in excerpts from a story – Eat, Pray, Love – with some advice I got from my father-in-law to present my “story” (or viewpoint) on motherhood.

I’ll look forward to any seeing your comments on this entry, or on others, if you choose to browse through the rest of my blog. :)

Thank you Leah for the 5 senses theme. On an Easter Saturday seaside visit it got me thinking and helped prompt some potentially important changes to my novel. Taking photos I also spent a lot of time thinking how the changing seasons and faces of a place can effect our sensory perception of it.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s interpretation of this month’s theme. Happy creating to you all! Kat :-)

I absolutely MUST do something creative every day, but I don’t love to blog or take pics :(
Any one else struggle with this? I love all the great stuff people share online and the encouraging comments, but I can’t always pull myself away from the craft table to the computer. Of course, once I’m at the computer…but that’s another thing :)

I was so excited about commenting yesterday, and then I totally forgot!! I’ve had a few things in the works recently, and I’m working on more of a long term project right now. It really feels good not to have the pressure of trying to finish things. And I should be posting again tomorrow!!

Also, I’d love a little more feedback on my posters–especially the frames. Please go check them out!


Hi all! I feel like I can literally feel the Springy energy in your comments.

@Jan, I think you’re not alone in feeling that way at all! These things come in cycles. Sometimes we’re more at the craft table, sometimes we’re at the computer more. Sometimes it’s hard to pull ourselves away from one place or the other. And it’s totally ok, to just get lost in the creating without posting it online all the time. Mix it up to find the balance that works best for you.

Welcome, Jinny and April! I’m so glad you’re joining in! And welcome back, Tammy!

Big hugs and happy creating to all of you!

Well, I have shown up Leah for another months theme but this time I feel scattered, less focused. I may do some morning pages just to see if I can uncover what is just below my reach. We shall see. Sometimes an showing up in an uneasy place is what delivers new inspiration beyond what we can imagine.

I’m creating many days a week but, as Jan mentioned int he comments, I’m not feeling much like blogging or editing photos. I made a fun paper flower, wrote a review of Ecojot sketchbooks and journals (they are SO awesome and super green), tried cooking a few new-to-me things and am in the process of turning an old Tshirt with butterflies on it into a reusable shopping bag!
Will post pics of the finished product soonish… :-)
I love the sense theme. I may also post some pics from a nature outing last weekend.
Spring in southern Ontario is finally here and it’s definitely engaging my senses.

It’s my first time posting to CED in a while as I’m just now getting some creative juices flowing again. I even have two posts to share! :) I think I may be taking you up on the use of senses this month. . .

i like those birds, for now i am not “bloging” so much, too busy! but i will come back soon

A messy pink art journal collage in an altered book…

My first EVER art journaling play date with a friend visiting from Georgia!

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