Creative Every Day Check-In: June 14-20

June 14th, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for June's theme is Bliss. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with June's theme here.

Happy Creating!



“Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.” ~Deepak Chopra

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My piece was based upon a tear drop…. my friend at work lost her brother a week ago Friday and I thought about her and her family all last week…

I have been in embroidery over drive this past week! Finding joy in small projects that take me to a different palce for a short period of time. The sun was shining this weekend too and that has put me in a creative frame of mind! cheers to us all!!

I have been dealing with painful conditions lately (joint and dental), so when I am in pain it’s hard to feel blissful. In fact even the treatments I receive can be painful, so lately it’s been tough to motivate myself to even create. However, if I can just get myself into my studio and start a creative project, I can forget about the pain for just a little while and begin to feel that bliss again of pure creativity. It’s a space of pure joy and apart from time and space. Wonderful. Sometimes it is being part of a challenge that gets me to make that move to my studio (in this case), leading to some moments of bliss and creativity.

remembering to look for bliss has helped my enjoy the journey to learning to work with encaustic (a class i took this weekend) rather than focusing on the disappointing (so far) results. a much nicer approach, and makes it more likely that i will continue to work in the medium-

well yum! life, and creativity, are all about bliss.

this week i am busily creating updates to some of my creativity workshops. i’ve decided to quit my part time job in 6 months, to be a full time creativity goddess – so it’s time to get busy with my creative work!

happy blissful creative week to all.


Today I have posted a little art therapy project I just did with a cancer patient an her related story. I am also going to show my art studio this week in the Where Women Create party.

Thank-you Leah for keeping us creating!


Kelee Katillac

Hi Leah,

Just checking in about Bliss, creativity and the whole shebang! Wrote a post today about my muse stalking me and excited about a vacation that we have planned. And I am strangely, inexplicably happy for no reason at all. Your bliss month really resonates with me right now. I’ll take it for as long as I can get it (-:



I have been trying to paint a sweet little girl, but it’s not coming out as well as I’d like it to. Painting kids is hard, I’m finding out. If anyone has any tips on capturing youth with a painting brush, I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment on my blog, and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

[...] Sculpting in Pie & Rocks By henniemavis I want to vary my Creative Every Day Challenge posts, so I am writing about my sculptural creativity this week. We went to see friends in Maine [...]

Hi, Leah! The entry just above my comment here, it’s a ping/trackback because I linked to your post in mine, right? Is that OK? Feel free to delete that, if it’s distracting amid everyone’s comments. Sorry, messy me :-)

I posted 2 kinds of “sculpture” this week. Not sure about “bliss,” I can’t seem to latch onto a theme per se. But I am trying to be open to experimentation & notice creativity everywhere. That’s kinda blissful, eh? Being alone on another planet, well… maybe not so much, HA!

I’m here! That’s about it for this week. :)

Today’s post was a few doodles I created during a thunderstorm. It was quite relaxing.

Bliss is found this week in an uncluttered living space where creativity is flowing and must reach the canvas, page and lens before it dries out…

Hi Leah and everyone. I seem to be in a blissful state this month. I have lots of things to show and tell! Here’s episode 2!

Bliss for me this past weekend was attending a family reunion that my 93 year old Aunt planned. She wanted all us cousins and other relatives to connect – especially those who had not seen each other for practically a lifetime. I reconnected with cousins I’d met when I was 10 (yikes, 42 years ago)! It was a wonderful get-together and I took lots of pictures to share. Yay!

I was thinking that I haven’t been particularly creative lately, until I just posted about all the things I’ve been doing while NOT posting. I really HAVE been creative every day :)

Showing off my Daily Photograph has helped open the rusted gates of my rational mind.

Wow! 46 people posted on Monday.

I am going to have to set aside some time today to visit all of them.

Big hugs to you, Leah,


Its the Bliss check in; I’m a day late but never too late. Gardening is almost caught up with-want my garden in before the new baby comes. Bliss is good…..have given much thought to changing the name of my business, something that should be complete by the end of the summer. Here’s to another week of bliss, gardens, child smiles and priceless moments.

I just submitted my first link for the CED! How exciting! I created the blog a couple of days ago, please go and read (3 posts, yihaa!) and leave a comment before I quit out of anxiety ;-) ;-). I’m going on a little CED-blog-tour myself ;-) See you around! Love, Nele (Belgium)

I’ve decided to try to do another 100 pieces in 100 days challenge. I don’t know why it’s different from being “creative everyday” but it is. I think the number keeps me creating. And that’s what I need to be doing. Right now, I’m just doing drawings… look at that, I say “just” because I have such high standards for myself. I want to knock that off.

The two pieces I made using the Bliss theme are two, different pictures of paper dolls : Perfect Paper Dolls and Imperfect Paper Dolls. A blissful time in my life was when I visited my greatgrandmother for two weeks every Summer. My friend, Linda, and I would play paper dolls all day long, making-up elaborate stories. By the end of the Summer our paper dolls were pretty well used-up, tattered and torn. They ended up in the trash. Today I got my Bliss back by taking my tattered and torn paper dolls, mounting them on blue, torn papers and masking taped to my wall.

i’ve been doing lots of big canvas work. LOVING it.

This week I’ve been busy writing, editing and rewriting. It feels good to write. I am trying to edit without beating myself up and making the criticism personal. And am trying to write from the heart.

Hope you all are having a happy creative week!

Kat :-)

ahhh—today’s bliss was tinkering with some digital art–love to learn more and more about it! glad i finally had a chance to post here again!

I am so sorry for your loss, Leah. I just found out because I haven’t checked in here for a bit. I’ve been having some difficult days and have been clinging to this image, “Those who sow in tears will reap in songs of joy” Psalm 126:5 I thought you might like this image too, it reminds me of some of your paintings.

Blissfully the weather has cooled enough to have the windows open and breathe in some fresh air. I’ve definitely been in a creative space the last while and enjoying it :) .
Stay inspired!

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