Spring Birds

April 6th, 2010

This weekend, I was out of town visiting with the hubster's family, and oh my, there was a lot of food! To counter balance the intake, we took a two hour walk through his old neighborhoods, walking by the water, admiring old homes, enjoying the beautiful weather. I had the theme in my mind as I walked, noticing the different ways my senses were inspired.

I had a break in the action to start a painting on Sunday evening, which I finished up today. I think it was inspired in part by Easter eggs, all the birds I saw everywhere, and the feeling of Spring.

Today, on a different walk, I was inspired by bumble bees, crunchy pine cones underfoot, the smell of sunscreen, and rushing water. What's been catching your eye and inspiring your senses lately

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ooo, I love the purple and pinks color scheme you used here…lovely. Definitely a happy romantic Spring feeling :)

I’m finding inspiration in things lurking around my house posing as “useless”, like old file folders (to make tags or journal pages) or broken crayons (using a tiny craft iron over shavings to paint journal pages with the wax)

Love your painting. I see a leaf design at work, too. Very cool.

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What a beautiful piece Leah! I love the tiny little birds! I’ve been noticing all the flowers starting to pop up! The Daffodills are coming, the daffodills are coming! And the forsytheia is blooming on the Cape Cod! I love spring! and the 5 senses I have to enjoy it!

I also was inspired by a change of location. My Easter was spent walking around a farm in rural North Dakota.

I see a bird emerging from the ground,trying to come out,maybe it’s my imagination or just spring fever?

Love, love, love these colors!! This morning I stood in my lavender garden… getting to be gorgeous and lush… am hoping the shot of a bee doing its things on one of the blossoms works out well….

What a change in pallette for you!
My inspiration comes from the frogs in my pond. I like that they chatter all day right outside my window, and that they’ve layed a zillion eggs. And I like that I seem to have one more goldfish than I did at the end of summer last year (daughter days: it was probably black then and you didn’t see it…but I like to believe in magic!)

I just love this piece which is a departure from your usual position on the color wheel. It is so pretty and different!
xo Maron

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