Whale Dreams

April 30th, 2010

My latest painting is called, "Whale Dreams" and somehow it feels just right for the transition into May's Creative Every Day Challenge theme of Intuition. I think it's because whales come up quite a bit in art that I do intuitively. I finished up this painting on the day of the full moon and although it wasn't originally going to have a moon in it, as it came to life, it definitely wanted a moon.

I hope you all have a beautifully creative weekend! I'm planning to enjoy the wish*full art retreat at wishstudio, where I'm leading a workshop, the gorgeous weather, and getting my toes painted with my bff.

If you're looking for more sensory inspiration before the month of Senses comes to an end, check out this post from last Spring about an Intuitive Painting class where I was led through an exercise using my sense of smell. Very cool.

And also be sure to put on your dancing shoes for Jamie's annual Shyne Like a Star Virtual Dance Party tomorrow!

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I love this painting, Leah! So calming….seemingly unrelated subjects that just “go” together like dreams do…

The boat and waves in her dress is perfect. Really, really, pretty!

Love the painting. Enjoy the class and pedicure!

Leah, this is awesome! I really love it!

beautiful Leah! I was initially scheduled to be at an arts festival this weekend so I didn’t sign up for with wish*full retreat, but now I’m having to stay home to help clean up the very large tree that came down in our yard during one of the storms this week. i’m sure the virtual retreat will be awesome!

I really like this one! Everything blends together just like a dream. Her hair is the waves, the water almost looks like an early evening sky… just lovely!

I was thinking of the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. If you think about it, being outside of the whale is like a rebirth of creativity, art, and inner being. I think you captured this, Leah, since you mentioned that whales crept into your paintings! :) Beautiful!

I am so into the senses right now as I enjoy Spring unfolding in my gardens. Love your whale painting too!


This takes my breath away. It is so beautiful!

I love the way the design includes overlapping images. Lovely!

Ooo, very cool. I like the inner picture of the ship and water in her dress form too… I wonder if the whale is your power animal? Hehe…

Oh man, I love this so much. The layers of waves and the swirling stars and the moon is So Big! The intersection of the girl and the whale, her beautiful hair, the colors at the bottom of the sea… Love.

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