Creative Every Day Check-In: May 17-23

May 17th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April's theme is Intuition. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

If you let your intuitive self take hold in the beginning of a work, a very beautiful “happening” might emerge. You can then use your intellectual self to refine where necessary. Barbara L. Siegal

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the gigantic oil spill—oil STILL spilling! was the prompt for my latest blog post…
and the artwork is a tesselation…

creativity in the spring/summer is so different from the winter when I paint. sculpture, carve. Now i grow things or build things in the garden… But I see the painting and drawing as a new part of me to express and to explore so I want to keep it up as well. This week will be more of the painting and stuff… Thanks for doing this Leah xx

Last week my creativity went into hibernation with a bad cold. I just took care of myself physically knowing that as I felt better the creativity would come. And now it’s back, after a weekend away to a new place and lots of new photos to play with. Love it!

Seems all of my energy & intuition lately have been poured into “administrative” type projects that, while not requiring art skills, still require creativity. This type of “work” is exhausting to me because I don’t have the outlet of giving birth to a physical piece of art. And while working towards a goal is satisfying, there is nothing like putting pen to paper or paint to canvas. Another big and highly successful (non-profit) event took place yesterday and as co-chairperson, another big load off my shoulders! Working on that and finishing up my site at the same time have me drained but my instincts tell me that after a few days rest, I will be back in the zone!! It’s time to take care of me for a little bit…

Haven’t done a lot lately, but what I have done has been helpful in soothing my soul — and was definitely done intuitively. Am hoping to do more now that I have Shona Cole’s book THE ARTISTIC MOTHER to get the creative juices flowing :)

for some reason May is turning out to be a wonderfully creative month for me.
I’ve been art journalling frequently, carving stamps from erasers, writing poetry, made a template/stencil from a cereal box, am experimenting with making art journal page backgrounds that look nice but don’t warp think pages (ie not too wet).
Plus a ton of happy time is being spent in my gardens and a bit of baking and some sewing planned!
I love how everything growing is waking up… I think it’s waking me up too :-)
Thank you Leah for keeping me focused on creativity!

A friend gave me some good advice about my soldering efforts…and I’ve taken it to heart in more of my artwork…letting it (soldering, creativity, intuition) flow naturally, not forcing it and loving the imperfections…

Since I’ve been off chemo now and my taste buds are reviving, I have been psyched to cook again. Last week I started concocting salad dressings. I’ve been going salad crazy because I could not eat many raw veggies during chemo; now that I can, I feel obsessed with creating new sensations that taste great and look good, too :) .
Thanks, Leah, for giving us a site to stimulate and share our creativity.

I’ve been in sort of a creative rut. I have been creating my postcard every day but have not worked on any larger pieces. I did some writing last week to explore what is holding me back. I’ve decided that I need to just plunge into a few new pieces and “work” my way through this. I have been over thinking what diretion to go in which has stimied me. I need to just cut loose and see what happens. LET MY INTUITION LEAD THE WAY!

I had a huge creatively intuitive night last night. Pushed myself off the edge from messing around and trying something new which wasn’t working out, actually, into a world of uncomfortable… just the act of saying, ‘to heck with reality’ pushed the work into something that was bordering on profound.

I don’t know. I feel my creativity pushing my own boundaries. Perhaps that’s the profundity.

I tried the intuitive painting today. It was scary for me, but I had fun! It felt really good and sparked some new ideas for me:)

I agree about finding my creativity focused on my garden. I alway get the planting itch this time of year. Plus, pulling weeds is a great way to let off some steam when I get frustrated with a project!

Happy to be here :-) Been busy so not spending as much time on my art as I’d like. Am enjoying what does spring up and find its way into artistic expression. Letting intuition take me where it will.

intuition has lead me to more extensive gardening, fiberwork, and writing. this has been a great month for mind opening experiences, Leah. Thank you for everything that you do!

I love to make dolls but recently began learning hoop dance and became VERY distracted from all other forms of art…then, last week I got back on a dollmaking kick and my focus for this week is to begin creating for two upcoming blog events. My post for the week is about them so have a look and jump in if you’re interested and not already signed up :)

I am working on the writing, just plugging along. Over the past weekend, I went with a friend (Carissa) to visit an Italian restaurant. It’s owned by another of my friends and she was celebrating the six year anniversary of the place.

They had a band playing, and my friends (who know I sing) convinced the musicians to let me get up and do a couple of tunes. We just improvised and did some blues jams. It was really fun.

It was good to sing again.

Now Carissa and I are going to an open mic on Wednesday night. I think my intuition is telling me to get back to the thing I love so much: music. This time I’m listening.

More writing than art this week. Setting the intention to allow my intuition to guide things leads to plenty of meandering and some nice surprises.

I started my first art journal,I have heard so many say it helps with creativity.I’m finding thoughts,putting them down on paper and then painting over them.It’s good to get them out and know their there,but nobody else can see them.My word for the year was follow,so I’m trying to follow my intuition and see what happens.

I am excited to have signed up for an on-line class from Alisa Burke… it has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time… hoping to cut loose on being creative and learning some new…

I tried the intuitive painting today. It was scary for me, but I had fun! It felt really good and sparked some new ideas for me:)

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful experiences with creating, intuition, and the ups and downs of living a creative life. You all inspire me!

Hudson, good for you for singing again!

Dave, I love that you are setting the intention to let your intuition guide your writing.

Donna, what an exciting time! My mouth watered just thinking about your food creations.

Gayle, I love that advice for soldering and for all creating.

Happy creating, everyone!

As always when being a little down, I search a new way of being creative. You ignited the right spark in me with your challenge. I think I’m fueled for long since I just started reading your empowering blog. Thanks a lot !

After toying with adding color to my building doodles, I finally went for it and added watercolor…

I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and getting some creative time in. Had fun playing around as I try and mix in a little digital.

Hope everyone is having a happy, creative week!

I too have been seduced away from the studio by my garden.It’s wonderful working in all that fresh green and blooms. Rain brought me inside today and I spent the day drawing and working on the painting I wanted to throw through the door last week. I guess we just needed a little vacation from each other.

Wow, I love how your website has helped me to focus on creativity.

Here’s some free-motion quilting (bad, and then great!) I used to make a small pillow for my window seat. Does anyone else feel instantly special when sitting in a window seat, ready to read, stitch or —– fill in the blank with your favorite creative pursuit …

Sorry guys – I’m going to post two in a row. Mr. Linky wouldn’t let me in the other day. I’m enjoying everyone’s comments. I read so much about people getting back in the swing of things, being in a creative rut, and so on. It’s nice to have this challenge as a motivator.

Just occured to me with my last zentangle that I am drawing them intuitively… funny what hits you sometime, didn’t think I created with intuition… funny when the light bulb goes on…. thank everyone for all the inspiration!

this is my first intuition post! i’m so glad i found this!

A few catch up posts, EDMs and Layer Love pages. I’ve also finally succumbed to watercolors and gave them a go. My first few (presentable) attempts have been posted up.

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