Releasing Fears

May 19th, 2010

I think one of the stumbling blocks to creating intuitively is fear. Actually, it's a stumbling block for any kind of creativity. But it's not a road block. Meaning, it might make you stumble, but it doesn't have to make you stop in your tracks. And even more interestingly, you can use these fears as a way in.

What happens when you can get in touch with your fears, notice them, learn from them and then create with what you find? Fear can be powerful, but through looking into it, it can be transformative and a source of power and strength in you.

I was contemplating all this after listening to Goddess Leonie's beautiful Releasing Fears meditation. I just adore Leonie's voice and her gentle way of leading you deeper into yourself. After listening to the meditation, I had a strong urge to paint the piece above. I followed my intuition as it led me to the image and the way to create it. And I felt so much better after I'd completed it.

How can you use your fears as a way in? If you asked your fears what they have to teach you, what might they say? How might it feel to take in that information and then let go of the fear? What might your fears inspire you to create?

Along with the Releasing Fears meditation, I also highly recommend the Divine Dreaming meditation if you have any trouble sleeping or just want a soothing meditation to relax to. And if you're looking for more of the beautiful and amazing Goddess Leonie, check out her Creative Goddess e-course, which begins on the 30th of May. Leonie rocks my socks. You can get all the details for her class here.

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A beautiful image, and so much to think about.


This is so beautiful and powerful. And thanks for the words about fear. You hit the nail on the head. You know, in all of this time I still have not done the intuitive painting thing–not really. I’ve done one painting just listening to the colors of my feelings, but it wasn’t truly about letting go. I think the letting go is the hard part. I’m a control freak and rarely want to let go of anything. The idea that I can “control” my art is comforting. And it is just an “idea” because I really can’t “control” the art. It never truly comes out the way I envisioned. Hopefully this week I will sit down and stop running away from the fear of…what I don’t know. Perhaps, it is the fear that you mentioned earlier…the fear of making bad art.

Absolutely beautiful. The title sums it up so very well.

Great point…there are so many fears and possible thoughts stopping us from creating…sometimes we just have to ignore all that…because they are all unknowns!

Leah that painting is breathtaking!
I don’t know if it was put there on purpose but I see the word Love in the swirly sky in the upper lefthand corner and it made me think of how, to me, the opposite of fear is love.
That’s got me feeling deep things that I can’t put into words. thank you :-)

Thanks, guys!

Liberty, it wasn’t on purpose, but I’m often finding little messages turning up in my art by “accident.” Thanks so much for pointing it out, it got me a little teary to see the word love in there as it fits so well.

I love those ‘accidents’ Leah :-)
For me those are moments of connection to… for me the word is ‘universe’ or ’spirit’.
Your art always moves me.

What are people afraid of when they create? I don’t associate fear with creating – I play with colors, threads and design. Its all play for me. criticism comes in later but never fear.

Natalie, everyone is different, but I think for lots of people the fears that come up are around failure or fear of making something “bad.” But if you never feel that, that’s awesome!

Beautiful work Leah. This idea of letting go of fear so my intuition can shine through is embedded in my mind the past few days. I have an interview for a possible new opportunity today. Thanks for extra boost of encouragement – the creative goddess is really neat too!

This year is the year of the Tiger according to Chinese astrology and the tiger teaches us to overcome our fears. This year has really been that for me. I’ve been working on facing my fear of public speaking and I’m trying to figure out whether each decision I make is one based on (unfounded)fear or not.
I love the mountain in your painting, Leah. The dark blue is a perfect feeling of the unknown. The little woman on it looks like she is trying to harness the wind and makes a wonderful focal point of the piece.

Leah I love this… so important. You never cease to amaze me, truly. Your insight is a gift to the world and I’m so happy to see so many appreciating what you have to offer. :) Fear is an opportunity. I couldn’t agree more. I’ll have to look into those meditations. They sound great!

knock, knock? Am I allowed to come in? I am so sorry Leah, I’ve been busy and I have neglected all of my friends!

I had to drop in and say I love your painting! I see the mountain side as our stumbling blocks, increasing in size as we grow.

I work on releasing fear, not necessarily towards creating, just in general. This poor body needs a lot of work and it’s places like yours that shine the light for me. Thanks Leah. I’ve missed you!

Leah, I love the painting and your writing. This year for me has been a year of moving beyond my fears to find myself. Oftentimes, when I create something for someone else based on their preferences, I have found it much easier than creating someting on my own and then showing other people. It’s the difference between the “here’s what you want” and the “here’s what I think/feel” mentalities. I often become so wrapped up in all the possible criticism I could recieve that it blocks my creative energy. But it is often the things I fear creating the most that turn out the best and the most like me. My mantra in the face of fear has become “On the other side of fear is freedom” (Charles Marcus). Leah, as always, you’re an inspiration.

Leah – What a beautiful image and what a wonderful post. It is inspiring to think of fear as a transformative power instead of a block to creativity. This is a great way to look at things, not just in art but in life. Thanks for shining your light for us!

Your piece is beautiful…and thank you for the resources. Checking them out.

How funny, I just blogged about this. I was trying to figure what’s getting in the way of me following my intuition – yet again it is fear. And like you’ve put in your comments – it is fear of getting it wrong, of not being good enough. That fear is stealth like in its attacks so that sometimes its hard to recognise it for what it is.

You are a constant help & inspiration. Thank you so much Leah.
Kat X

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