Creative Every Day Check-In: May 24-30

May 24th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April's theme is Intuition. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!


I believe in intuition and inspiration... At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason. ~Albert Einstein

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:-) I am feeling very content with my creativity lately – I need to do more on my assemblage project… perhaps my goal now is to complete it by May 30. I think that works.

working on a couple of projects… hope to finish one this week if all goes well….

i spend my days planting and digging and occasionally I get the muse to sit down and paint, too. Very nice and easy. All is well. Intuitively. :-)

This month’s theme of Intuition has been really interesting to me. Right now I’m also taking Kathryn Antyr’s Storytelling+Collage class (thanks for the reference to the class a couple of months ago, Leah!) and have found working on the collages intuitively a very fun and natural process. I have purchased a couple of books on making art intuitively that I look forward to reading and experimenting with, I thought I would also share these titles with this group: Life, Paint and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression by Michele Casou and Stewart Cubley, and Art from Intuition: Overcoming your fears and obstacles to making art by Dean Nimmer. We’ll see where these take me!

Great theme – I have enjoyed exploring it very much!

i am creating new creative space today. yum! my work has outgrown my artroom so i have turned my livingroom into my new studio (much bigger!). i have all the furniture moved, now i’m playing around with where i want all the little decorative things to be. fun!

this has been a great month, Leah. Intuitive creativity is so overlooked, let along relying on intuition for most of our decisions throughout the day.

I’m getting ready to attend an illustrator’s workshop and I’m just soooo excited because I will be with such creative professional women for 3 days!! I can’t wait to soak up some of their knowledge and then come home and use it in my own work. What could be better? =)

Intuition really came into play last night as I finished an altered book spread on the theme of “Tea Time” for an AB yahoo group I’m in. My vision for the page was COMPLETELY different from what I actually created. I ended up focusing on my DD8, who often makes tea for me just to bless me, and I used one of her water colour paintings as the background. I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

I finally focused on working intuitively this weekend. I’m hoping to do more during this final week.

Having fun playing with vintage ephemera. I love the stories that play out in my mind when I create a piece.

I just finished painting a little girl wearing a masquerade mask. I think it’s one of my favorites that I’ve done so far.

I’m hanging my latest wallhanging “There he goes”, an assemblage of my husband’s teeshirt designs from all his races`

Hi Leah,

I’m not sticking to your theme at all, but glad to say I am finding all kinds of creative outlets to post. Missed a few weeks but feeling back on track. Your web site is a nice reminder to create no matter what. All who supply links… you inspire me continuously. Thank you.


I’ve learnt that trusting my intuition is a scary business. I’ve blogged about how that realisation has affected my creativity & productivity recently.

A happy creative week to you all!

I know I haven’t linked or commented much these last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I have not been creating. In fact, interestingly enough, I have felt compelled really strongly to do more intuitive painting of late, and not only because of the topic of the month. Actually, it started before I even knew about this month’s topic of Intuition! Pretty cool I think. My biggest undertaking is something I have not even blogged about yet, but I will share it here:

I have booked a table at a local “Oneness Spirit Fair” to do “Spirit Art”, which will be an intuitive painting of a person’s energy or whatever comes to me as they sit in front of me. I am a little nervous about it, but it will help me get out of my head and just let it flow. When I have 20 minutes to create something unique for a person, I HAVE to let it flow! It is in June, so I have some time to practice – be sure some of my practice ones will end up on my blog too.

Finished 3 more mermaid watercolors….that I worked on side by side. Such a nice change of pace to work smaller and on multiples. :o P

Finished my art doll for the True North Arts paper doll swap and sent her off so now I need to make her sister. Am working more intuitively and just letting things flow. It is a pleasure to see everyone’s work!

this intuitive stuff is really cool! thanks for helping me let go a little…

Wow! Has this month ever flew on the wings of time! I was at my daughter’s bridal shower on the weekend. I do not take a lot of people pictures so in the middle of the event I slipped out to the seashore and took a couple of more familiar images. This was right for me intuitively I knew I would be able to focus more intently when I returned. So a bridal shower, a rainbow and an eagle over the moon come together in a delightful blog post from the weekend. Thanks Leah.

An impromptu series of mandala artist trading cards on different backgrounds!

Dear Leah,
Hope you are well.
Diving in strong with this months theme, am taking myself into swapping adventures and creating on the spot.
I have been very creative latetly, and I have uploaded some photos on the Creative Every Day Flickr group for it, and also continuing to update my blog, in reflection with my ongoing journey closely tied in with intuition!
Happy week

I just found this site and this is a great idea. I’ve signed up and am ready to take on the challenge.

Not sure if I am ready for diving into the theme yet but serendipity may provide that.

Scarlet xx

Hi Leah!
What’s up for June’s theme? I haven’t noticed a post for the week before the new month starts and just wanted to check in; can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for the beginning of summer!

I’m trying to use my intuition for my new journal,I tend to fight my intuition,so it’s been very interesting to actually put it on paper.I have the same thoughts in my head all the time,now I’m trying to act on them.Thanks Leah for this subject.

HI Leah! I haven’t been here commenting in ages but I FINALLY have an intuitive piece I posted about on my blog. It really is weird when my feelings come thru in my art. Almost scarey at times. LOL Thanks so much for doing this blog.

I am looking forward to blissfully letting go and letting the art emerge from that place we can’t explain.

I normally follow my intuition when it comes to my interactions with others or making those tough decisions. My intuition never leads me astray. This is my chance to use it in my creative endeavors.

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