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April 13th, 2010

Hey, everyone! I'm having fun with the senses theme and was inspired to make a little video, to play with the senses of sight and sound. In this video, I show a few details of how I begin a mixed-media piece, along with some of the techniques and materials I use. I was rambling on a bit and I don't know how interesting it will be to watch, but I know I get a kick out of seeing other artists at work, so perhaps you'll enjoy a peek into my creating world!

I've continued working on the collage since I finished the video, as you can see in the work-in-progress picture above, and will begin the painting part soon. I'm curious to see how much it will follow the original seed of an idea I had for it or if it will go in a new direction once I start painting!

Other items of note:

* Memory Walk: In November, I mentioned that my grandmother passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's (that's her and I a long time ago...gotta love the footie pajamas.) This fall, I'm going to be walking in her memory to raise funds for Alzheimer's Disease research. It's a terrible disease and I hope to make a difference. If you feel moved to sponsor me on my walk, you can do so here. As a thank you to those who donate, I will be randomly selecting one sponsor to receive a special piece of my artwork!

* Kitty Art: I've got a couple new items in the shop, including some adorable Itty Bitty Kitty art pieces and brand new Itty Bitty Kitty Greeting cards!

* Spring Sale: Through the month of April, you can use the coupon code spring2010 to receive 20% off your order of prints, cards, and original pieces in my shop.

* UPDATE: The collage in the tutorial above, later became Bee Memories.

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Hi Leah ! It was fun to hang out in your studio for a bit and to see you in action. Can’t wait to see where the collage goes.
Spring has been a wonder this year, don’t you think ? The colors and the smells and the energy bursting out everywhere in New England just blows me away. Definitely making me aware of my senses.
Happy Spring and happy creating !

Hi Leah,

Thank you so much for inviting me into your studio to watch you work. The only thing better would be if I was really there and working with you.

Life is giving me a little kick in the face right now and this little video of yours has really helped me to realize the importance of art to my mental health.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this collage you’ve started and will share what I do as a result of watching your work.

Thanks for all you do,


Oh, it’s lovely to see folks in action, I agree that it’s fun to watch…so definitely make videos if you want, I’m watching :) Your collage is lovely…can’t wait to see more progress…

Hi Leah, Thank you for sharing your work. It’s so nice to see you again – even though not in person. I love your studio and your private nook.
You’re right, this is the perfect time of year for the theme of “senses”. I have been soaking up all of the beautiful colors and scents of the season. There’s something so special about new awakenings. The beginning of the growing season is very special to me. I plan to savor every minute.
I read your postings faithfully. Your ideas are so inspiring to me. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and ideas.
My best,
Janet XXOO

Loved seeing you work in your studio. It really has helped me to put vision to your work. Thanks for the visual for a very visually-oriented person!!!

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So fun to see you working intuitively and listening to you share your insights. What a treat!

xo & belief in you!


This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Fun to see your work unfolding, thanks for inviting us in!

Thanks for sharing how you work with us! I always enjoy watching how people make their art.

I love how the collage is looking so far and can’t wait to see the final outcome (or even bits in between)!

I love to watch other people work on their art, too! I haven’t done collage since I was in grade school–hehe! That was fun! :)


Great job on the video. I love how the cat tries to make a guest appearance, and knock you off your game. But you didn’t let it! Good job.

I am very interested in doing some videos for my encaustic work and I have been recently. However each time I set up to do my encaustic, I record for about 30 minutes! This length is no good for video on the internet.

Maybe I will have to set up like yours and just set out to do one thing for the video. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jaime Lyerly

Okay, how fun was that to “hang out” with you in your studio? :) I could just imagine being there! You’re so adorable. Loved seeing you in action. And I have to say, I loooove the apron and your hair (are those new highlights? looks great), and the saran wrap idea is genius. I always spend the first 10 min. of collage time just trying to open the damn bottle!! Thanks for giving us a peek into your world. xo


That was fun. I do love watching other artists work. Thanks for a peak into your process…. For some reason I want to go play in my studio now…


I love, love, love peeking into your studio and seeing you make stuff! thanks for sharing.

oh my goodness! that was so much fun! you are a darling! thanks for taking the time to make the video – i’m sure it was time consuming but such a benefit for all of us!

Love this zen-nugget —> “You can’t really get too attached to the things you’re collaging…”

Hi, Leah. First-time visitor here. And so glad I dropped by (via Fabeku’s RT). You’re incredibly generous with your process. It’s a really moving and inspiring gift. Thank you for it :-)

Hi Leah – It was great to see you working in your studio and that window nook is really nice! Have not been enjoying spring with this sinus infection but starting to feel better. Want to experiment with the canvases I bought at Blick’s on a whim a few weeks ago. They have a store in my neck of the woods!

Thank you, Leah. You have such a friendly, easy way of talking that I did feel like I was there! It is fun to watch an artist create!

I LOVE it Leah!! And I LOVE you as well!!

Big hugs!

Dear Leah,

It is wonderful to see and hear you talk about your experience with the senses and see you in action on your creative expressions. This method of communication is such an excellent idea to bring the theme of the senses in.

I love your collage, it is very unique and thank you so much for sharing! :)

Happy Spring




This is so cool and inspiring to watch. I love being able to see and hear you in your studio. And right off the bat I learned a very valuable lesson. That little thing about the plastic wrap on the top of the medium jar. You have save me the pain of taking a screw driver to my little jars every time I get ready to collage. Who knew! And I love what you said about not getting too attached to things because you don’t know where they may lead. Wonderful. Thanks so much for giving us a peek inside your studio and creative process.

Hey Leah,

It’s really fun to watch you at work in your studio. And I loved the surprise kitty visit.


Seeing and hearing your process was a treat. The video quality was great too. I’m going to try vimeo out especially now that it’s difficult to use youtube videos on blogger.

P.S. love your new highlights and the tip for to keep paint lids from sticking.

Hooray for Kitty Kards!!! I have SOOOO been waiting for these. Just luv, luv, luv them little kitty cats!

I couldn’t get the video to play for some reason but loved seeing the “under garment” that ultimately became the Bee Memory collage! It’s fun to see where you started from and how your mind works, girl! =)

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